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  1. Thank you all for the information. We will check the stats of the sim and check the script of the horse. animats, I purchased your tool, that is correct we are on Linden ground...when I get back inworld I will test it. I am thinking it might just be easier to buy Teegle horses to wander the property. lol Deluza
  2. Hi there, I can not seem to find out if Pathfinding is enabled in the Mainland? Some blogs say it is and has been for some time, others say many sims have it turned off. We own a Mainland parcel, we have our place set up on Mainland ground...not using a prim. We both have Animesh Waterhorses that we would like to wander the property....however all we can seem to do is get them to "treadmill" (walk in one spot). We followed the instructions below and got a no permission error. We did a view/test and can see the ground green..apparently that means walkable..?? If Pathfinding is set up, what are we doing wrong? Is it us, the horse, or the land?? I would like to note that we just moved...previously we had our land on a prim in the sky...I did set the prim to walkable and we followed all the instructions and the Horse behaved the exact same way...just walked in one spot. on e spot).
  3. Thank you both! That makes sense...I will do that.
  4. Hi there, I can't seem to find the answer to this here or on YouTube.. I recently started re-selling my Gacha items on the Marketplace. I can create a single listing and add inventory, no problem...what I am not sure about is creating a set of Gacha's to list? For example: I have collected the entire Gacha set (either building or clothing ) and would like to list the entire set as one sale....not each item sold separately. How exactly do I do that? I tried to put them in the same folders after I moved them to the Marketplace from my inventory, but got errors. Do I need to put them all in a Folder together in my inventory before moving them to Marketplace? I did a test of this...but both items are in the last folder (stock folder)...it doesn't look any different from the single listed items so I'm not feeling very confident I did it right. Any help or tips on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Deluza
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