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  1. I'm in the US. Life interceded and prevented my continuing to chase this down today. Hopefully I can get on it tomorrow, because I'd like to get to the bottom of it.
  2. Thanks, Lilith. The answer PayPal gave me was "We do not have control as how this is being charged. To avoid incurring fees when making a cash advance purchase, you may want to use a different payment method, such as your bank account or different card." The answer from the bank is "Well, it's a cash advance. $10 fee. [For $11USD purchase of L$]" They insist I need to talk to the vendor. So it's time to find Tilia Pay support contacts and see who they blame.
  3. I'm finding that most creators throw the same handful of PG animations in a sofa and then focus on a variety of adult animations. Who can recommend furniture with good PG animations for cuddling? Adult animations optional. Preferably copy/mod so I can rip the root prim out and put it in nice mesh furniture of my choice. Trying to overcome the SL rule of "the better looking the furniture, the worse the animations."
  4. Investigating some service charges on my credit card, my bank informed me that Tilia purcchases of L$ were charged to PayPal as a cash advance. This doesn't seem correct. It's a purchase of virtual goods. Has anyone else run into this? Is this an issue of how Tilia codes the transaction? Or is it something in the PayPal black box?
  5. Thanks, y'all. I'm off to do a redelivery. BOM has been such a journey for me, I want it to stay on!
  6. My question is pretty much what the title says. My Maitreya Lara BOM turns off when I relog. I was really excited to finally have BOM working so I could leverage my system layer lingerie. But it turns off every time I relog. Is this normal, quirky behavior?
  7. OK, OK, I finally made some progress. I hadn't turned BOM on the LeLutka HUD. Now I'm trying to figure out why I look like a sixteen year old who slept in way too much makeup. I really miss the days when I didn't feel like a noob at putting an avatar together.
  8. I'm on day 4 of trying to get my LeLutka Simone face to look like "me" and am tearing my hair out over understanding how anyone uses BOM. I understand the concept is that the mesh bakes on the makeup or tattoo below. But if I use the head alpha for BOM, my face sticks out of the mesh head at various points. If I edit my shape to try to get the face inside, it tweaks the head shape, too. This feels hopeless, like I'm chasing my tail. I'm probably missing something obvious here. Help?
  9. How did I not get notifications of all these replies? Thanks to all of you. I had never heard of some of these stores, and they will be regular haunts, now!
  10. I miss *ICING* dresses. But they aren't wearable on my Lara body. It's nearly impossible to find tea-length dresses with quality textures now. Does a dress like this (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ICING-Minuet-Baby-Blue/2438536) exist for the Maitreya body?
  11. Thanks, everyone, both for the information and the laughs. I was just trying to differentiate from bento horses, but Amish horses... LOL!
  12. Judging from past posts, it seems like there are horse enthusiasts here, so I thought I would ask to see if anyone knows. Do any animesh horses allow for things like adding a braided mane? I understand that some accessories, like saddlebags, may not move properly with an animesh horse, so should I give up on trying to find one compatible with a hunter braid and just get a bento horse? I was hoping to eventually have land and keep my horse rezzed at home, which is why I was interested in animesh. I'm trying to figure out whether the mental picture of the horse I want may be incompatible with having that horse ever living on my land.
  13. This is the shortcut I was looking for, thank you! My muscle memory had me reaching for Ctrl+1, which wasn't working.
  14. Returning to SL after a few years, and I could swear that I used to be able to take snapshots directly to disk without the preview displaying and forcing me to manually click Save. Is there a setting hidden somewhere to enable this? (Yes, I have looked at https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/taking-inworld-snapshots-r69/ and the info isn't there.)
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