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  1. Yes, of course. That's what sandboxes are made for, to crate stuffz. If you can live with your skybox getting returned to you after, dunno, 4 hours or so you can even "live" in it.
  2. Most definately! A beautiful woman is beautiful, and I admire her looks. But in a different way than a man would admire her. I'm more like "cool hairstyle, I wonder if I could do that as well?" or "nicely toned bod, I should workout more."
  3. No! Absolutely not! No, I won't run around in a boy's body.
  4. Naaw, not really. Everybody knows I'm full of it. Ever readered my bloggo? Obviously not, else you'd know.
  5. I make a distinction in my blog. When I write just 'sh*t' it means something is sh*tty. When, otoh, I write 'The Sh*t' it's really, like, positive and the greatest. ^.^
  6. I was using the stupid Pharrel happy anim a couple months back for my first machinma test: http://orca.slsailing.co/2014/06/testing-machinima.html?q=machinima
  7. Ya, sounds like a connectivity/hardware issue. Please copypaste your specs to this thread, so we can try to help you better. Open your viewer, no need to log in --> upper menu bar click on Help --> About [your viewer] --> copy the whole text in window --> paste it in this thread. Mine looks like so: Singularity Viewer (64 bit) 1.8.6 (6194) Sep 10 2014 09:54:16 (Singularity Alpha) Release Notes Grid: Second Life Built with GCC version 40405 CPU: Intel® Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz (1197 MHz) Memory: 7980 MB OS Version: Linux 3.14.21-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Oct 11 09:28:11 UTC 2014 x86_64 Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 260/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 304.123 RLV Version: (disabled) Viewer SSE Version: SSE2 libcurl Version: libcurl/7.24.0 OpenSSL/1.0.0g zlib/1.2.6 c-ares/1.7.5 libidn/1.29 J2C Decoder Version: OpenJPEG: 1.5.2 Audio Driver Version: (none) Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded) Results vary so yours will most probably look totally different :smileyhappy:
  8. 7 yrs, 9 mths old and I think mostly the same as Freya: I just don't care if the grid is bursting with people or if we're just a handful friends online, sailing a race or going shopping. As long as I'm having fun all is ok. And yes, I too think that SL lost its appeal in big parts cause of the diminishing quality of residents. Sounds harsh but is true. In 07 the population of SL was made up from curious, computer savvy technophiles, people willing to learn and to work hard and build a world and the tools and in the end have a society. Remember the freaks conductiing physical experiments in sandboxes and filming them? Nobody's doing stuf like that anymore. We had a common goal and a more or less a shared general experience. These things are gone now. Back then it was fun to find help and give help once you knew how to. Your willingness to help wasn't wasted on snotty entitled teens who expect to get a perfect SL experience on their not-so-smart-phones and tablets. People were more open and more social, even though most of us thought of ourselves as socially challenged hermits. Nowadays everybody is on social networks, they even think SL is kinda facetwit when in reality most can't type a full sentence in english and they have like zero manners but a lot of attitude.
  9. Perrie Juran wrote: Not all Americans are Fascist. Just like how not all Socialists bandy about the word "Fascist" like some kind of general insult. Ok,got it. At least the first part. Although the USA is by all definitions a fascist state now I guess I can vouch for some million inhabitants not being fascists. For the second part I guess you're wrong. For every socialist fascists are the worst enemy and calling someone a fascist is indeed a harsh and general insult. We can live and cooperate with alot of ppl and political models, from social market economy, over a controlled capitalism up to communism. From anarchists to nationalists. But never the fascists!
  10. Did I? Sorry I don't see any individual mentioned in any of my posts.
  11. SL, by definition, is just an empty canvas. A place that has to be filled up with content by its users. Of course SL is in itself a bland, boring thing. But all the more space for each of us to do something. So if anyone ever gets bored in SL they should ask themself if it's not them who are boring, rather than the platform.
  12. Charli Infinity wrote: Wander around but after so many years this just seems like the same thing over and over just better quality. Oh boy :smileyindifferent: I guess we need to find a hobby for you.
  13. Perrie Juran wrote: Overgeneralize much? Yes, I'm a natural generalist and can't deal with too many individuals.
  14. Racing and cruising sailboats and exploring all the Linden routes with my motorcycles. Oh, and managing the Triumphal Yacht Club and my little stupid bloggy thingie. And fiddling cluelessly with Linux OS. And building a new computer in my mind. And get in fights with Americans and/or other fascists. And wondering why the feck I'm still a feminist even tho most women are too stupid and super boring. Well, ya, I guess these are my favourite things to do. Or at least the things that take up most of my not so valuable time. But more and more I just stay off lately. I guess after almost 8 years in SL the novelty effect and the addiction has worn off a little. Now excuse me , I gotta poop. That's really important business. :smileyhappy:
  15. Ugh.:smileysurprised: And here is me always thinking I look wonderfully charming in my 07 starter avatar. Ain't it true? :smileysad:
  16. LOL! Nooooo, Jeanie, you know I'd never go back to Windows. When I saw a about this APU, he sounded very pleasantly surprised. These things are quite capable performers. Now I know as well as anybody that SL isn't a »game« like all the others so I'm asking here. I know you don't like AMD graphics but as it so happens none of the normal AMD CPUs fits on a mini ITC board. And if the graphics aren't good enough I figure I can always just add a good NVIDIA card. My question was only about what I can expect in terms of playability straight outta the box.The other day we had a thread here about a resi playing SL on a chromebook! :smileysurprised: And the graphics actually looked quite tasty. So I figured again that maybe one doesn't need the super most high powered GPU to get satisfying results. You know I fell in love with the CM Elite 130 case and desperately try to fit an AMD proci in. Also I must mention I'm almost always broke so I'm building my dream pc on a veeeeeeeeeeeeery tiiiiight budget.
  17. Hey guys, I'm planning to build myself a smallish computer just for SL use. Also I don't wanna spend much on it, so I thought about using one of those newfangled AMD APUs and get rid of the dedicated Graphics card. Most reviewers found the gaming experience really satisfying, even with the newest games played on high resolution. Now we all know that SL just ain't any game but is more demanding and particularly needs good Open GL power. And I have no clue if a APU like AMD A10-7850K will deliver what it needs to get a satisfying viewing in SL. Anyone already using an APU to play in SL? What you think about it? Please lemme know. Thx ;)
  18. Quinn Lysette wrote: difrent places just log in in a few minutes ur laggin No, I'm not. Not the faintest idea what you're talking about. Lag has many many reasons and causes, it can be serverside or userside, it can be caused by your connection, by your hardware, by a badly maintained OS, a misconfigured viewer and much much more.
  19. Zacly. While the Best Buy guy was correct about modern CPUs being faster than old ones, even on slower frequency, the most important factor for SL is the GPU. You need graphics power, only the best will give you a truly great experience. I don't know how old or powerful your 3GHz Athlon is but the 8400 is deffo not the best solution anymore. Actually it never was. GS is not the good series and x4xx is fairly low in the lineup. See that you put at least an GTX x60 in your machine, and maybe update your RAM. That should give you a world of a difference. Well, where I come from (fukn Germany) the heights of office desks are kinda normed, so they are in conjunction with regular office chairs perfect for the average person.
  20. Oké, verstanden. Ich bin ein bissi langsam heute, werde neuerdings mal wieder ueberall angegriffen. Natuerlich dachte ich du meintest mich, da außer Martin, dir und mir sonst niemand in diesem Thread ist.
  21. @ Ardvinna: warum greifst du mich nicht persønlich an, anstatt es in einem Post an Martin zu verklausulieren? Und was bitte ist ein SEO? Natuerlich ist mein Blog von schwankender Qualitæt, ist ja auch kein Profi Produkt. Aber fuer einen Nischenblog (80% SL sailing) habe ich immerhin eine große Leserschaft und sehr viele Clicks, dankeschøn. Forenpolizei? Findest du das nicht ein bisschen dramatisch aufgebauscht? Ich habe Martin nicht angeschrieben, sondern einfach in seinem Thread gepostet, das war nun wirklich keine großartige Muehe. Außerdem kriege ich ja gefuehlt alle 2 Tage einen uebergebraten von den doofen Modbots hier und bin auch schon øfter mal gebant worden. Also ausgerechnet mich als Polizei hinzustellen ist schon fast unverschæmt.
  22. The NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M is an entry-level, DirectX 11 compatible graphics card that has been announced in spring 2013. Its core is based on the 28nm GF117 chip (Fermi architecture) with 64-bit DDR3 memory. Compared to the 710M, the GT 720M is clocked slightly higher. It is actually a rather shabby little alibi card, so the manufacturers can boast about having Nvidia graphics while it's in fact hardly any better than Intel graphics. And by now it's fairly outdated anyhoo.
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