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  1. The Venus head is an anime style head. The issue must be that people are comparing you to themselves, where they may have more realistic looking avatars. Because your avatar's style is more cartoony, it has a young appearance in comparison. You don't need to replace your entire avatar, but if you want to stop being mistaken for a child you should at least replace your head or go to places that are populated by people with a similar avatar style as you.
  2. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Lifestyles-and-Relationships/Looking-for-the-right-K9/td-p/2991538
  3. Where can I go to take a ballet class? :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  4. This is disgusting! The SMB mesh avatar is a child!
  5. The SMB avatars or Tweeneedoo avatars are both perfect for what you're looking for! The Tweeneedoo avatar can be found Inworld at Cute Bytes. It takes a bit of searching for, it's in the back of the store. Here is a link to the SMB avatar on the marketplace! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SMB-Mesh-Body-for-Kids/4736390 Good luck :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  6. SugarSprite


    [edit] was looking for friends, post removed. :)
  7. Recently someone posted in the forums (like within a month or so ago?) asking for someone who wants to be a horse on their land. They also made a post looking for someone to join them, and rent part of the sim, (2 people splitting their sim into 3 parts, claimed to have a space in the middle of all 3 where they wanted to play cards and such) I can't find these posts at all. Maybe they were deleted? Does anyone see any posts like that?
  8. it's all just for fun. And anyone can join!
  9. Thank you a lot for taking the time out to explain each part to me, I appreciate the effort. I don't know a single thing about scripting so I'm going to have to try and sort this all out later on when I have some time and see if I can get it to work smoothly hahahah. Thanks so much again! A great resoponse and a quick one too at that.
  10. okay, I am looking to create an object that says one of multiple phrases (randomly) upon being clicked. I have seen scripts where objects speak not when clicked, but rather speak in chat on their own after certain intervals of time. > Can anyone point me to a script that does what I'm looking for (speak when clicked) if they know where to get it? OR > If I get a script that causes an object to speak randomly, what should I edit about it to make it so that it speaks when clicked instead?
  11. Perhaps here? https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Private-Medieval-Fantasy-Themed-Community/td-p/2936966
  12. No! It must be your height that's getting you in trouble.
  13. - - Hello, I'm Luna May. ♥ I want to sing in a choir but I couldn't find anything like what I was looking for. Because of that I decided it might be a good idea to put one together! I imagined the environment would be something like a classroom environment, with an instructor leading us in warmups and song (and possibly... even teaching us music terms or even sight-reading etc. ) It's possible we might even have more than one instructor, with one teaching on some days and another picking up where we left off on other days. (Debatable) If you are interested in leading/te
  14. Looking for mesh hair that isn't rigged. Can anyone share specific examples? Pictures welcome!
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