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  1. But if it turns out that Voodoo is just filling their ban lists with random names, how is that helping the venue who are paying to be kept secure? secure from who? presumably a bunch of innocent people who get categorized "griefers" because they have the audacity to ask why their name is on a ban list. Not exactly public enemy number one then!
  2. Talking to another club owner, I have only just realised that Voodoo is also a security system for the venues, (not just a sploder) so that might go a long way to explain why innocents names (like mine) get added to the ban list without their knowledge and why the Voodoo website acknowledges this can happen, as it is in the interest of the supplier of the system to have a lot of banned people on his list isn't it? But if true, there must come a time when club owners will start to question just how many innocent visitors they could be missing out on due to this fact
  3. Thank you both for the advice, I have spoken to one owner, who has removed the sploder and I can now get in to her club
  4. Maybe so, probably why so many venues have stopped using them? But that doesn't help someone who was banned in error, getting the ban removed (The Voodoo websites states that it happens a lot)
  5. Not if they didn't realise Voodoo could do that (which they didn't)
  6. It's nothing to do with the owners, in fact the first one I contacted had no idea that Voodoo can block their visitors without their knowledge
  7. Voodoo Sploders banning you from entering venues Has anyone else experienced problems with the above? I recently found myself banned from a location with no explanation given! After much searching and contacting the owners of the venue, it turned out I was on the banned list of Voodoo (which apparently the software that runs sploders) Although I find this really hard to believe as in over 12 years I have never even touched one of their sploders and didn't really even know they existed Their own website states "You may have been banned in error as it happens a lot" Long story short I contacted Voodoo support and unbanned myself with their supplied code, end of story you think? not so, I was still banned from at least 2 venues I opened a support ticket with Voodoo (as I was now being bombarded with messages from the Voodoo software, informing me that I was banned) and asked them (nicely) to get it sorted However, as I had used the term "crap software" on the support ticket, they claimed I was clearly a "griefer" and not only would the ban stand, but I have now been banned and blocked from their in world location, their website and the two people I spoke to in world have me blocked! So I now have no way to contact them or challenge their decision! Add to that the growing number of venues that I can now not get in to, all because they blocked me in error (probably a long time ago) I really don't care if they block me from their sploders, because as I say I have never even used one, but to block me from venues I use? how is this ever fair? and why do Linden Labs allow them to behave in this way?
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