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  1. "Look, I can't help what you may personally be in orbit around," said Ford, "but this ship ..." [Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy]
  2. One reason you can never win against a good griefer: There is no such thing as a 'good' griefer. By definition they are being badThere is no technological equipment or skill required and having it won't make you a more effective griefer. All you need to be is an anti-social person who will dedicate their time to making strangers' lives more miserable. We can all regret that these pathetic individuals have nothing positive to offer the world.
  3. Exactly, and yes - if the object isn't moving and isn't a HUD there's no practical difference between the two functions. ETA: Doh! Rather important typo *blush*
  4. Duplicate of http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Desktop-questions-and-looking-for-spec-advice/m-p/2332331 I can see why you reposted here but you're not really likely to get any better answers I'm afraid.
  5. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: How would you claim the income if you lived out of the US? Drake, I'm not saying you're totally wrong but your post was in response to Steph's suggestion that LL actually employ someone. I'm just pointing out that hiring someone from the right timezone such as - oooh, how about India, since that's where the spam's coming from - would eliminate the "anti-social" hours element of the work. Specifically, hiring someone there for a couple of hours per day - to cover that specific period - may be significantly cheaper than someone in North America/Europe.
  6. The system requirements are here: https://secondlife.com/my/support/system-requirements/index.php?lang=en-US Although this list the intel 945 chipset as being supported you should not expect any great level of performance from these integrated graphics cards - they simply are not powerful enough to render 3d content like SL's.
  7. Oh sure. I suppose it depends on whether one is obsessive and overly devoted to SL itself or 'only' something in it.
  8. It is important to remember that this, even more than most of LL's stunts, is not a carefully-thought-through policy that makes any sort of consistent or understandable sense. For whatever strange (no, we're not merging the teen grid with the main grid ^^) reason M had when he forced it upon us, not even LL could usually answer the questions and inconsistencies that arose ("It's not about existing customers, but the millions of potential residents"). Then they stopped talking to us. It was a mad idea, implemented badly and since more or less ignored and forgotten. The only time anything happens with it is when there's a big enough outcry about something that the noise drags a Linden away from whatever they'd rather be doing - then the response is "Whichever button is nearest my mouse". So - walk on by if you want to, LL don't want to bother. AR if you feel you must. If you think the images are actually illegal rather than just misplaced in SL then contact the RL police.
  9. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: $50 USd a month would not come close to minimum wage. It would probably take at least 2 hours a day every single day do do this. So, about 60 hours a month.. at $8 usd an hour is $480 a month.. before taxes. And this must be done by when? as soon as they pop up? They usually drop in early in the am SLT. What they need to do is fix their system to automatically remove the wingding threads. Hard as is it that all point to imagining that there might be other countries in the world ^^. US$50/month is a living wage in some places, they might happen to be in different timezones so ... just maybe the residents there would be awake anyway at times that look like early morning for SL.
  10. Woohoo, someone's really on the ball today! Spammers had only got 6 threads started when I wandered off to read a different section of the site. Next time I looked they'd already gone. Well done Moderator team.
  11. Your guess is as good as the next lawyers http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Maturity-ratings/ta-p/700119 but cheaper. Whether LL do anything about their own policies is another question. This was CEO's pet project when M took over. Now SL's a games platform because that's all Rodvik understands they're off playing with their new toys and couldn't care less what we do here, as far as I can tell.
  12. Well you're right that they don't "own" it, but they do have a rather broader licence than they need for SL: "...you hereby grant to Linden Lab, and you agree to grant to Linden Lab, the non-exclusive, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, and cost-free right and license to ... exploit in any manner whatsoever, all or any portion of your User Content (and derivative works thereof), for any purpose whatsoever in all formats..." (http://lindenlab.com/tos) Hence all the furore from the content creators when LL re-wrote the TOS.
  13. Valareos wrote: ...Now, if you people who are supposed to represent the brightest and best scriptors in SL are not willing to assist because you are fixated with whether something is "gambling", then go on Marketplace, search for every sploder, skill game, or anything else that takes lindons and pays out lindons and AR every last one of them. But continuing to ignore the request of me in my OP to argue about my "violation" of Lindon Labs Rules which btw is not YOUR responsibility to enforce will result it me takign it has harrassment and I WILL take proper procedures needed to address it. I was revisiting this thread to concentrate on the issue of identifying 'who won what' and contribute a different approach. As you point out it is not our responsibility to enforce LL's policies - which is one reason we don't go through all the infringing things they allow on the marketplace and AR them. Neither are we obliged to assist anyone, let alone those we believe to be doing wrong. Refusing to help does not constitute harassment and nor does explaining such refusal. A lot of criminals are bullies though and bullies do like to threaten. As you threaten so charmingly I have changed my mind and look forward to the result of the 'proper procedures' you intend to follow as I now affirm that I will continue to ignore your request.
  14. The immediate problem would seem to be that the touch_start() sends a link message "Start,Animation" and the link_message() is responding to "Animation,Started". I suspect there are others.
  15. The right way is not to bother (yet). Building anything in SL, including your avatar, is much the same as building anything else. If you really must waste time on how you look then just make it "good enough" for now. The starter Avatars are at least as good as most of the others available so apart from the clothes being similar no-ones going to be discounting you for that. Go to Caledon Oxbridge, NCI (multiple locations, but try Hamnida sim) or any of the other in-world helper organisations. Find out about how SL works. By the time you know how to edit your appearance properly you'll find you also know how to do an incredible amount of other things ^^
  16. Duplicate of http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Avatar/how-to-make-a-real-looking-avatar/qaq-p/2332309 Please do not make multiple threads asking the same question.
  17. Tarina Sewell wrote: Vicki Waydelich wrote: I was trying to send lindens to my alt and screwed up and sent it to a avi that no longer plays sl is it possible to get it back ...LL ... might help you out. Thanks. I laughed.
  18. Alongside this, it is good practice to implement a time-out on any dataserver() event so, if it doesn't fire (and stop the timer) you can capture the error in the timer() event.
  19. Funnily enough I posted a way to use the timer for multiple things in another thread. People may also like to look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Scheduler
  20. "It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works" Terry Pratchett
  21. And your question related to this common problem with sim crossings, exacerbated by laggy connections, is .... ? Sim crossings are always awkward in SL. Sometimes SL itself is having an especially bad day or sometimes just the regions concerned. Sometimes they're fine and it's what we're trying to do: things that make sim crossings worse are i) lots of scripts, attachments, prims - the servers have to hand-over more info, ii) moving too fast - they don't have time to do it, iii) a bad internet connection - they're doing it ok (maybe) but you're computer doesn't know. Try removing all non-essential attachments (I just have system clothes and hair when sailing in SL), especially those that are scripted. Use the least prim- and script- heavy boat you've got and edit-out/disable any from it you can (keep a copy of the original!). If you're using a wifi internet connection try wired instead. Check your ping and packet-loss figures while in SL and watch them as you cross between regions*. Ping > 200ms or any packet loss will seriously affect your experience. If it's happening to everyone in an area the landowner (or anyone for LL land) can report it and request a sim restart. [*When you move to a new region your computer needs to start communicating with another server. Some ISPs provide a 'good enough' connection for browsing the internet but they are very slow to make new connections. This can cause your ping (latency, 'lag') to increase many times over your normal performance - to the extent that everything just jams up. Or sinks]
  22. As I've recently mentioned, I am teaching my 77yo landlord about computers and in a couple of months he's gone from being nervous about sending emails (before) to confidently organising and re-organising his 7,000+ photos, etc. Most recently we've been reformatting them for lower resolution so he can send more at once without killing the whole internet. The point being that the hi-res mosaic is the same (file) size as each picture of the dogs in the back garden he was emailing around. He, several of the other people who live here and I have just been comparing the interest/importance/significance of in those few pixels (25ish?) from Cassini, let alone the whole thing, to the amount of bandwidth the kids (*young adults") here consume. So we've had a night of astronomical awe, chat, computer revision and the reasons why and a fair bit of wine thanks to this thread :-)
  23. I have visions of the naughty-word filter and spam-blockers here and don't imagine civil-servants and politicians will be able to come up with anything better. The only difference is the pron sites won't have to try to break through to homes, their market is assured. What's the betting that after a 70% drop in hits to known pron sites immediately after this is introduced it'll be back over 100% of previous levels within 3 months? ETA for below: yes, that's what I meant.
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