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  1. So what you're saying is that you were 12, maybe 11, when you created your account(s), despite the fact that that was totally against the TOS? You should probably get in touch with LL and explain the situation to them.
  2. Mesh doesn't work the way 'system' clothes do so any editing needs careful attention. Whether you want a different texture, size or position it's not necessarily going to be simple. 'Appliers', etc. attempt to help but you're still up against the limits of what SL will do if you use a mesh avatar and/or clothes.
  3. Jinnywitha Cleanslate wrote: ...we were neither allowed to observe the silence, nor wear Poppys. That's really appalling; it doesn't take much imagination to guess the political leanings of that department! The ridiculous thing about such a ban is that our remembrance day is about everyone who has died through warfare, civilian and military, of all nations. Unlike, say, the US veterans day* ours is explicitly NOT a celebration of "our" "forces" but an opportunity to remember that in war everyone pays a terrible price. [*Stay calm - just saying the US day is different, not saying it's bad.]
  4. Nova Convair wrote: Number of scripts - maybe of interest if its very high. What exactly is "very high" I don't know, I didn't make tests lately. The record I've seen worn by an avatar was 36,000. We thought that was a bit excessive ^^ [old script-per-prim hair, newbie wore the whole folder of hair-colours] ETA for below: I'm sure I've told you all this story before when this topic has come up. She didn't know how to wear just one item, only folders.
  5. Laufiair Hexicola wrote: ... I've asked her to back off. In fact, I suggest this thread be locked before it gets any further out of hand. To be honest I can't see that this has got "out of hand" or that anything is reportable. Neither of you are insulting each other or making threats - no problem. What we have here is a failure to read the information about SL. Sorry Laufiair, you're wrong; a sim in SL is 256m x 256m. ALL of them. That's the whole story. The server code does allow for sims of different sizes and one of the selling-points of some OpenSim grids is that they provide bigger sims. Within SL though they're all the same size. Even in the Blake Sea, where there's not much except water, by design, each 256m you still hit another sim crossing. The users of the Blake Sea would LOVE it if LL made the whole thing - or at least more of it - a single mega-sim because it would make sailing (and flying) more reliable. Anyway - in your first "drop it" post here it was you that was going to drop it. If you don't like the way the thread is going you don't have to keep replying.
  6. Foul! Disqualify that greyscale one ... any text-viewer will probably allow for normal, bold and italic but I don't think any would permit the scale of over-typing that that one requires, even if it could display that many characters per line and lines per page. Where's the judge?
  7. You aren't entirely wrong Urzul - it would be great if that was possible. Do you have a sign on your (RL) door saying who you'll let in though? If someone made a law that said you HAD to have a sign saying who was allowed, could you do it? Did you remember to say that people wearing yellow t-shirts with purple stripes and green dots weren't allowed, just because looking at them makes your eyes hurt? See, it's just not possible to make an exhaustive list and most people only decide when something arises. There isn't any rule in SL that people have to have these signs/lists and if there were it wouldn't be enforceable.
  8. There are many - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory - the only way the fashionistas can pretend their phones are computers is using a text-only viewer - as in; you can log-in but only view the text. Good enough if it's all you can get but not the real thing at all. Yes, I can see the use of them, but I wouldn't find it very interesting myself.
  9. Not unless someone can remind me which side (end) the Lilliputians were on. [sorry - thanks to the 'SL IS a game' thread I'm having a night of literary pedantry]. In any case, since it's impossible to directly address bytes, or bits, in LSL the language's endianness is mutable and moot (again).
  10. No, you don't need a viewer, but you can't log in to Second Life without one. No one needs to do that **
  11. Old soldiers never die ... Or threads. Each year on this day - 11th November - we in Britain hold Remembrance Day. This is the anniversay of the first world war (armistice signed 11am, 11th day of the 11th month) but we remember all those who have died in war or because of war, especially in the year just passed. We'll be remembering the Americans, Germans, Afghans and everyone else as well - including civilians - who have died through warfare because of man's inability to learn better.
  12. Why do you think everyone else, who is paying for land, should make it easy for you? Assume you can't go somewhere unless you meet their requirements. PS: [winks @ Dres] it's not a game: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Second-Life-IS-a-Game/m-p/2304765#U2304765
  13. steph Arnott wrote: Well it is a game in this way "an activity that one engages in for amusement." Please read my posts in this thread Steph - I realise you're not a native English speaker (I would say the Americans aren't either ^^) but my main objection is to the word "game", not what anyone might use SL for. Sports-people may 'play a game' but not for amusement, If their audience is there for amusement then, by the same token, the players are part of the entertainment industry. Either way, 'playing a game' professionally is, by definition, primarily a business, not amusement. At the same time the activity the audience is engaged in = for amusement - is "watching a game", not playing one. Please explain your definition of game? [@ Dres: I can only speak for myself in why I say SL is "not a game" and that, as I hope I've made clear, is with the definition of the word "game", rather than with any use of SL as a platform/toy/device/tool/game. One reason I *believe* (possibly wrongly) people think of SL as a "game" is that that is what they are looking for and/or how they use it. Fair enough, but I have no idea why they insist that therefore it IS a game. This is just like my examples of people using, for instance, email for amusement. That they do so does not mean that is what it is 'for' or what it IS.]
  14. Now you've all gone too far without being deleted. I have complained to the electricity company but they haven't done a d&^mned thing about it! Please tell me where I can rant.
  15. (I'm replying to me because this is for both of you, not either one). First of all I should say this is general advice. If either of you is a premium member you can get support by phoning live chat. Otherwise you're out of luck and in any case it's unlikely that LL will help much. Speed is not the essential measure generally, but quality. Given that you can connect to SL check your ping and packet-loss figures. Ping (time for a message to go from your computer to SL and back again) over 100ms or so can cause time-out problems. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about that but it does start to narrow-down the problem. Packet loss above 0% means that messages are well, getting lost, so they have to be re-requested and sent or something is skipped. Either from time-out or skipping things stuff doesn't get updated and/or you don't TP. Having a fast connection to your house is lovely - IF your computer is also, physically, plugged-in. If you're using a wifi laptop connection, for instance, then you have a railway station on your doorstep and a horse-drawn wagon the rest of the way. When you are wired that also narrows things down. Browsing the internet or using email usually involves your computer sending a small request, getting a bigger reply and then stopping for ages while you type/read things. Some ISPs configure their systems - and your connections - for this scenario, even going so far as to drop your connection then quickly re-connect next time you 'do something'. That works fine for looking at web pages but not for a dynamic virtual world like SL. The best indicator that your ISP's configuration is conflicting with is that you'll see your ping time increasing like mad when, for instance, you TP. In that case your computer needs to make a connection to a different SL server (the sim you're going to) and if your ISP isn't set-up to create new connections quickly ... it times-out. Now none of this stuff may be true in your particular case, but bad connection really is the most common problem people experience.
  16. It's not that bad actually - just that as bits were introduced (Kb vs KB) - no-one has defined how many bits are in a byte. Therefore the question is moot and, as arbiter of all things arcane - including who gets to be arbiter - I declare that a byte is 16 bits. NB: the closest we generally come to non-proprietary standards are agreements about how computers 'should' work. Internet RFCs almost always talk about 'octets' (sets of 8 bits) rather than 'bytes', just because hardware differs.
  17. Everybody's wrong because I haven't had my say yet ^^ Ask for expansion if you dare! [Yes, I can prove show that everyone is wrong, although most people - including me - won't like the explanation]
  18. My preferred word is simply 'platform' but 'device' if you think it fits. If only. One game game players like to play is insisting SL is a game :-)
  19. Almost all TP and inventory/friends list update problems are caused by a poor-quality internet connection. Use a wired connection if you aren't already. What LL knows or intends is a mystery.
  20. Dresden Ceriano wrote: ,,, The whole argument is nothing but a disagreement about semantics... Semantics are important! [/me is a philosopher. How many angels do you think can dance on the head of a pin? Lol.] Those that wish to treat SL as a game are free to do so. They should realise though that some people are trying to do something more serious and will not welcome their playing. Those that wish to treat SL more seriously are free to do so. They should beware though that more and more people see them as part of a game. Anyone trying to insist someone else use SL as they do is on a loser; the 'not a game' lobby have logic and longevity on their side and the 'game' lobby has transient numbers. "Toy" is a better word than "game" - While you can do some serious/useful stuff with SL it just isn't reliable enough for RL business use. Like the internet itself SL was 'meant' to be (the start of) a platform for all but RL business has beat a retreat. Hence, we are left with people who want to create content and businesses IN SL and games-players. Naturally, it isn't all work and no play for the creators, the players sometimes just chat with their friends, etc. but as 'serious' (ie; RL) use of SL has waned we have a greater proportion of players who are disappointed SL isn't WoW/the sims/facebook/whatever. A solution is for those that want to use the tools to concentrate more on a game-playing than serious market - but there we meet the limits of the tools and the cost of land. Two reasons the fighting and role-playing groups are not greater than they were. AFAIK the dominant group remains those that want to decorate their house and avatar and chat with their friends. That would imply that SL is a de facto social networking platform first, with building tools and enough flexibility to allow for some games. People are free to use the tools for the fun of it but, if they want to run a business, should consider this market. Unless I'm completely wrong about who uses SL and why. I'm happy to be corrected.
  21. We aren't rabid about people who think SL is a game. We're rabid about people who can't define "game" ;-0 There's no reason for you - or anyone - to be 'that' invested in SL but please explain why other people have to treat it as a game? if someone is earning a RL living with their business in SL why shouldn't they treat it just like you would a "RL" job? What's the difference between a "RL" job and a job in SL that pays the bills? If someone uses SL for social networking and SL "is" a game then, as facebook is used for social networking, is facebook a game? What's the difference between facebook communication and SL communication? If a RL company - not using SL - offers 3d virtual meeting-rooms to other RL companies are their customers "playing a game"? What's the difference between not-SL virtual meetings and SL virtual meetings? If a game is 'something designed for entertainment' then SL isn't a game: it was designed for simulation and 3d development, not 'just' entertainment. If a game is 'something used for entertainment' then SL can be a game: some people use it for entertainment. However, if you insist on this definition; why is TV not a game? Do you play 'watching TV'? One of my friends sent me a joke by email today. Since he was using email for entertainment email must be a game, by this definition. None of you rabid "SL is a game" lobby have ever been able to define 'game' in any valid way that makes SL necessarily and 'just' a game. It has also been pointed out - in some of the exhaustive deceased-equine-punishment threads on this topic - that since SL has no rules, goals, score, rank, etc. it is "not even" a game. So - SL is not 'just' a game and it is 'not even' a game. In other words it is 'other than' (= not) a game. In other words it's your insistance that we all call SL a game while you are unable to define 'game' that's the problem.
  22. Does it meet the system requirements? http://secondlife.com/support/system-requirements/?lang=en-US
  23. What game? If you're playing some game in Second Life perhaps the rules include everyone else taking all your inventory? L$1,000? Just relax a bit and try some freebies instead. HKD$1,000? You know, you really shouldn't be spending that sort of money on something you don't understand. US$1,000? Get help.
  24. Ah yes, that and an RFID circuit will make concentration camps prisons so much more efficient. After all, there's no such think as an ex-convict, is there?
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