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  1. I am finding boats fly up in the air at sim crossings then hang there rotating. This is happening to boats with a variety of different sailing engines, and to both yachts and fighting sail ships.
  2. all that wonderful progamming talent that could be fixing the lag problems, or the disappearing sims, or the problem with taking vehicles across sim crossings and it is wasted on creating a chat system nobody likes ;-) Maybe I shall have to join the hordes on 3rd party viewers.
  3. When I am working in a skybox at Dex 3000 mtrs - Tradewinds Yacht Club - the close textures are as normal and as expected. Below the skybox I see a large shape which appears to reflect a texture from me - ie it either shows the skin I am wearing or the top layer of clothing. This shape is square to the sim but also appears to distort down into the centre of the sim. This is not stopping me doing anything but is curious.
  4. Thank you all for the comments - once I removed MS Skydrive the upload worked perfectly again
  5. Same problem here - I have the latest version of the SL viewer running on Windows 7 and as soon as I try and upload an image SL freezes and crashes. I tried different sims just to check if it was the location but kept getting the same problem - I did manage a single upload but could not repeat it.
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