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  1. Glad you got it sorted. I hope you didn't need to hunt too hard or long.
  2. Gah! Slap me and thank you JAB, I was completely forgetting anyone can still right-click for the full context menu.
  3. CarneyInc Mint wrote: The problem I have been running into is the fact that if I wanted to use llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM), I would have to insert that within the touch_start portion of the program, rendering it ineffective. Is there a function or anything that would allow the avatar who touched the prim to zoom in on it, without setting the click action to zoom? (you will generally get better responses to scripting questions in the forums, where us geeks hang out: http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/forums/scripting) You can ask permission to take control of and reposition the avatar's camera but that's going to be a lot of work, and very awkward for a audience of several people. llSetClickAction() should go in the state_entry() event handler, by the way, so it is in effect as early as possible. As you have noted though, there can only be one click-action, so if it's zoom that applies to everyone. That leaves the simpler problem of how your presenters can control the board if they can't click it to change the slide (texture). Unlike zoom, however, there are lots of other control options. Most obviously there is chat - have them type 'next', 'back', etc. If that seems too awkward you could create a set of gestures triggered by, for example, F2, F3, etc. that would then command the board. For a more immersive in-world experience you could create a control-object that the presenters could touch, rather than the board itself.
  4. Travis Greyhound wrote: well go on then. RA me. Yep, did that. No wonder you're unemployed with spelling and attitude like that.
  5. There are two ways an object can communicate with you like that - script functions llOwnerSay() and lIInstantMessage(). If the object is using llOwnerSay() then it must be in the same region as you. If you are getting the messages even after you teleport to another sim then that means it must be an attached object. Detach everything and teleport to test this. llInstantMessage() will reach you anywhere in SL though so if the object is not an attachment, as above, it'll be harder to track down. My best guess there comes from "Laying Side", which is an animation usually distributed with MLP, and other, sex-beds. Any message in chat should show the name of the object so knowing that and the type of thing you're looking for you'll have to backtrack to check all the objects you've used that have animated you.
  6. Right-click the location panel at the top of the screen - there are a couple of options there to turn on the coordinates and the parcel settings (scripts/rezzing/etc).
  7. Try posting in Second Life Blogs > Commerce Forums > Wanted. No doubt many land-renters will pitch for your business :-)
  8. The only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask. When you first use viewer 2 your profile is in edit mode - you can tell because the text boxes next to the pictures are white. Down at the bottom of the sidebar you should have buttons to save/cancel. Once you've clicked one of those to exit edit mode you should see your profile as others do (no white text-boxes) and there will be a 'my picks' tab next to 'my profile'. Click on 'my picks'. At the bottom of the sidebar is a '+' to add new ones. You can also right-click and edit or delete any of the existing ones.
  9. PHISING SCAM!! Do not read this thread, it's a fake. You can tell because it start with someone pretending to be Irene but saying she doesn't know something. Obviously that's wrong! We all know and love the fact she always answers XX
  10. The only compile error I get for your script is in the llSay() function. The second parameter must be a string, but you are passing it an integer. LSL does not, in general, support automatic casting between types. Amend the line to llSay(0, (string) turnLightsOn); and you should be fine. ETA: In future you may be happier hanging with the rest of us geeks: Second Life Forums > Scripting
  11. You may well need to request a sim restart as well if the script has ghosted like that. If you don't own the sim find out who does, explain it to them and ask them to request the restart
  12. Even more easily you can right-click the texture you want in your inventory and 'copy UUID'. Even easier than that - copy the texture into the object and just use llSetTexture() with its name. That way you can forget all about the UUID.
  13. You may find you like viewer 2 more if you bother to read any of the instructions. Start at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_2_Help where Torley and others have written and videoed copious amounts - including the answers to the questions in your OP.
  14. I assume the 'hello avatar' script is there to give absolute beginners a template from which to start. Since most of us script outside of SL and then just cut-paste the finished script in, overwriting whatever was there before, we never have (time for) an issue with the default :-) You might like some of Emerald's client-side script-writing features though. As they have a client-side precompiler I think they allow you to change the default initial script. You also get compiler-directives and includes. There's only one tiny drawback ... I haven't got a clue where I read theat now ^^ (and it's waaay past my bedtime so brain is falling out of gear). Try Forums > Scripting, that's the place the scripters hang out, talk amongst ourselves and confuse newbies *grin*
  15. Unfortunately Ishtara completely missed what you were asking, although the posts just above this are good. Two more things, if you don't want to find your own default in inventory each time: 1) you can create a new script in inventory instead of an object by right-clicking a folder and selecting 'new script', That way you can edit it the way you want before it gets a chance to shout, 2) you can use an off-world scripting tool like, for instance, LSL Editor (just google it) which lets you write, compile and test offline and then just cut-paste into a new script in-world.
  16. I know I can change the range of the mini-map in two ways, i) right-click it and select 'zoom close', 'zoom medium' or 'zoom far', ii) mouse-over it and zoom in/out using my mouse-wheel. The question is - can the default ranges for 'zoom close' et al be changed? 'Zoom close' only seems to give a range of a few metres, barely enough to show the room I'm in! 'Zoom medium' is about what I want, but a little too short-range. 'Zoom far' is much too long-range for my usual requirements. (Supplemental: have these defaults been changed?  I'm sure in viewer 1 'medium' was what I was comfortable with)
  17. :-) What I find interesting here is the number of people (me too!) who usually have sound turned off anyway. Yet another reason LL should stop trying to get us all to use voice.
  18. Temp rezzers don't automatically deserve an AR; they are quite legitimate for small, temporary, objects such as example displays in vendors. Using them to fake permanence by constantly re-rezzing is a problem though, especially with something consisting of hundreds of prims so, yes, I'd expect something like that to get ARd sooner rather than later. Incidentally, temp-rezzing a house or furniture usually isn't worth it anyway because every time a new one is rezzed all the settings will revert - doors, windows, etc. won't open/close as you want, you'll be forced to stand from sitting, etc.
  19. Digital.Digital wrote: Hope this helps anyone else that couldn't find it like me =) It has :-) Good one to raise and well found :-) Now, we just need a way to get people to read this so they get helped too!
  20. Jas.Siamendes wrote: I have a 10m cube, hollowed to 95% using the 5% theory the wall should be 0.5m - but in actual fact it needs to be 0.25m! - So it becomes 2.5% of the original prim width. Oops, sorry about that and congratulations on working it out. Erm, honest, I was following the approved teaching method of "point them in the right direction but let them find the answer themselves, so they remember it"
  21. Hollow is a percentage, so if you have X and Y dimensions of 1m, with a 95% hollow you are left with 5% of 1m. Since SL measurements are in metres anyway that just means you use 0.05 for the dimension of the wall. If you stretch the corner prim you have to rmember that also affects the wall thickness - make the corner prim 2m and keep it at 95% hollow and you need to increase the wall thickness to 0.1
  22. I don't know any ways that are unknown :-) The wiki is the place to look for the known ways though. This page should be a good start http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Tips_for_Creating_Heightfields_and_Details_on_Terrain_RAW_Files and a search for 'raw file' there will help.
  23. LL have been saying since they bought XStreet that they are working towards a single account and single log-in. There was a 'progress' blog a few weeks ago but I don't think any definite date for it to be implemented.
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