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  1. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: One reason you can never win against a good griefer: There is no such thing as a 'good' griefer. By definition they are being bad There is no technological equipment or skill required and having it won't make you a more effective griefer. All you need to be is an anti-social person who will dedicate their time to making strangers' lives more miserable. We can all regret that these pathetic individuals have nothing positive to offer the world. In this thread we talk about "good griefer" There is no bad griefer in this thread. The reality is, "good griefer" are ex
  2. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Instead of griefing use your time to learn vocabulary and grammer or if English is not your native language, post in your own language. Some of what you wrote makes no sense in English. The rest is just bunk. The only real fact is number 1. Antisemitism is not the right way and shows how you judge other people. In addition you should change to vocabulary and grammer that is not so rude. A little bit more respect please.
  3. 5. A good griefer would be easily too good to can lose 4. A good griefer is using the most actual Intel processor technique 3. A good griefer can be only a woman, not a man 2. Women dont think with whatever a man is thinking... 1. Second Life supports good people You can think about it. Have a nice day :)
  4. Hello and welcome, very often I see DJs earning thousands of Lindens per session. What looks pretty much in the end is very less. Why DJs spend so much time and work without getting paid properly for their efforts? Is there a reason to become a DJ? I can see one reason that can count; to see the IP of my visitors. But thats only a griefers point of view. Wish you a happy new sunday
  5. The specs tell us: This is a good computer for SL. It offers you to can have a smooth camera with high graphic settings and could even handle the graphics bombs used by and against griefers. In one year there will be another recommendation, but for today it is a good computer.
  6. Hello. Do you have a list of SIMs you are determining lag? My Second Life works pretty well all the time in all SIMs. One reason is my computer. It is Highend - like recommended for a griefer. Another fact is the internet connection. Highend too for sure. Some SIMs are using different windlight settings and objects. Mesh is not heavily loading like sculptures, particles and so on. The question is, how do you realize that you have lag? Maybe its your graphics you are complaining about. Wish you all the best solutions, Griefer Sandra
  7. Could be a griefer attack, especially with a popup method.
  8. The best answer of "Why is it SL has 20 different viewers" ended in this thread. So do you need a viewer? Yes, No or Maybe.
  9. SL has not 20 different viewers. They are not belonging to Second Life. But if the question was "Why there are 20 different viewers" the answer was: As you counted 20 different viewers. Should you ask "Why there are different viewers" the answer was: As every viewer is different. And last but not least "Why there are viewers": So that you can have a view. Now the question is "Do you need a view and so do you need a viewer?"
  10. You can still become a griefer. Im thinking about a group for griefers. We will speak with SIM owner who eject characters easily and try to find solutions.
  11. Since I started to study how to become a griefer I would never work as a DJ. Also there is a chance nobody will tip, so you earned nothing in the time you worked hard.
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