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  1. This works for setting sky to shared environment: @setenv_daytime:-1=force Source: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Protocol/RestrainedLoveAPI
  2. Do you know any mesh dress similar to this one that is still available in marketplace or inworld? This one comes in two pieces: bow and assymetric dress.
  3. Ah yes, having nothing selected before applying mirror does mirror the pose... BUT... it does not support Bento bones. Last beta version of Qavimator says to support Bento bones but the mirror feature didnt work for me, even after renaming male1.dae and just having position selected. Do you know any other program I can use to mirror a Bento pose?
  4. When I apply Mirror option under Tools in Qavimator I can see the dummy avatar barely tilts to one side and nothing seems to get mirrored.
  5. Let's say I have a pose that raises right hand forward with some bento hand gesture... Is there a quick way to mirror a pose, including bento poses? For non-bento poses I have tried QAvimator and BvHacker tools but didn't find any option for quick mirroring. As for bento poses, I guess any full body pose mirroring must be done with Blender+Avastar2 combo but I could not find any info on how to quickly mirror a pose besides selecting each relevant bone at a time from one side, copying its pose and pasting the mirror copy to the other side.
  6. Can the look at direction upon teleporting to a location be adjusted somehow automatically with a script? I would need this so visitors landing at point X look in the direction to my store and not elsewhere.
  7. Hello! I wonder if there is a way to move a wearable item from one attachment point to another without dettaching it. Example of use case would be a bag that via script changes attachment point, position and rotation based on the standing animation being played.
  8. It's available in my country. That's enough interesting for me to propose it as an alternative to Paypal
  9. Alwin, I don't care about your specific reality and your view of reality as a whole. I never said Remitly will be better for "all the world"! It will be better for all the countries where Paypal does not support local bank accounts. It is not relevant for this matter to say where I am.
  10. That's not the case in my country. No local bank supported by Paypal and no local contact number.
  11. That only works for bank accounts inside US. I said Remitly has much better support for banks outside US.
  12. Ok, but it is also helpful to say this here so other people can get to know there is that service. I have posted the Feature Request to JIRA so if you are interested in having this option taken into account please vote for it: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225255
  13. Hello, I have been introduced to Remitly, (https://www.remitly.com) which is like Paypal and Skrill but has much better integration with local banks outside US, making it easier and simpler to transfer funds directly to bank account without having to transfer to a debit card first. Let me suggest to Linden Labs to add the option to add a Remitly account to our "Payment methods" so we can transfer money into an account in their service. Pretty please!
  14. After trying to widthraw funds from Paypal and getting error throughout a day: Review Sorry, we are not able to process your request. Please try again later. and been unable to contact a real person in their phone number becaise the automatic system fails to recognize my phone number... I am thinking about givin Skrill a good look.
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