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  1. It is possible. The bed should be scripted as a "vehicle", with two sit-positions and animations; one for the patient and one for the nurse. The nurse is the equivalent of a car-driver in this case (with the patient being a passenger). The wheelchair script should work fine for you. Obviously you'll need to build a bed and replace the 'sitting' animation with a lying one but that's all. If you need someone else to script this for you then you should post in the inworld employment forum.
  2. Inworld employment is the place to post: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment
  3. Thanks, a really well done pastiche of one of my favourites. So now I'll be watching "Chicago" again when I come back from the pub ;-) [/me has an odd fondness for musical theatre, despite not being gay]
  4. steph Arnott wrote: Not sure what you mean? Take it as a compliment, Steph, even though laziness, impatience and hubris are not usually virtues :-) Good programmers are lazy - we prefer the easiest/quickest solution that works. Programs using 'what works', work. Good programmers are impatient - whenever we do mess around with 'what works' it's to make it even easier to write, maintain and execute. Almost everything can be improved. (Not sure about this one) Good programmers are full of hubris - if we manage to find a 'better way' we show-off like mad about it. Everyone else can be lazy thanks to what we discovered. That you have understood what we've said about PUBLIC_CHANNEL and other constants but have your own reasons for not using it demonstrates that you have your own style. :-) This is all about 'a question of style' remember :-) What works for you is what you should use, unless you find a better way - in which case please tell us. Cool :-)
  5. :-) I should point out that Inform 7 is probably only the easiest language I've found because it has a really, really good compiler that lets you write programs - it's designed for text 'adventure' games but is quite flexible - in 'natural' English, almost. If English isn't your first language then you may still have trouble with it. Have fun - and lots of lost time, lol
  6. Erik Verity wrote: @Peter: For learning/teaching programming (and animation), have you seen Alice? I haven't and will check it out now. Thank you for the heads-up :-)
  7. Izrah - please use the scripting forum - http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/bd-p/LSLScripting The library forum is just a repository of scripts that have been written and made available to everyone. The moderators are rather wonderful and may move this automatically :-)
  8. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: It's amazing what gets a pass and what doesn't, isn't it? Can't even quote people back to themselves these days. Please be careful - it is against the posting guidelines to discuss moderators' actions or inactions.
  9. Bree McMahon wrote: Went to buy pants, saw a sweater, clicked the demo,,,,$$$.I heard that sound! WTF? I am the proud owner of a box looking turd.Fraud? After reading the forums two days ago, I think this in world store needs to rethink their strategy.It is legal, ..By a hair.Fix your store.:smileysad:I got screen shots.My Q is why do stores do these sneaky piling of items mixed with demos? Hmmm,PS I cant give it away, cant wear it. Cant buy what I came for.Put your store in a Sand Box.lol I'm sorry, I can't understand what you're asking or complaining about. Don't know what "piling of items mixed with demos" means. The technical excuse why some people charge L$1 for demos in-world is that their vendors are scripted and the 'money' event will not fire for L$0 purchases. It's not a good excuse - i) touch could be used for demo version or ii) the L$1 could be immediately refunded - but it is an excuse. As to only buying on the marketplace; that isn't what I would advise. We see lots of complaints about marketplace ads, bad products, transaction failures, non-delivery, etc. etc. Still, if you know what you're doing you should be ok. Whatever works for you is best :-) If I've completely missed the point of your OP please clarify what you meant.
  10. Five different threads about basic SL connection and skills? If your teleporting problems are now solved PLEASE take time to learn how SL works before trying lots of new things and then posting here. The helpers at NCI (Kuula sim) and Caledon Oxbridge are more than pleased to explain these things to new (and not so new) people and it is much easier to chat and practice with them than post questions here.
  11. Your computer can't handle SL but you keep trying to do more and more different things that then don't work. You then create more and more threads and posts in different places asking different things about different problems and not giving any information about what computer you're using, connection quality you have or what DOES work! It would really, really, help us if you'd slow down a bit and just sort out your connection issues first. After that teleport (when we get you that far!) to Caledon Oxbridge or a similar in-world helper organisation where they will be able to explain how things like opening boxes and positioning furniture work in SL.
  12. When smartphones have become as powerful as computers that can run SL are now. You have more - and better - answers in your other thread asking the same question :-) [There's nothing wrong with smartphones and tablets but they just don't have the memory, storage, internet and especially graphics power that SL needs. Unless you live in a part of the world where broadband usage is unmetered you may also find the connection cost for SL on a 'phone is prohibitive]
  13. Your questions demonstrate an admirable interest in making things new/different in SL. The bad news, as you'll have noticed, is that we can't possibly give advice on any specific - unidentified - item from the millions (billions?) of things in SL. The good news that the things you have, on sale in the marketplace and everything you see/hear in-world were made by residents just like you and us. You may be interested in creating (and possibly selling) your own furniture and clothes instead of 'just' adjusting the ones you've bought. Caledon Oxbridge, Builders' Brewery, NCI (Kuula Sim) and others are helper organisations in-world that run free classes in all aspects of SL, especially content creation. Teleport to one (I recommend Caledon Oxbridge as a particularly good place to start) for classes, freebies, help and advice.
  14. The new top is probably mesh instead of system or prim clothing. System, prim and mesh are ways to make clothes (and other things) in SL, in that order of complexity. Without going into any technical computers details that's about all there is to know about them :-) Now the problem is that your computer or viewer (the program you use for SL) isn't showing mesh items properly. Mesh is still fairly new to SL and several people have had problems seeing things made this way. One, non-technical, thing that can make a great improvement to your experience of SL is to used a wired, instead of wireless, internet connection. That is; plug your computer into your router instead of using its wireless network card. This MAY solve the problem you are having seeing mesh properly. If it doesn't, or you are already using a wired connection, then I am a bit stumped. There are other ways to address this but they are rather technical. [Fear not, the rest of the mob will be along soon ...]
  15. It is possible to give someone else permission to move your things around and edit them, but be very careful before you do. Unless you know someone well or they are a helper from one of the organisations Rolig mentioned, they may decide to mess things up more instead of helping. This is the way things are moved around in-world because of the complexity of SL. This isn't some game like The Sims, where a few standard "things" come in one standard size and can only be positioned in a few standard ways. This is a virtual world where you can have and make anything with almost no rules at all. For example - is that "thing" you mention really over-sized or are you under-sized? It's all just relative.
  16. Bah! I hardly ever check further than the forum join-date. You'd think someone who'd been here so long might have enough sense to mention something that relevant we have to dig through SL profiles to find.
  17. Sparrow777 wrote: My complaint is that these apps are only available for iPhones and Androids... Then write one for yourself. The viewer code is open-source, that's why there are any TPVs at all.
  18. Presumably there's a bit of caring about another drop of money from the cash-cow and a whole lot of not caring about the residents in this policy. Don't care if they annoy you Don't care who places them Don't care if you block them Don't care if you ignore them Do care if we make 0.01c from someone accidentally clicking one
  19. Yingzi Xue wrote: ...continued work that would be needed for your project..... That is such an important point. It's not creating a couple of database tables or PHP web-page <-> LSL script communications that's the killer, it's the continual and continuing maintenance such a tool requires.
  20. The library is a repository of scripts that people have already written and made open-source. It is not a place for scripting discussions. The scripting forum (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/bd-p/LSLScripting) is where to discuss writing scripts yourself. If you just want to buy a script that already exists post in the wanted forum: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/bd-p/Wanted Finally, to employ someone to write a script for you post in inworld employment: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment As Freya indicates you'll have to be a lot more informative about what you are trying to do, with what. There simply is no such thing as a 'standard' NPC in SL, I doubt if there are any in most games within SL so you'll also have to explain exactly where this is intended to be used and if it has to be compatible with any existing script systems. All that means you might need to ask around in the roleplay forum or support group(s) for the game you are interested in.
  21. The roleplay forum http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/bd-p/RolePlay would seem a better place but you might as well leave this here too. I don't think anyone is likely to object.
  22. If you are a premium member you should be getting L$300 each Tuesday. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Premium-membership/ta-p/1054477#dollar As we are all just residents here we can't check details of your account so we can't tell you any more than that. Contact live chat and explain the situation to them.
  23. Pussycat Catnap wrote: ...People who think SL isn't a game need to stop thinking with the male anatomy, and look at a wider reference for what has historical been game play among human cultures - including the 'weird half' that isn't so male... And if you think that be-littles SL, you might want to then also look at some internalized gender presumptions. Do you think that something that can be used for play is, therefore, necessarily, a game? Yes, "dressing up" can be a game. That doesn't mean every time we wear clothes we are playing. Postulate a very feminine women-only discussion group. Are they playing when they chat? They are certainly building social ties and probably entertaining each other. You seem to be saying that they can't possibly be doing anything serious because it must be a game. So, as in my post to LepreKhaun above, you think Facebook is a game? Of course, if those women are investing in their discussion group, running it as a business, providing a service to the community, etc. it is still a game. Hmm, communicating is a game, community is a game, money is a game, people are toys? Is there ANYTHING that you wouldn't define as 'playing' a 'game'? What, apart from anything else, have all those women who don't think SL is a game done that you think they are "thinking with the male anatomy"? If any man had written something similar about women I'm sure the post would be RIC'd in a moment.
  24. No, I would say it's not normal. A view-distance of 1,024m would kill most people's fps completely, if not their graphics card. Avatars, being generally more 'dynamic' than objects are handled differently by the servers so I'm not suprised they aren't visible at 3 kilometers but, having said that, you should be able to see them from more than 100m. The 200m you mention should be fine, for instance.
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