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  1. It just saves the last two questions you worked on. If later you edit one of the questions it saves the original, handy if you mess up and want to go back to where you were. You could delete like @ Irene but why would you do that? It only saves the last two and it is not like it is getting in the way or anything. Hope this helps.
  2. The default rank is not without it's perks. Look what I just found in my new resident kit.
  3. Storm Clarence wrote: Venus Petrov wrote: Storm Clarence wrote: Suspiria Finucane wrote: I don't understand! Why are the photos blanked out? I am guessing but perhaps Suspiria removed them from her photo library. Once that happens, all you will see is a box with an 'x'. Does this mean the photos can be altered AFTER people respond? Yes it does. It is something that really needs to be looked at. :smileysurprised:
  4. LiveReport

    Why why why

    /me pulls up in the Off Topic News truck and waits for the action to unfold... (Practicing Live Shot) Hello Dwellers! I am out here Live where a grizzly story is unfolding... It is still unclear the final fate of Ceka as her victim... um her murderer... Eh Stormie! Yous goin comes clean or's we's goin mak it looks likes yous the victim? We's alls know's tah yous only sayings it's a dream to cover it up wat is reallys goin ons.
  5. Quinn Morani wrote: Once upon a time, I sponsored Quinn's Official Forum Signature™ Contest to solicit entries for my forum signature. Perhaps it's time to resurrect the winning entries here in the new forum! What say you, forum dwellers? ETA: For the historically curious, I do believe this thread was also the first mention of Tolya's balls in the forum. :smileyvery-happy: But I just finally understood the Backup Dancer one after watching the video.:smileysurprised:
  6. You have to change the theme but I hear if you do you can never go back to the white. :smileysurprised: 1) Pick a theme and hit save. 2) To bring your image back pick your image and hit save. 3) Say goodbye to white for ever. 4) Pick different ones for different effects.
  7. Dillon Levenque wrote: <snip> Then again, if you dance with Maddy you gotta expect some surprises. Maddy was there? How come I have not seen her post to the new forums yet?
  8. I agree with Suella creativity is very important. When I signed up I wanted the name "Reporter" but it seems it is taken. So I thought about it for a little while and I came up with "LiveReport" which I have grown to love more then my first choice.
  9. Jacki Silverfall wrote: Happy St. Patricks Day! Two weeks early but okay. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  10. I am sorry I was sleeping. Did I miss something about smiley happy beer thingies?
  11. SugarPutty Magic wrote: SugarPutty Magic wrote: valerie Inshan wrote: SugarPutty Magic wrote: Me1 lol, is it PG? PG? **bleep** Galore? my altiime favorite Bon girl....... OMG... Did I get the first Beep in the new OT? do i win a prize? I want cake!!!! All I have is this pie. Will it do?
  12. Derek says it is 100 images. He says that is what Lexie told him. here is THE LINK Edit: Oops, I didn't see Derek already answered. Sorry. I guess the newest answers are on top.
  13. Derek Torvalar wrote: Lexie says there is a 100 picture limit. " Hi Yes, there is a 100 picture limit. If you delete the picture it is also removed from the post. I just tested it. ~ Lexie" That is really going to mess up the archives.
  14. Sandra Frascati wrote: Keli Kyrie wrote: A list tread YAY!!! I want to be on a list too. Can I be on the Not-Yet-A-Member list, well that is until I become a member then I want to be on the Not-On-The-Not-Yet-A-Memeber List. Please? :smileytongue: You still banned? I can't have outcasts on My List I have my good name to think of When i look closer, i see that this Membership list doesnt include me _____ No she was never banned just placed on hold for 30 days but it is over now she is off hold. But, but, but I want to be on a list too! Can I be on the list of people who have friends that have got themselves in hot water because of Alts? Oh and let's start a Non-Membership list for people like us. :smileytongue:
  15. /me looks around, tries out some chairs, smiles. :smileyhappy:
  16. Hi Hippie I am here too but all I could find was some left over pizza. :smileyvery-happy:
  17. Kalynn Carnell wrote: Hey, what a great idea! I just had to try, and this is my first post on the new format, so I'm crossing fingers that it turns out right. ETA: It worked, yay! And of course, I had to play just a bit to see if it would be possible to get rid of the default avatar so my face wasn't on there twice. I just made a 100x100 transparent picture in photoshop, saved as a PNG (which saves the transparency of the picture), uploaded it, and chose it as my avatar. You can see the result over there <<---. No double pictures! Great idea. I did it with a white square but same idea. :smileyhappy:
  18. (/me counts fingers and toes) Yep! Looks like I made it too. YAY! :smileytongue:
  19. I am sure your video was awesome Torley, they always are, but I was just so distracted by those stunning blue eyes of yours. I am going to have to watch the video again and try not to focus on your eyes so much.
  20. A 42 second video about dancing uncontrollably. I love it Torley you're Awesome!
  21. GDN interrupts your normally scheduled derailment with this Special Report LiveReport: Hello Dwellers I am out here on Castaway Island where Keli K has been transferred. To find out why she is here we have this Live Report: Keli K: Hi Live I am so happy you are here it gets lonely out here with only Stilson to talk to. LiveReport: What happened, why are you out here? Keli K: I called Phone Support and they hung up on me making me feel like a castaway. LiveReport: They did what?!? Keli K: I started to ask them details about the Photo I.D. they wanted. You know my Privacy Rights and they just hung up on me. LiveReport: What? Photo ID? What are you talking about? Keli K: The operator said in order for a ticket to advance the new rule is you have to attach a Government ID or Driver's License. LiveReport: That is because you.... Keli K: No she said all tickets! Someone else complained of Live Chat doing this a few days ago and now phone support is doing it. LiveReport: Boy I can think of one RL Judge who is a sub in SL who is going to be very upset about reviling his RL picture, address and everything. Keli K: And with all this outsourcing of jobs who is going to have access to this personal information? LiveReport: You mean anyone that works for the Lab can look up your RL picture and personal information? Keli K: That is what I was asking about when I got hung up on. LiveReport: What are you going to do? Keli K: I guess I am going to have to give you my I.D. and have you scan it for me. But I am a little worried about someone looking up where I am, I mean look at me I am all alone on this Island, what if some prev... LiveReport: Don't worry Keli I will ask the Dwellers about this. Keli K: Thanks... But what if I give them all this personal info and tomorrow they ban me? LiveReport: Okay Dwellers what do you think? Do you want to show your RL Picture I.D. To continue using SL? Do you wonder who gets to see your Personal Information? Has it always been this way or is this something new? Keli K: HEY LIVE! TELL TORLEY IF THEY REALLY WANT TO SEE MY I.D. I WILL DRIVE OVER THERE AND HE CAN MEET ME IN THE LOBBY. I'LL EVEN BRING WATERMELLON AND SOME HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOLKIES IF HE LIKES THEM. (I just don't want a copy of my I.D. on a computer where just anybody can look at it) Message was edited by: LiveReport to fix typo Pep found.
  22. GDN (which welcomes all attempts to deride, derail or discuss) interrupts your normally scheduled thread with this Special Report LiveReport: Hello Dwellers I am out here live at the Lagville Detention Facility where to learn more about this predicament we will be discussing Pizza, Perrys and Parodies. LiveReport: Hi again Keli. To start things off how was Pizza night in the pen? Keli K: That was a few days ago but it was wonderful. I kept receiving things like this movie poster and a book of Shakespeare, haha I even got a milk carton with my picture on it. It is around here some place. LiveReport: So I see that you took down the picture of Katy Perry does that mean we are not going to the concert? Keli K: Not at all Live, we are going but I was finding the picture clashed with the picture of the supporters so I took it down. Anyways I found another Perry that was much more helpful. Look he is here now you want to stay to hear what he says? LiveReoprt: Sure. OldTime.TVLawyer: Hello Live, Hello Keli I have been looking over your case and what we have here is a clear case of Satire or Parody. I see no intention to deceive or to cause malice. What was done seems to have been done in good humor. The fact that this caused some confusion is regrettable but clearly was not the intention. If it is ruled a Parody you did not break the TOS for Parodies are not forbidding by it. But to clear the air of any problems you created I would abandon all attempts to revive Keli I. Oh and don't forget to ask for mercy. Keli K: WOW, you are really smart Perry Lawyer Dude! You seem a lot different then the lawyers I hear people talking about. OldTime:TVLawyer: You really think so? How about dinner tonight? Keli K: Well maybe you are not that different.... LiveReport: Well there you have it Dwellers I think we should leave these two love birds alone for a while. Now back to your normally scheduled derailments. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satire
  23. GDN interrupts your normally scheduled derailment with this Special Report LiveReport: Hello Dwellers I am out here live at the Lagville Detention Facility where a small group of Keli K's friends are gathering, she has this message... Keli K: OMG Myra why didn't you tell Rondo?!? She sounds so worried and you have known for many days now?!? As for me RL is okay, but SL is well as you see. I hope every thing is okay with you, I bet Rondo is DJing tonight. I hope you both having fun!!! Well since I am having Live update this tread for me anyways there are some things I would like to add, that is if you don't mind Live? LiveReport: After getting us those tickets anything you want Keli! Keli K: First to the people trying to deride me and my supporters. LL has gave me no emails at all. If they had I would be following their instructions to the letter. Second: The telephone operator suggested that if I was having problems with logging into the website to use an alt. Third: The Second Life website suggest that if you are having a problems to use the forums. I am doing that although it is in a Dramatic fashion, sorry if you don't get all the jokes, maybe you should read more. Forth: My own research is making me think that the phone operator my had been ill advised to suggest an alt so I am refraining from posting as much as possible. Fifth: Think about it! I mean really really think about it. Right now someone from LL is reading everything, I mean everything I ever type into the interface. IMs, local chat, Email to Viewer communications, EVERTHING!!! If you were under this type of investigation would you stand up and say HERE I AM! THIS IS WHAT I DID! READ WHAT YOU WANT, BUT PLEASE HAVE MERCY! Would you? Really honestly would you? They have the right to do that you know? Just something to think about next time you are typing something into chat or IM.
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