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  1. I have heard that when the older viewers are phased out the "resident" part will go away. I believe it is just a placeholder for the old viewers. :smileysurprised:
  2. I don't see how calling myself Live Report instead of livereport is confusing, after all it is just a space. isn't it?
  3. I didn't create the system I am a victim of it... I was born this way...
  4. This post is about singlenames (Single Names). Would it be too hard to add a space to the possible characters that are used when creating a new account? Just think of the creative possibilities people could come up with when creating a new accounts. My user name is LiveReport but I have changed my display name to Live Report with a space and I have seen many other users doing the same thing. The noobs are always asking about last names wouldn't it be great if we could create our own by allowing us to use a space? What do you think? 
  5. BREAKING NEWS!!! That is right Forum Dwellers I have some Ahem.... Good News to tell you tonight! It seems 'Our Lady of Perpetual Silence' is back! I got an interview with the EyeWitness here is the tape: CurlyBlondChick: Well yous sees when I'sa gettist heres no ones was about. But then /me go to the kitchen to gets me a drink and when /me a comes back there see is a big fluffy cloud. Next thing I knows is she turns into this thing of beautiful that's when /me runs off to call you. I tried to interview 'Our Lady of Perpetual Silence' but again I got no reply: Live Report: So the prophecy about your return was true? OLOPS: ... Live Report: People love you have you received our offerings and good wishes IMs? OLOPS: .... Well there you have it Dwellers the mystery continues....
  6. With reports of a strange phenomenon happening at an old piece of abandoned land coming in I thought I would fly in and have a look. Well if you are going to have a pilgrimage this is the place to do it, lots of free parking! Touched by the site of other visitors I offer up some flowers to the person know as Our Lady of Perpetual Silence. Getting no response I try to buy an interview.
  7. Found it! It is at this link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DNR-Le-Fleur-Baroque-Gown-Red/2153986
  8. Hello Dwellers! I am here at the Forgotten City which seemd to be coming under attack! Oh-No (boom!!!) That was close. What's this? It looks like I am getting an IM from headquarters. Pull out? PULL OUT!!!! But things are just getting hot around... yes know, I know Helicopters don't grow on trees... but... It cost how much? No I don't want to pay for it myself.... okay I am heading back to base over and out...
  9. It is a helicopter! What else would a reporter use? :smileytongue:
  10. This is sure to be the biggest news story of 2012 how could i miss it? Sign me up!
  11. Elite Runner wrote: ..metal baseball bat and whammed at the meeroo repeatelly.The meeroo got away. Then once I came back to my Zapax, I replaced the tire for the 2011 Zapax, and hopped in. I located Phillip Linden on the SuperGPS in the Zapax and the GPS told me to travel 50 kilometres along the route. I noticed that someone charged up the hybrid battery on the Zapax. I looked around and noticed there is a generator that is connected to the outlet for the Zapax. I hopped out, disconnected it, then hopped back in the Zapax, start the system, put it in D and drove off. I travelled down the road, crossing down many regions with almost no lag or rubber-banding suddenly I see dark rainclouds over me. I pulled over and put on my rainboots and raincoat and grabbed a sturdy umbrella, then I drove off, then I turned on the headlights, then suddenly it began to rain very hard and the wind picks up fast! I held onto my sterring wheel tight with wipers at high and with vehicle stability control and traction control on and active. Suddenly... ...it stops raining. Good thing too cause no sooner then it clears up and there is someone in the middle of the road! OMG the brakes are wet but I am able to swerve and miss the innocent bystander. Still in my rain outfit I jump out to see... wait a minute look at the name tag, Phil, Phil... (/me digs in /me's purse for my microphone) Phil good thing I found you people have been looking for you.... Phil? Phil...? Away, what does away mean? Just how long has he been away I wonder? I get ready to shake the Avatar awake but just then....
  12. As the police show up to find out what is wrong I begin to worry that they are going to think my car is copybotted. I decide to make a run for it. I run up over the hill to hide and I see...
  13. Lexie Linden wrote: So I hop into the 2011 Zapax and of course ignoring the instruction manual I attempt to drive it into.... another region. The next thing I recall is stars tumbling past my head, peoples faces flying by as I fall down, down, down!! Landing nose first atop of a very tall building sure got my pixels shaking. The view from up here is great but where is here and if here is not here how does this explain Torley's behavior? Is he AFK? Why is here empty? Not this here but Torley's here if you know what I mean. If you don't know about here you can find it here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Here/128/128/23 Who is Phil again?
  14. I took a visit to The Wall today. It is very realistic and you can find your loveone's name and everything. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Wall/98/165/22
  15. Good evening Dwellers we interrupt your normally scheduled derailment with this Breaking News Story: At least 2 people were killed in a powerful explosion in The Forgotten City today. An eye witness is saying it was a terrorist bombing. The dinnertime blast in the northwest corner of the sim ripped through a townhouse in the main square. The force of the explosion sent debris to the sim boarder. The last two people seen inside the building were known only as K and M. It appears someone is trying to eliminate residents of this city, even I was the victim of sabotage. My News Van had the battery stolen out of it making me late to this news story. When I arrived I found the door open suggesting that someone has tampered with evidence. It is unclear if other people could have been inside. Stay turn to this thread for more important information as it comes available.
  16. Thanks to a tip-off from SC I am on the trail of a hot story. My first interview seemed to lead me to believe that there might be an explosion in the works. When I questioned her “on film” she seemed to forget all about the bomb. I interviewed one resident of The Forgotten City about the mysterious "M" but she told me she had no idea who "M" was. You can imagine my shock when I found my two interviews knew each other! What have I walked into? Who can be trusted? Who is on who's side? My investigation will continue...
  17. Sure enough just as advertised it was raining when I got there, good thing I look good in yellow. :smileytongue: Sorry to stand on your table but I am kind of short and I wanted to see this picture. :smileywink: This could totally be my brother's apartment.
  18. I have only been around for three months but in that time I have changed my appearance by improving my skin, hair and cloths. I am fascinated by people that have non-human avatars but so far I do not have any desire to become something non-human. I did toy around with the idea of becoming an elf once though.
  19. You are in "Basic" Mode. You have to switch it (at the bottom of your screen) to "Advanced" and relog.
  20. Are you closing the edit box when you are done? You need to to save it's location.
  21. Thanks this helps Cali's Reply problem too. It looks like the best link is : http://community.secondlife.com/t5/forums/recentpostspage/post-type/message
  22. it was a link that was posted on this the thread.
  23. Right click on the HUD and pick "Edit." You will then get the arrows so you can move it around.
  24. Paladin Pinion wrote: Recent by thread and message: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/forums/recentpostspage/post-type/thread What is the difference between that one and this one? http://secondlife.lithium.com/t5/Forums/recentpostspage/category-id/Forums/post=type/message ETA: It seems this one is more complete.
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