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  1. Sometimes I think the outfit just does not look right without them.
  2. Venus Petrov wrote: Breaking news of 5 August is heralded on 11 August? LR, is this a union action you are taking by reporting nearly one week late? I had to wait to find people brave enough to use it before I knew that it was being called Viewer 3.0 there is nothing on Wiki about it being called that. 
  3. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Here is to hoping that viewer 3 comes with an all-new interface. I'm sure that LL has asked a representative number of residents and builders for feedback and implemented the UI that we've all been waiting for. I mean, that would be the sensible thing to do, right? Did you really just use the word sensible when referring to LL? :smileyvery-happy:
  4. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Yay! - If only they'd thought of changing the number sooner. .... Hey... that means we need another forum for Viewer Two Death Watch 2011 It does seem like that would be a popular thread maybe you could start it over on the Second Life Viewer Forum. I would do it but I don't do obituaries. 
  5. That is right in the very near future Viewer 2 will be a thing of the past. The new Project Viewer rolled out on August 5th is Viewer 3.0 The Mesh Project Viewer. So all of you that were hoping for an end to Viewer 2 development have your wish. :smileysurprised: But are you ready for Viewer 3? ETA: As of August 12th Viewer 3.0 is the official Beta Viewer.
  6. Well... an avatar can dream, can't she? :smileysurprised:
  7. @ Venus Me a junket? What ever could you be talking about? :smileyvery-happy:
  8. My new hair, new Windlight settings, new Microphone Flag and me.
  9. Storm Clarence wrote: Venus Petrov wrote: Storm Clarence wrote: Suspiria Finucane wrote: I don't understand! Why are the photos blanked out? I am guessing but perhaps Suspiria removed them from her photo library. Once that happens, all you will see is a box with an 'x'. Does this mean the photos can be altered AFTER people respond? Yes it does. It is something that really needs to be looked at. :smileysurprised:
  10. I am sorry I was sleeping. Did I miss something about smiley happy beer thingies?
  11. Sandra Frascati wrote: Keli Kyrie wrote: A list tread YAY!!! I want to be on a list too. Can I be on the Not-Yet-A-Member list, well that is until I become a member then I want to be on the Not-On-The-Not-Yet-A-Memeber List. Please? :smileytongue: You still banned? I can't have outcasts on My List I have my good name to think of When i look closer, i see that this Membership list doesnt include me _____ No she was never banned just placed on hold for 30 days but it is over now she is off hold. But, but, but I want to be on a list too! Can I be on the list of people who have fr
  12. Hi Hippie I am here too but all I could find was some left over pizza. :smileyvery-happy:
  13. I am sure your video was awesome Torley, they always are, but I was just so distracted by those stunning blue eyes of yours. I am going to have to watch the video again and try not to focus on your eyes so much.
  14. A 42 second video about dancing uncontrollably. I love it Torley you're Awesome!
  15. GDN interrupts your normally scheduled derailment with this Special Report LiveReport: Hello Dwellers I am out here on Castaway Island where Keli K has been transferred. To find out why she is here we have this Live Report: Keli K: Hi Live I am so happy you are here it gets lonely out here with only Stilson to talk to. LiveReport: What happened, why are you out here? Keli K: I called Phone Support and they hung up on me making me feel like a castaway. LiveReport: They did what?!? Keli K: I started to ask them details about the Photo I.D. they wanted. You know my Privacy Rights and they
  16. GDN (which welcomes all attempts to deride, derail or discuss) interrupts your normally scheduled thread with this Special Report LiveReport: Hello Dwellers I am out here live at the Lagville Detention Facility where to learn more about this predicament we will be discussing Pizza, Perrys and Parodies. LiveReport: Hi again Keli. To start things off how was Pizza night in the pen? Keli K: That was a few days ago but it was wonderful. I kept receiving things like this movie poster and a book of Shakespeare, haha I even got a milk carton with my picture on it. It is around here some place.
  17. GDN interrupts your normally scheduled derailment with this Special Report LiveReport: Hello Dwellers I am out here live at the Lagville Detention Facility where a small group of Keli K's friends are gathering, she has this message... Keli K: OMG Myra why didn't you tell Rondo?!? She sounds so worried and you have known for many days now?!? As for me RL is okay, but SL is well as you see. I hope every thing is okay with you, I bet Rondo is DJing tonight. I hope you both having fun!!! Well since I am having Live update this tread for me anyways there are some things I would like to add
  18. GDN interrupts your normally scheduled derailment with this Special Report LiveReport: Hello Dwellers I am out here live at the Lagville Detention Facility to answer some of the day's most pressing questions. To dig deep and to find the answer we are going Live into (Shhhh...) one of Keli K's dreams. LiveReport: Is Keli showing signs of addiction to SL, does she realize how much time she spent in the GDFs and more importantly is this her most embarrassing SL moment? For more on this story we now enter into the dream where her new attorney “ReallyBlonde,” fresh out of SLaw school, is questi
  19. GDN interrupts your normally scheduled derailment with this Special Report LiveReport: Hello Dwellers I am out here live at the Lagville Detention Facility where a small group of protesters have gathered to object to the hold that has been put on Keli K's avatar. Many others are also here to object to Ms. K's actions and to show support for the course of action the Lab has taken. But what actions have been taken and has Due Process been followed in this case? Here is where we stand: LiveReport: 13 days ago an Avatar was created that used iinden as the last name spelled with a capital “i”. L
  20. GDN interrupts your normally scheduled derailments with this Special Report. Hello Dwellers! As the Administrative Hold continues on Keli K I was able to sit down for a one on one interview to answer some of the days pressing questions. LiveReport: So Keli how was your first night back in the Big House and what happens from here. Keli K: Well Live I did a lot of thinking about how childish I was about the whole thing and I deeply regret my mistake. I just hope the Lindens can find it in their heart to forgive me and one day take me off hold. They have my ticket I'll just have to sit it
  21. We interrupt this normally scheduled derailment with a Special News Update Hello Dwellers! I am out here Live at the Lagville Detention Facility where Keli K is no longer in her cell in what appears to be a desperate escape attempt that happen early this morning. To get more information on what happened we are talking to Prison Guard. LiveReport: So Prison Guard I see that you have a two word name does that mean you have been around a while and have seen lots of things like this before? Prison Guard: Yeah, I'ves beens arounds a whiles, go'n ons four's years now or I woulds says but I'ves
  22. We interrupt this derailment with a News Update. Hi Dwellers I am here live at the Lagville Detention Facility where Keli K is out on the exercise court trying to rez some cakes she received. Oh she is saying something let's listen in. Keli K: No rez!, No scripts! Man this would be very upsetting if it was not pizza night tonight! Who cares if the crust is rubbery cardboard, IT IS PIZZA, WITH CHEESE! LiveReport: Camera Man see if you can get a better shot... Camera Man: Okay but we really aren't suppose to... LiveReport: Keli K any update? What's going to happen? Are you going to get
  23. We interrupt this derailment with some Breaking News! (Whispering) ...hello dwellers I am back here live at the detention center's medical facility where Keli I is still in critical condition but in but is coming around. Doctors have advised us to be on alert for after she finishes with the priest she may have a statement for the press. ...oh here comes the pastor now... LiveReport: Pastor, Keli I is well enough to speak again does that mean she will be well enough for church on Sunday? Pastor: I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but usually when an avatar asks for a priest it is be
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