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  1. Chaser Zaks

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    Im double dumb. I thought you said I made a dumb but no I'm half awake and corrected a non mistake. SL was planned for steam in 2012 but was later scrapped.
  2. Chaser Zaks

    Sansar hits Steam. Will Secondlife be next?

    SL was planned for steam and was later scrapped. I've even asked since Steam is now allowing adult content(which I presumed was one of the reasons why the idea was scrapped) but was told still there are no plans. Fun thing though, you can still see the steam app on steam, I even have it on my steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Felix_Wolf/ The community used to be accessable but steam later disabled that. However, interestingly, the LAST activity on the Second Life steam app info was 3 months ago: https://steamdb.info/app/209930/history/ (September 20, 2018 – 02:29:07 UTC), so the idea might not be completely out the window.
  3. Chaser Zaks

    Winter Swaginator

    Seems as if LL is giving us a house.
  4. Chaser Zaks

    Huge Packaging Annoyances

    I really do dislike the boxes that REQUIRE you to wear them to unpack(Even worse when they llDie(), preventing you from manually unpacking!). I don't want to accidentally detach my right hand, or play a silly animation that is unneeded. Sure in some situations it is nice to be able to wear the object to unpack it such as locations where you cannot rez stuff, but I don't want it to be a requirement. Automated unpacking I am rather eh about. I'd much rather rez something and have the choice to have it unpack all the things into a folder for me, or for me to unpack a single part out of it, but I can go either way with it. However having a script to unpack stuff when you click it is really nice, as long as it isn't required to wear it to unpack.
  5. im stupid also those precious post counts get me closer to a custom title
  6. 1. It isn't imposing traditions, you don't have to look at the thread if you don't want to? 2. Not entirely sure about that. 3. I'm thankful for my family and friends. 4. Probably. 5. It is seen as a good gesture. Even if I was down, I'd be well thankful for any well wishes regardless of my circumstances. Why should I not be happy celebrating a national holiday just because it isn't celebrated in other places of the world? Is this a troll post?
  7. Chaser Zaks

    What are you listening right know.

    My soundclown playlist
  8. Chaser Zaks


    You already made a thread about this Whats wrong with that thread? It is still on the first page of the In-world employments section.
  9. Most definitely the bakes server is having issues. Since regular assets do not seem to be having an issue, it is easily isolated to the bake server. It could be one of the following: Someone unplugged something(metaphorically, stopped a service or changed something on production by accident) Server is having issues downloading assets (unlikely as we can still download regular assets) Server is having rastering issues (plausible, it could be stuck trying to raster a single asset) Server is having issues uploading (plausible, but unlikely. If internal access to the asset server is authenticated, the upload key might have been invalidated or it just cannot route to the asset server) It is also possible that the bakes server is still uploading stuff but the asset server isn't saving temporary assets correctly. Should be a relatively easy thing to fix once the issue is pin pointed.. unless it is a hardware issue, in which case they got to perform physical surgery on the server.
  10. Chaser Zaks

    Mods Please

    While I would prefer people just leave politics off the forum threads where they are not supposed to be, people will, unfortunately, do this, as it is a sure fire way to derail a thread or get it locked. I'll use SL continents in these examples, There are SOME places where it may be considered acceptable such as events(I.E. stating the event is about Heterocera politics), but if someone pops into a thread and starts saying stuff like "Zindra is best and Sansara is evil censoring land!", the BEST solution is: Report them, state that it is derailing and trying to bring up politics where it isn't welcome. Ignore them, don't fan the flames. Continue on with the current discussion as if the person never posted that. IF and ONLY IF someone tries to engage, politely ask "Can we please stay on topic, I don't want the thread to be locked." As a moderator on another site, I would personally interpret bringing up politics like that as "Flaming" or "Off topic" content, as seen in the below thingy that appears when I paste forum posts. I have no doubt that Linden Lab's forum moderators would recognize these actions as flaming/off topic as well. However, I would like to mention, people DO get banned or at least suspended, we just cannot see it. Forum suspensions and bans are handled the same way as if they were done in-world. They won't say if someone is banned or suspended, or why someone was banned. This is for the same reasons as they are in-world, privacy. While I understand it could be frustrating not to know if actions are being taken or not, or why someone was banned, but it prevents a lot of drama down the line. While transparency reports are great, I truly believe this is the best solution for such a platform like Second Life.
  11. Chaser Zaks

    Using ALT to purchase more Lindin?

    Technically, it is possible, but the reason LL has this in place is to prevent fraud. Using alts to bypass the spending limit(in excess) might result in the fraud prevention team suspending your accounts for safety reasons. Although I am not allowed to interpret the Terms of Service on behalf of users. I can point you in the potential right direction. Section 3.1 talks about Linden Dollars and their acceptable use: https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions The BEST and PROPER way to do this, is to request a spending limit increase(or decrease if you so please). To do so, create a new ticket on the support page and make a "Billing > LindeX Limits Review" ticket. Please be sure to include the maximum or minimum you would like your spending limit set to. You can also see your current spending limits here: https://accounts.secondlife.com/lindex/economic_limits I hope this helps!
  12. Chaser Zaks

    Dmca for items not on the Marketplace

    Yes. However the method for reporting it is a bit more tricky/involved. As Second Life contains hundreds of terabytes of assets, Linden Lab has no feasible way to shift through all the assets to find one that matches the description of a report, as such they will need some sort of pointer to where the asset is located. If the object is rezzed in-world, this makes it very easy to find. Simply log the location(See this article for more information about region locations), the name of the object, who owns the object, and the creator of the object(See the picture below, it shows "Chaser Zaks" as the owner and "Ancient Mole" as the creator). If the object is worn or otherwise may disappear, copying the asset ID is a must! Some viewers such as the Firestorm viewer allow for residents to copy the asset ID of a object via the build menu: Including this Key which will look like "ecbba654-87ce-3bf6-dfa4-6368405a6914" will greatly improve Linden Lab's ability to find the offending object, as this is a pointer in the asset server to what the object contains and can show them the Mesh IDs, Texture IDs, various other IDs associated with the object. Please do keep in mind though, only the copyright owner or someone who has been authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner may file a DMCA. While I wish there was less stolen content in Second Life, I cannot report it myself. The best course of action is to make notes of such details and report it to the copyright owner for them to decide whether or not to enforce their copyright with a DMCA. Linden Lab has several good articles on the DMCA process which can be found at these URLs: https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/intellectual-property-infringement-notification-policy http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Intellectual_Property Although not official(Unsure if it was written by Linden Lab and hosted else where, or compiled information), this may also be very useful: https://www.inta.org/PDF Library/Second Life URL Policy Summary.pdf I hope this helps and answers your questions!
  13. Chaser Zaks

    Was just a question now its gone

    Please don't delete questions that you ask after they get answered. Keeping questions is very important as people who may have the same question can search and find the answer instead of asking again. There is no shame in asking a question if this is why you deleted it. Questions increase our knowledge and asking is smarter than not.
  14. Chaser Zaks

    Why is it nighttime on mainland now?

    I think EEP may have went live on the main grid, which means regions are likely using a day schedule based of a EEP sky. If not the the release channel, probably magnum, bluesteel, or el tigre. What region are you in and is it a release candidate channel?
  15. Chaser Zaks

    Is SL chat now secure from 3rd party?

    If you are worried about people spying on you at a university, you can always use VPN. This will encrypt network traffic even though SL's network traffic is unencrypted(Aside from login which contains the password hash, that's encrypted!).