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  1. You may be interested in the movie "The 13th floor" which explores this quite well! As for computer simulation, we will never know. There is no evidence proving or disproving any theories. Is there a computer simulation? Is there a God? Are we destined for forever nothingness? We may never know, only time will tell! I say let people believe in what they want to believe. The universe is a very big and scary thing that we are more likely to either end in mutual destruction or the sun to go into super nova, than we discover the answers to it. If believing in one theory helps calm the fear of the unknown, I don't see any harm in it as long as they do not use it as an excuse to harm others. If you want to believe it is a computer simulation, then you do you! Just don't go hurting other people because of what you believe, because you will never truly know if it is true or false.
  2. Linden Lab is very capable of working from home. The whole idea of Second Life was to be a virtual meeting place. I can guarantee you that support and governance will be more than capable of dealing with griefers during lockdown. While I am sure you are very good at dealing with griefers, Linden Lab cannot blindly hand over god powers to residents. All people who get god powers are trained on how to use them and how to follow very strict policies. Someone who has god powers without the proper training is like giving someone a gun and a badge without training them. You would not need a HUD to deal with griefers in Second Life under god powers. You have a customer support panel and the god tools in Second Life to deal with them. By using a HUD as you say, seems like you would just grief the griefers, which isn't very good at all! As for a "Second Life Police Department", please do not take matters into your own hands. Simply inform the estate owner or parcel owner, or file an abuse report on the resident that is causing issues. By retaliating against griefers, you will just make yourself look like a griefer in the process. I moderate a region and have punished people for retaliating because it has resulted in people getting crashed or caught in the cross fire, or a mess that I have to clean up, which isn't fun at all for those with powers who have to deal with the situation.
  3. Child avatars have always been a confusing thing for people, basically what the terms of service says: A child avatar may partake in any activities in Second Life, including visiting and/or moderating moderate or adult regions, as long as the child avatar is not partaking in sexual activities or is being used to promote sexual content. You can read more about the official ruling here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Clarification_of_policy_disallowing_ageplay
  4. Because of texture warping, probably a inverted sphere: But from a technical standpoint, the Second Life grid is either: A 1,208,925,819,051,679,221,350,400 sqm flat plane. Region handles are two unsigned 32-bit integer(That is a number between 0 and 4,294,967,295), so that would be 4,294,967,295 * 4,294,967,295 = 1,208,925,819,051,679,221,350,400 square meters. This is the network limitation. A 281,466,386,841,600 sqm flat plane. Scripts are not able to handle large 64-bit numbers natively, and I don't think there would be a need to go over 65535 by 65535 regions. Not to mention other complications that may arise, such as floating point precision errors. This is the likely internal limitation. Either way, it is flat! Real planet curvature in 3D environments is a massive pain. A majority of game developers who make 3D environments that include a traversable planet will actually cheat by making a torus planet, like so: The reason for this, is that torus shapes can unwrap nicely into a flat plane, you just make the values loop back over, eg a torus planet unwrapped to a flat plane that is 255 by 255 in size, you can make (256, 32) loop back over to position (0, 32), so it seems seamless and round, but it isn't actually round!
  5. (I tried to keep the graphic language down, but unfortunately the subject matter makes that a bit difficult) Hello, furry who dislikes the fandom here(there are three stages of furry "OMG FURRIES R TEH BEST", "they are ok", "god i hate this fandom". I am stage 3 lol.). So I searched "second life" on twitter. I found a lot of irrelevant posts(75%), furry posts(15%), and then regular posts(10%). Of the furry posts, a majority were NSFW, however they were properly flagged posts meaning only those who enable "Show sensitive content" will see them. Not to point fingers, but sex and what not isn't fandom specific. Take Goreons for example, or a majority of Zindra. Those are mostly Human ran operations. It just happens that furries like to be more open about this stuff because they are used to it. Now as for me, I do have various female characters along with my male characters, and I am a G.I.R.L.(Guy in real life). I believe I give my female avatars average size boobs. (nips deleted because no nips = sfw from what I am told): https://i.imgur.com/CisBuFZ.png Now if someone wants to give their avatar big boobs, that is totally up to them. It is their avatar, and Second Life is a place to express yourself. Natural big boobs do exist. As for "other bits", yes I did add such to my female avatar in the screenshot, but that is because that is who she is. As for "exhibitionist" furries, furries into weird stuff(bdsm, etc), I'll admit, I am one of those furries, but I don't go posting on twitter(My twitter is relatively sfw aside from a few meme posts). I keep that stuff either in SL in places it belongs, or on my personal webpage. I particularly don't like clothes though because I have autism and I am horrible at fashion. So no clothes = no fashion worry. This isn't a exhibitionism choice, it is a "i'm dumb and bad at fashion so screw fashion" choice. BUT here is a key point, I am one of those people who socially advertise Second Life, and loves to help new residents and ensure that there is good new resident retention with those I meet. I keep all that weird stuff away from new residents. If they hint that they are looking for weird stuff, I'll help them out with that after confirming it. But if they don't want that weird stuff, they never hear a peep about it from me aside from the "maturity ratings" discussion. There are also the people who post nsfw images(despite it not being allowed) to the https://my.secondlife.com/#trending_feed feed, which 99% of who do that are people with human avatars, so just saying. So in summary, I don't feel it is much of a problem as most people looking for info about Second Life as a business platform will have nsfw enabled on twitter, and if they did, they probably wouldn't be the type to judge considering theres some pretty weird stuff on twitter.
  6. Ah yes dark humor, I enjoy me some dark humor. (I can joke about this because there are outbreaks in Kentucky and I live in Kentucky so I am not safe(haha im in danger)) also mfw I am germaphobic and already stockpiled on cleaning supplies months in advanced (please do not raid my home I will clean you out of existence). But really though, Covid-19 memes have already hit the MP store(face masks, toilet paper, etc). While yes, it is important to take precautions seriously, there isn't any reason why you can't poke fun at it. It is something that is affecting everyone and for some(like me), joking about it is a great way to cope with the stress/worry. But I personally am not too stressed about it as the media is kind of blowing it out of proportion like it is a end of the world zombie plague. Remember swine flu(that 2010 thing no one seems to remember)? Or hell, just the regular flu? They still have caused more deaths(each, not together) than Covid-19. Here is a source comparing other outbreaks: https://about.futurelearn.com/blog/covid-19-how-does-coronavirus-compare-to-other-outbreaks (I am providing this as a source, regarding any other information on the site I do not endorse it and have not verified any other information on their site)
  7. Glad to know that! Most humor goes over my head, and I am unsure when people are trying to be offensive or not. I also typically don't get offended easily, so even if I was supposed to be offended, I'd just be "??? im confused". So from my view, "No harm, no foul"! As for the map, yes, I am seeing what looks to be more private land being added to the grid. NOW I could be wrong, but I am almost certain it more land being added. I can do make a script to do aggressive number crunching, but from visual inspection and word count testing(I just count instances of "region" in the result files), I'd say there are more private regions than there were in 2018.
  8. The vertical orange bars are the result of the method LL uses to "suggest" a region position. I don't know the code behind it but it seems to like to place regions in corn rows for some reason(CONSPIRACY THEORY: The grid is the corn field!). The yellow is actually a mix of the following tile types: region, bordered, cart. Region tiles are where regions exist. Bordered are restricted tiles used to prevent people from joining their region to someone else's without permission. Cart is (supposed to be) tiles that are in someone's cart, but appear to sometimes show up instead of region tiles(unless my script goofed).
  9. Because I am the big dumb and always mess up the dates. For some reason my brain likes writing June instead of the correct date. I've went over and verified the dates are correct now!
  10. A thing I have been seeing for quite a while now is the question of "Is Second Life dying?", or statements that outright state it is. I am a researcher into a lot of Second Life related things. Be it from studying the protocol to better document it, to archiving historical content, to looking deeper into the Grid status to see what is normally unseen. Today, I bring my research to the public for a informative look into the question "Is Second Life dying?". I'm going to divide this research into three key parts: Concurrent residents Region/Grid growth New resident sign-up rate My poor understanding economy Summary 1. Concurrent residents Firstly, the statement that Second Life doesn't have as many people as it used to. After scraping historical data from web.archive.org, as well as my personal database: Apr 2007 19,005 Apr 2008 34,685 Mar 2009 68,710 Jul 2010 42,990 Aug 2011 33,628 May 2012 36,854 Aug 2013 32,974 May 2014 38,056 May 2015 39,336 Jul 2016 39,031 Jul 2017 31,930 Nov 2018 45,301 Mar 2019 44,854 Jan 2020 34,133 Feb 2020 50,936 Just yesterday we had 50,936(Feb 2020) concurrent residents! Within the past year, the max concurrent residents we have seen is 54,336, which is nearly comparable to March 2009's 68,700 residents. This isn't counting individual logins, which is likely a lot higher. I say we have had around the same amount of people as we have always had. NOTE: Data from <2017 are before I was recording it myself, and was gathered from web.archive.org. As such, this isn't the peak data, but data gathered from when their web crawlers ran. Second Life sees less people during EU/Asia hours, and more people during American hours. 2. Region/Grid growth Now let's take a look at the Grid, which I think serves as a great look into the health of Second Life. The grid is indeed growing, which I feel means resident's are trusting in Second Life enough to invest into private regions. This means the region appearance to disappearance ratio is in favour of appearance. Don't just take my word for it, here is a (big and poorly made(I am a computer scientist, not layout artist)) gif of the public region zone of the grid(You can even see the addition of Bellisseria!): Full images are here (CAUTION: These images are 2048x2048 in size): https://agni.softhyena.com/static/agni-2020-03-01.png https://agni.softhyena.com/static/agni-2018-09-07.png https://agni.softhyena.com/static/agni-2018-09-07-to-2020-03-01.gif Color key: Region Restricted Available Bordered Cart Bulk Reservation Missing Data Please note this data is gathered using a very rudimentary and unintended way. Color key may be incorrect for some or a lot of regions. (EG: Regions showing as cart entries, or missing data appearing in some grid tiles). A region doesn't guarantee it to be online, it simply means "A region exists here and hasn't been deleted"(Deleted meaning, someone stopped paying for it and LL has no reason to keep it around in the dataserver). Typically they exist and are set to be online, but some regions(EG: Ajax Arena) are set to not come online. This also shows regions that are not publicly accessible. This also only has from 0, 0 to 2048, 2048 in region coordinates(The grid is 65535 by 65535 in region coordinates!), which appears to be the area of the grid that is used. Unless LL is willing to give me a copy of the data, researching past there will take a whole day of data mining and strain on the servers. 3. New resident sign-up rate As for new resident sign-up rate. It is still quite high! Just within the past 24 hours of making this post, the average sign-ups per hour is 544 (Rounded). While yes, some of these are probably bots, I still see tons of people in new resident landing spots who actually go through the tutorial instead of teleporting out, which tells me there is still a lot of interest in Second Life! My reasoning behind this is: New residents will actually go through the tutorial, where as people registering alts or bots will simply teleport out to skip the tutorial. 4. My poor understanding economy Finally, I would go into economy, but I am not a economist, I am a computer scientist. I don't have enough knowledge on economy to make a decision on whether or not Second Life's economy is doing good. With that said, read the next line under the assumption I have no clue what I am talking about. If I had to take a guess, I'd say MAYBE it could be doing better. I've seen L$ to USD ratio going up, but I've also seen times where it goes down. I'd suspect the economy will correct it's self and prices for stuff will go up in L$, but will remain the same for USD. 5. In summary Second Life most isn't dead, and it most certainly isn't dying. If anything, I'd say it is thriving. We are seeing new regions and residents, as well as plentiful concurrent users. I hope this clears any concerns that "Second Life is dying". It may not have as much media coverage as it did back during the times of IBM, CNET, The Office, or CSI, but the resident base is still here and is growing. Footnotes All my statistics are publicly available. If someone wishes to have a copy of this, please let me know in-world and I'll give you a copy of the raw data. As for those asking why I obsess over data collection, autism/aspergers lol. You can view my recorded/public statistics at https://agni.softhyena.com/stats. View the page source for API information. Region statistics is very very big, and because of this, it will kill my measly 100KiB/s upload rate. Please ask for a link and I'll give it to you. The data, while gathered by me for research purposes, is copyright to Linden Lab. Please properly attribute them when using it.
  11. Oh no! Someone bumped my avatar, what ever shall I do!? Oh, I know, I'll do nothing because it is just light illuminating pixels that are determined by mathematical equations used to determine vertex positions which are simulated by physic. I never understood getting upset over getting bumped. I get bumped all the time.
  12. There are no ways to do this via scripted means, nor can this be done via RLV, which leaves the following possibilities: It is a maliciously crafted gesture. Gestures can have delays set for a very long time, so even after using it when it appears legit, it does a different action. Additionally, they can be bound to hotkeys. My recommendation for this is to check gestures. This is the likely culprit. They are using a.. well let's say untrustworthy viewer. Some viewers that do things they shouldn't come with backdoors and other trickery that allow their designers to take control of avatars. Ensure that the viewer your friend is using is a real viewer from the official source such as Firestorm, black dragon, alchemy, and of course the official viewer. The least likely scenario is your friend is "goofing" around and doing it. I'm not accusing them of this, but this is a possibility as I have seen people fake unsolvable issues before.
  13. I'm just going to say this: please just drop it. I didn't want to start a argument over stuff, this is a unpopular opinions thread, not a argument thread. Please don't make me the reason this thread gets locked. I know this sounds like a minimod response but I can't help but feel responsible for causing the argument and I don't want to cause issues on the forum.
  14. I moderate regions, so I don't use the mini-map specifically, but rather the radar/people tab thing, which does have the radar in it. This is how I keep my viewer windows laid out: I have a button to specifically open these windows and put them at said positions. It is a very bad piece of code that I am ashamed of, but it works and that all that matters.
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