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  1. Chaser Zaks

    Voice or Text?

    I personally don't mind if someone uses text or voice. I however much prefer text over voice for the following reasons: I have autism(Asperger's to be specific). This makes social cues hard for me to recognize and makes it hard for me to understand when it is my turn to talk(in large groups). I often feel I might interrupt someone so I stay slient a lot. I have a lisp. It may be due to Asperger's or it might just be I'm bad with speaking. I know I can get speech therapy but I don't want to. It's part of who I am and I don't want to fix it. I only have a problem with this when people make fun of it. I personally think I sound too young and/or obnoxious. It could just be me but I don't want to worry people into "oh he is underaged!"(I'm not, I've actually had LL correct my DOB once before and they have the proof for the pudding), or people to leave because I sound annoying. Now I do use discord and hang out with my friends in voice chat. I don't have a problem with that because they do not mind. I wouldn't mind using voice chat with friends in SL. I wouldn't use voice chat if I were the only one using it though. I don't however like to use voice chat in public areas or with strangers because if the reasons listed above.
  2. Chaser Zaks

    Netflix challenge

    I recently watched bird box. Memes aside it is pretty interesting. Also Disenchantment is really good. It's made by the guy behind Simpsons and Futurama. It is a medival comedy adventure. First 10 episodes are out, next 10 set to be released this year, followed by 10 next year and 10 the following year.
  3. Ban lines are for what they say in the title, bans. As for kicking people out, nah. I honestly don't mind if people go into my house. Whats the point of decorating it if I want to hide it away. (AND BEFORE someone goes and say "but you wouldn't let people into your real house!", it's different, people can't steal or trash the place)
  4. Chaser Zaks


    I've concluded that SSP stands for Super Secret Project. They refuse to confirm or deny this.
  5. Chaser Zaks

    Learning more about encryption

    My honest opinion, there is no need to encrypt stuff in LSL. It is often just a waste of CPU/script time. Here are my reasons: If you are encrypting say, applier textures or some sort of texture, this is completely pointless. If anyone wanted to steal a texture, they'd use a copybot viewer instead of trying to figure out what channel the scripts communicate on, then write a decrypter. If people listening in on the channel for the applier is the problem, consider doing a handshake system instead(applier says "anyone there?", object that gets the textures says "I am", applier verifies same owner then does llRegionSayTo). If you are sending stuff off to a server via llHTTPRequest or sending stuff to a LSL server using llRequestURL(), consider using HTTPS. Even when using HTTP, chances of someone listening into this are slim to none. You are more likely to be struck by lightning. (If someone is listening in on this type of communication, you have a bigger problem) If you just want to ensure integrity of a message, you can simply prepend a llMD5String( string src, integer nonce ) or llSHA1String( string src ); with a secret key seen in the Signing Example below. This can also be used with HTTP Requests should you need to be extra secure(which may make sense if your API may be discovered while still preventing people from using this. You can also boost security by doing the same thing LL does by using experience keys to store the sharedKey. Encryption in LSL is very hard to get right, and when done wrong can be easily broken, especially XOR "encryption". Its very easy to break and has various attacks, one which is very easy is the Known String attack. Signing Example: string signMessage(string myString){ return llSHA1String(sharedKey + myString) + myString; } string validateMessage(string myString){ if(llGetSubString(myString, 0, 39) == llSHA1String(sharedKey + llGetSubString(myString, 40, -1))){ //Our message is signed and valid! return llGetSubString(myString, 40, -1); }else{ //Not valid, return nothing return ""; } }
  6. Chaser Zaks

    Animate light texture - ADVANCED LIGHTING

    Unfortunately, no. There are several open/accepted feature requests for this however, so it is on the list of things to do. [SCR-163] New PrimitiveParams flag: PRIM_PROJECTOR [SVC-6390] Missing script interface to projected textures [BUG-6961] New PrimitiveParams flag: PRIM_PROJECTOR One option I found, that counts technically as a hacky way to do it, is to have multiple prims with different projector textures but with the same parameters, then cycle through them turning PRIM_POINT_LIGHT of for one and on for the next.
  7. Chaser Zaks

    Guys its 2019 what can we bring to SL this year

    Mirrors, or render targets which is basically a camera print rendering(at a lower resolution) to a meta texture, so we can make mirrors and screens and what not.
  8. Chaser Zaks

    Hidden private parts in G rated land

    These are what I like to call "want to be Lindens" who won't ever be Lindens because of their behavior. They are often the same kind of people who think crashing people with graphics crashers, crashing sims, and other various griefing tactics are suddenly ok for them to do if they are "enforcing the sim rules or ToS". They do nothing but get on my nerves and whenever I see someone trying to enforce rules on a sim I moderate, I estate ban them. Best solution to these people is to look for anything that can be interpreted as impersonating a Linden and AR them for it. 🤣
  9. Chaser Zaks

    Sexual Harassment/Gang Rape Roleplay

    That I could understand and do find as a reasonable complaint. Perhaps SL could use a word blacklisting system for search? I could find it useful for many other uses other than just blocking graphic descriptions as well, such as those who want to not see furry hangouts, afk sex places, or places with "no furries/animal avatars" in the description, etc.
  10. Chaser Zaks

    Sexual Harassment/Gang Rape Roleplay

    Oh boy this topic again. We have had it like 50 times and it always ends up locked because fighting. Ok so there are arguments for and against it. Below are my summarized arguments of both sides. A argument against it: A argument for it: So say we do ban it, where to we draw the line? Would gorean/bdsm slavery/etc be banned? Technically in roleplay, the slave isn't consenting as the master has all the say. What about AFK/idle sex places? No one is at the avatar to consent. What about animal RP? Animals do not consent when they mate, they just do it. What if there is a alien race RP where consent isn't a thing and it is just kind of globally accepted by their culture? As you can see it is a bit of a slippery slope. As for morals, what defines one person's morals as correct? As stated above with where we draw the line, morals can be very different from person to person or culture to culture. Some people even say doing adult activities, be it sex for pleasure/reasons other than reproducing, drinking alchohol, gambling(This is banned from SL, but in the case I am talking about is where no money is at stake. Technically gachas can count as gambling), etc, is a sin. Why should we ignore these morals? Additionally it has been mentioned that rape roleplay is done because "men are insecure about their manhood". This is both ironic and offensive. It implies only men are interested in rape roleplay with women, ignoring the fact that there are gay people who also partake in this type of roleplay, and that there are women who also into this type of RP, be it on the receiving or giving side. I myself am pansexual, but I do highly prefer men and I wouldn't mind partaking in such RP. Being a subordinate/bottom, how would I be "intimidating, overpowering and humiliating women" in this case, if I was both the receiving end, male, and with a male partner? Outside of trying to stay neutral: I do try to understand both sides, but rape RP often partakes in closed environments specifically for such type of RP. Those who see it are often actively out looking for it. You can always just not look for or visit these sims or private parcels.
  11. Chaser Zaks

    Second Life on Steam?

    Im double dumb. I thought you said I made a dumb but no I'm half awake and corrected a non mistake. SL was planned for steam in 2012 but was later scrapped.
  12. Chaser Zaks

    Second Life on Steam?

    SL was planned for steam and was later scrapped. I've even asked since Steam is now allowing adult content(which I presumed was one of the reasons why the idea was scrapped) but was told still there are no plans. Fun thing though, you can still see the steam app on steam, I even have it on my steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Felix_Wolf/ The community used to be accessable but steam later disabled that. However, interestingly, the LAST activity on the Second Life steam app info was 3 months ago: https://steamdb.info/app/209930/history/ (September 20, 2018 – 02:29:07 UTC), so the idea might not be completely out the window.
  13. Chaser Zaks

    Winter Swaginator

    Seems as if LL is giving us a house.
  14. Chaser Zaks

    Huge Packaging Annoyances

    I really do dislike the boxes that REQUIRE you to wear them to unpack(Even worse when they llDie(), preventing you from manually unpacking!). I don't want to accidentally detach my right hand, or play a silly animation that is unneeded. Sure in some situations it is nice to be able to wear the object to unpack it such as locations where you cannot rez stuff, but I don't want it to be a requirement. Automated unpacking I am rather eh about. I'd much rather rez something and have the choice to have it unpack all the things into a folder for me, or for me to unpack a single part out of it, but I can go either way with it. However having a script to unpack stuff when you click it is really nice, as long as it isn't required to wear it to unpack.
  15. im stupid also those precious post counts get me closer to a custom title