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  1. Yes, concurrent count, i don't have access to how many unique logins per day.
  2. Yes it should say January, lmao. I have no idea why I put June.
  3. Despite popular belief, SL has maintained a steady userbase. I keep track of SL's user numbers: Apr 2007: 19,005 Apr 2008: 34,685 Mar 2009: 68,710 Jul 2010: 42,990 Aug 2011: 33,628 May 2012: 36,854 Aug 2013: 32,974 May 2014: 38,056 May 2015: 39,336 Jul 2016: 39,031 Jul 2017: 31,930 Nov 2018: 45,301 March 2019: 44,854 January 2020: 34,133 It really depends on what time you look at the online user count, but I can say with honesty, I do not believe SL has a declining userbase. You will typically see more people online on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays, or before/after work hours in U.S. time. I've also observed higher user activity on major holidays and during summer(HMMMM...). Anyway, userbase tends to stay above 30k and below 55k. Lowest I have seen was 16 users because LL restricted the grid to Lindens only when there was a major issue back on 2019-05-14.
  4. I like these colours personally: Note the last colour isn't full black, it is rgb(1,1,11). A wise person once said never go full black, add a little blue to the black to make it look more natural.
  5. People are free to play bloodlines, and I am free to ban it's use from places I own. Bloodlines has no intent on working with people to help prevent it's use in places it is unwelcome, so I have no intent on working with it by allowing it period. If they change their attitude on allowing detection, monitoring, and regulation, (I. E. A global llRegionSay channel that emits data regarding bites and usage) I reserve all rights to ban it just as I ban griefing defense huds.
  6. Seeing as how this thread is still going, I'll drop a few more opinions in here. To be blunt, both sides are biased and have formed their own echo chambers and refuse to listen to each other, resulting in no middle ground(I.E. my way or no way). If you think your side hasn't done this, you are part of the problem. I rarely see anyone who is willing to actually discuss politics with the opposite side, hear each other out, and look for a middle ground, because both sides are too eager(I.E. too lazy to actually discuss and wants to win) to godwin and claim the other side is a nazi or a communist. I'd say a good portion of this thread is a example of this. I've seen views from both sides and both sides are ready to call each other names instead of constructively criticizing the views. Problem is people forget what true nazism is. You take one side, claim it is right without question, and remove the others or doubters. In this case it has reached a more digital approach, where if someone has the "wrong opinion"(both sides are guilty of this), mob mentality takes place and forces corporations to take action, often resulting in someone's livelihood being taken away faster than thanos snapping his fingers. This also results in them getting more extreme views and having hard time finding a job unless they can find a job with extreme views. We are getting into a very, very dark place with politics and I hope more people can realize this before it is too late(if we haven't already crossed that line). Both sides are focused on "us vs them" instead of "everyone" lately. Even I am guilty of this and I try to stay centrist and see both sides of the argument. I'd be lying if I didn't have my own biases, I try to put them aside when deciding stuff but sometimes they get the better of me. But centrists are hated by both sides because they support some views that the opposing side has, so ignore my words I guess lmao.
  7. Yes and no. The only way to get a resident's IP address is to utilize media(parcel music/media or media on a prim), even then it requires the target to enable it, and whos to say others wont enable it as well? Most cases these days will probably be over MOAP, in such cases you'll get one request for each person who clicks the media(emphasis on clicks, the target would have to click the MOAP, and there is no guarantee others wont click it as well), and then it isn't really possible to narrow down what IP goes to which resident. If they attach it as a hud that'd be a different story. Simply don't attach random huds(or random attachments in general, that's bad practice), and if it uses media on a prim, make sure you trust the creator. Parcel media is a bit different, as you can set individual URLs for each resident. However this requires parcel permissions, and most reputable places will not attempt to ever do this. So lets say someone does get your IP address, what can they do with it? Right now my IP is, so we will use it. They can use GeoIP which isn't accurate. GeoIP says I am in "Clarkson, Kentucky, United States", which is incorrect, I am in Elizabethtown Kentucky. So good job they narrowed me down to 10,000+ houses. What are they going to do, visit each one of them? They can launch a "denial of service" attack on me, emphasis on how this would be a DoS not a DDoS. Most people who get IP addresses like this are script kiddies and think they are clever to "ping dos" someone, which will impact a internet connection no worse than watching a 240p video on YouTube. Also this is a violation of U.S. Federal law under the computer misuse act(I think thats the specific law, I forget which). They can flaunt it around and say "HEY CHASER'S IP IS", but now they violated the Terms of Service and you can report them for disclosure. What they can't do with it: Hack your Second Life account. Not only is this always false, but you can report them for this threat. Send you malware. While mostly true(No one is going to pay loads of money to some deep web site for a zero day to hack you), this is also a violation of the terms of service, report them for this. Plus modern firewalls and anti-viruses will prevent this, and assuming you forwarded your ports, otherwise your modem will just see all the traffic and reject it. Find your real location. Geo IP isn't accurate, and they can narrow it down to or near your city, but not your address. Locate your alts. Unless they manage to get you to fall for the same thing on all your alts in a short time period(your IP address can change if the modem restarts or your ISP unleases the IP), locating alts isn't possible with just one IP. Also people share IPs so there is false positives(see redzone's history for more information on this). Methods that can't get your IP address: Voice - some people think voice is medium to get IP addresses, but voice is mixed on vivox's servers, no one but vivox sees your IP address, and everyone listening only sees vivox's IP address. Clicking a object - unless it is MOAP, there is no way to see the user's IP via LSL. Second Life - unless you are a Linden, you can't see someone's IP address. Nor will a Linden "friend" reveal this to another resident. Not only will that violate their privacy policy, but the Linden would be fired on the spot. What can be done to combat this?: Don't play suspicious media. If someone is wearing MOAP, it probably isn't a good idea to play it. Make sure your modem is reasonably secure, it shouldn't show the control panel to random IP addresses, and you should change the default admin password. Reboot your modem. Hardly anyone has a static IP for residential subscriptions, so rebooting your modem can make all their hard work go to waste as you now have a new IP address.
  8. It'll just be another Minecraft or Roblox. Sure you can build and customize stuff, but no where to the extent you can in second life. I can make maps and customize my character in team fortress 2, does that mean tf2 is coming after SL? All I can see is fortnite world ending up like this: Screaming and swearing kids everywhere. Only slight amusement out of this is you may occasionally hear "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" from their mom over their open mic. More griefing than there is in Minecraft. Fortnite is built to be combat, hense everything is designed to be destructible. If you have played Minecraft, you know people like to set your house on fire. Customization is limited to tinting. Content freedom isn't as free as SL for various reasons. "Scripting" will take the habbo hotel approach of stuff wiring tiles together. This isn't another second life. It hardly classifies as a metaverse. I guarantee you there will be many servers running instead of one world running. I'd argue VRChat is more of a threat to SL, but again, it is very limited, content creation must be done externally in the unity editor, stricter policies, etc. HiFi and Sansar(not as much due to content restrictions) are the only ones that really come close to being a threat to SL but they don't have the user base to do so.
  9. My parents seem to like it, but I'm not really a fan of kfc. Not really a fan of chicken unless it's been ground up into a paste and glued back together. I like chicken patties, nuggets, and buffalo wings tho.
  10. I much prefer text over voice, but don't mind using voice. Reason I like text over voice is because: I can easily go back and see what was said. I have a speech impediment, specifically a lisp, which I am somewhat self-conscious about. I also have autism which makes me unable to speak properly, I often pause mid-sentence as my voice gets ahead of my thought process. No worries of voice cutting out, which I notice happens a lot(both on SL and on other platforms). Reasons I like voice over text: It is faster than typing. I can sit back and relax. I can get up and go across the room while still being connected(wireless headphones!) I can multi-task using voice activity. There are benefits to using voice especially in meetings, as it enforces a bit of turn taking, where as text, people will type over each other and often push other's questions out of the way. Though safe hubs have shown me people really don't care about turn taking and will talk over each other regardless. As for voice verification, I find it a bit silly but also having it's meaning. I have no problem telling people I am male in real life when I have a female/herm avatar. If people judge me for it so be it, my RL profile tab will always contain the truth whether people like it or not. It's my Second Life, I'll enjoy it as I please. Though I can understand why people do want voice verification, as some.. untrustworthy people will lie and pretend to be female. At least with being male I can say I am male and people will believe me!
  11. Hello! The Lindens will only lock your display name only under specific conditions, such as inappropriate or offensive display names, or impersonation. If your account gets suspended, you will receive a email from Linden Lab regarding the suspension. No matter how good of a friend someone is with a Linden, they will never act on behalf of residents. Typically those who state they are friends with a Linden are trying to manipulate you into doing something. Those who actually are friends with Lindens will keep it more on the down low and not mention it. Judging by what you stated and how your display name got locked, it is likely the resident reported you for impersonation. In situations like this where you had no intent on impersonating someone, it is best to contact support and explain the situation, they are very reasonable and understanding.
  12. I'll say this, I have seen people on both sides of the political spectrum on Second Life, from nicest to the more extreme. Political opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one and they all stink. However it is important to note, no matter what political opinion someone has, Linden Lab does not endorse or support said opinion. Just because one person is spewing hate, does not mean that Linden Lab supports that. Linden Lab has no control over what users say, but they can punish them afterwards. Controlling what users say would result in censorship/filters which would be very harmful to the virtual world. From what I have seen, Linden Lab likes to take a very neutral/centristic point of view when handling abuse reports and allowing residents to have a freedom of speech and opinion. However they don't support hate speech, it is important to understand what hate speech constitutes as according to Linden Lab. To do this, we have to look at the Community Standards. In specific, we will look at the "Intolerance" section(This section may change at a later date, please refer to the Community Standards for the most up to date version). My interpretation of this means: You can have what ever opinions you want, be popular or unpopular. However said opinions may not be used to attack or belittle groups. For example, "I think <x group> is going too far with their politics" can be OK, but "Eradicate all <x group>" is not OK. Of course context really does matter in this situation and it is a very touchy situation because some stuff can be seen as offensive to others, while not offensive to others. The Content Guidelines has additional information which basically says the same thing but worded to legally cover content seen in world. Additionally, Linden Lab could have taken action, but you just don't see it. Linden Lab treats privacy really seriously, so if someone got warned, you won't be informed. Only the person who has been warned will know and it is up to said user to disclose if they were warned.
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