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  1. This is Second Life, not Red Light Center. Second Life is a social platform, not specifically a dating/e-sex platform.
  2. Hello! Please keep in mind that the forums are primarily populated by Residents. You are unlikely to find a Linden respond here except on rare occasions. For official support, please see https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ For voice morphs, you will need to go to the Premium Voice Morphs island, you can find this here: https://secondlife.com/destination/voice-morphing-premium For the land, I have no experience with being charged for land. Perhaps it is the day the billing date was set, and not specifically for the land.
  3. I use yeen, yeener, etc, all the time. Even if it was, stuff like that doesn't offend me. I've even been considering setting my forum title to "Designated yeen". this has been done.
  4. Sort of. I didn't have a definitive decision on what species my character was before joining SL. However I finally decided on Hyena about 5 or so years ago. SL wasn't necessarily reason why I decided on that though. Until I have a Hyena avatar, I am mostly using a sabercat which I use as mountain lion(or cougar, puma, panther, etc. Same animal, different names) avatar. However, I have a boat load of avatars, so if you'd like to take a look: https://tinyurl.com/chaserzaksavatars (Please excuse the tinyurl link. Not sure if LL fixed the issue with my domain name yet.) Of those, I pr
  5. My plans: I typically don't do much for holidays. Most my family does for thanks giving is BIG FOOD, and for Christmas, we put up tree and decorate interior/exterior a little, but also BIG FOOD, and then we have New Years which we have BIG FOOD. Used to do Christmas with extended family at my Grandma's, We still do somewhat, but I don't go. It is mostly a drama fest because someone(mostly one specific person but occasionally anyone): Ignored the gift giving rule, we set up who is exchanging gifts, but someone will be like "im going to get gifts for everyone" then get upset
  6. I've avoided this thread because of the hostility and partisan **** flinging in it, and I will still continue to do so if it starts again, but I will say this: If Biden is officially(I.E. Not via sources such as the news who wish they were the government) confirmed as the President, unlike how people were with Trump, I am willing to give him a chance, but only one. People can say they didn't give Trump a chance because of various reasons such as "what he had said before being confirmed" or promised during campaign, and I am not going to argue about what he has said because it will en
  7. The same reason uneducated creators: Pushed for [REDACTED] to be removed as a feature Put their appliers behind pay walls Add "encryption" to appliers Think appliers are easier than adding textures via the build floater Create creator exclusive programs where only the elite can create skins for their products Add a script that deletes the product if you rez it on the ground Refuse to provide demos I could keep going on and on, but you get the point That reason: False sense of security. These are the same people who believe that clearing the c
  8. This is currently not possible, chat bubbles are hard coded to be 24 seconds. However, you are more than welcome to request this feature at: https://jira.firestormviewer.org/ This might be possible. See the Chat > Visuals > "Show typing indicator in nametag above avatar". This may achieve the effect you desire. If not, please do feel free to submit a feature request at: https://jira.firestormviewer.org/ Unfortunately there is no way to distinguish between a gesture and regular chat, as chat from gestures is sent using the same message info as chat as if a resident has typ
  9. The way it is designed is like the reddit and various other forums implement spoilers, the idea is you select the text. Unfortunately doesn't work on mobile, but it is better than nothing.
  10. My domain is in the blacklist keyword right now because of the spammer guy on the forums. Currently asking LL to unblacklist it because I have stuff on there specifically for SL, and I am unable to use it/share it with others.
  11. They can be, I know there are people who have married the people they met in SL, and people who re-marry their RL spouse in SL. There are also quite a lot of people who start their relationships out as long distant relationships. It truely depends on who the people are though. Some people just seek a relationship in SL and leave it at that, could be they are not ready for a RL relationship, or perhaps there are reasons why they cannot partake in a RL relationship.
  12. Words(or multiple word names) that make no sense, for example, "Super Natural". This implies that something is very natural. The word should be something like anti-natural, or just unnatural. Also people who think their way of thinking is correct and if anyone says otherwise they are wrong and evil, while in reality, thinking is subjective. While there may be some correct ways of thinking(EG: 2 + 2 equals 4, but 2 + 2 does not equal fish, though in a way, math is man made and we can make it equal whatever we want), people are just becoming brick walls and refusing to listen to each other,
  13. For me, I use voice only when others are using voice, and that being, when they are talking with me, not just because they are talking. I think this goes for a good deal of people as well. So as a result, most people just use text chat because no one wants to be the one to initiate using voice chat, due to no one else using it or being sure if others will use it. I've seen a few times where a few people just always use voice, other times, I've had my friends start using voice and then I got on. I personally don't like using it with big crowds of strangers though because I do have a l
  14. Second Life is subject to VAT and GST. What you are seeing is likely a 20% VAT/GST being applied, plus the transaction fee from the bank or credit company. In AUD, the transaction costs 136.12 AUD, with 13.61 AUD in GST. That'd leave 6.98 AUD transaction fee from the bank or credit company. The reason it shows as 100.49 instead of 99.00 is likely due to a 1.49 some tax or transaction fee that LL is seeing. It is important to note that prices on the Invoice are shown in two different currencies. The "LindeX Currency Buy" and "Total now due in $" are shown in USD, while the total now d
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