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  1. Alright so this is a mix things. Firstly, when you say they have a scanning hud, that sounds like a lie they used to make it sound less devious. What they are likely using are what is known as a copybot viewer. Copybot viewers are prohibited as stated in the Terms of Service. Secondly, the whole ripping of the skin you are using is a mixed bag. Yes, what they did was theft. They stole from the creator, and in a sense, you as well. When I say they stole from you, I mean in the sense like: You payed for the privilege to have a fancy expensive painting and they went to your house and scanned it, and they didn't even bother to ask you(not that asking you would make it any difference, it is still stealing from the creator). While I understand some may be upset that others see a item someone is using and they want that item, there isn't really anything wrong with that as long as they buy it like everyone else. It doesn't belong to the wearer(unless said wearer made it), so they really do not have a say in who does and does not get to use it. I personally like sharing information on what I am wearing as I like to support people who made the stuff I use, as it allows them to make more cool stuff in the future. If it is someone's entire look(i.e. not just a dress/hair/skin/etc, but instead the everything combined, provided it isn't very basic or stock), I would see it differently and rude. However sometimes that is done unintentionally. Finally, as for if there is anything that can be done, you have the following options: You can file an abuse report. This will inform Linden Lab, especially if you quote the specific lines where they said they were going to rip content. However Linden Lab will not be able to take action immediately, as they will definitely have to investigate. Every issue is investigated, contrary to what some people say. The friend will not be informed about being reported, all reports are kept confidential. You can confront them. However I advise against this if you really like this friend. People who copybot stuff tend to be quite... peculiar. As in, they feel it is their divine right to copybot stuff, and will get aggressive when you confront them about it being wrong. By aggressive, I don't mean physically, but verbally. This will likely result in the ending of your friendship. You can do nothing. While I recommend against this, karma will eventually catch up, they'll get too greedy, copybot something right in front of a Linden's main account or get reported by someone else, and get banned.
  2. ¡Hola! He localizado el mapa en cuestión, y la ruta que hiciste no está incluida en el mapa en ninguna parte. De hecho, tiene rutas en el Mar de Blake, no en Nautilus, por lo que la ruta que hiciste ni siquiera se cruza con la ruta que hicieron. El mapa se realizó en algún momento anterior a 2009 debido a la falta de metadatos en la transmisión J2C, por lo que no es nuevo. Solo puedo presumir que piensas que la idea de una ruta es tuya, que no lo es. Las rutas han sido parte de las comunidades de conducción, navegación y vuelo de Second Life desde que las personas pudieron crear un vehículo en Second Life. Además, todas las imágenes del mapa son propiedad de Linden Lab, ya que son el generador de la imagen del mapa. No puede reclamar los derechos de autor de algo si incluye cosas que no hizo. Finalmente, las rutas no son algo que califique como copyright. Si hiciera una imagen superpuesta con la ruta, la imagen sería con derechos de autor, pero no hay nada que impida que alguien cree una ruta similar o derive una ruta diseñada después de la suya. Hello! I have located the map in question, and the route you made isn't included in the map anywhere. It in fact has routes over in Blake Sea, not Nautilus, so the route you made doesn't even intersect with the route they made. The map was made sometime pre-2009 due to the lack of metadata in the J2C stream, so it isn't new. I can only presume you think that the idea of a route is yours, which it isn't. Routes have been part of the Second Life driving, sailing, and flying communities ever since people were able to create a vehicle in Second Life. Additionally, all map images are copyright to Linden Lab, as they are the generator of the map image. You cannot claim copyright of something if it includes stuff you didn't make. Finally, routes are not something that qualifies as copyrightable. If you made a overlay image with the path, the image would be copyrightable, but there isn't anything stopping someone from creating a similar route or deriving a route designed after yours.
  3. That was about 5 hours ago though, so the maintenance should be complete(maybe)? I presume whatever maintenance went on may be related to the lock up though.
  4. Inb4 Patch Linden comes in with a life boat to save us all.
  5. Yep, seeing a dip in online users: LL banned my domain thanks to the spammer guy, here is a tinyurl which should get around that until I can talk with LL about it: https://tinyurl.com/AgniStats
  6. Is this a trick question? I don't think about it, and honestly it never really crossed my mind. SL is a place for people to be what they want, and that tends to typically be human. Personal opinion, while I absolutely love creature/anthro/monster avatars, I think how SL is now is great. Forced diversity = Toxic community, Natural diversity = strong community. Only problem I have is when people come onto SL (only) for you know what, and they become Beefy McLargeHuge or Thunderthighs McGee with over exaggerated proportions, and go "eyy bb wanna do it?".
  7. Was looking for a police uniform for my avatar a while back too. I came across a merchant by the name of "every pixel is art". Didn't fit my avatar, but the description seems to have it work for bodies you mentioned: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/122295 Remember to always demo stuff just to make sure! I'm not 100% sure if they will work because I don't have any of the bodies you mentioned.
  8. Estate Manager / Land Fuzz here: Provided you own the land, you can always enable privacy settings: If you do not own the land, there are various reasons as to why camming is allowed: Land moderation, I use it for this a lot. It makes it easier to deal with griefers when you have basically 3 sandboxes in a entire region(multiple platforms). Building, it would be tedious if you had to move your avatar around and fly around to reposition stuff. Customization, I can't imagine how I would edit my avatar without the camera tools. And the list goes on. Additionally, the "Enable viewer look at targets" is a developer feature intended for developers to test how avatars respond to specific look at areas, and is not intended as a resident feature. While some viewers have unfortunately made it a feature, I recommend against using it, especially if it bothers you that people are looking at you. A majority of times when people are camming around, they are looking for someone to talk to or find out where people are socializing. When testing a feature to limit the range look at targets are transmitted, I saw quite a few look at targets land on me, then disappear. People are curious, it is a fact of life. Personally, I don't like to have look at targets enabled, they are ugly and distracting.
  9. That is weird. The only people you are not permitted to ignore are those with Linden last names, those in the Administrators role, and those in the Moderators role. As to not promote naming/shaming, can you send me a IM of the person in-world so I can take a look? I'll only use this name to look further into the issue, whoever the actual user is or what they said/did is of no interest to me, only the bug is of interest to me. (I.E. I give you my word that I won't tell anyone who the user is)
  10. Racism is defined as: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. You can't change the definition to say "oh, it is only when x happens" or "racism = power + privilege". Racism is racism, full stop. White fragility assumes that all white people never have to deal with racism. I see racism towards white people almost every day now and I'm sick of it. I can't speak up about it otherwise I am the one who gets called racist, have to deal with cancel culture, being out of a job opportunity when someone searches up my name, get put on a blocklist, appear on a witch-hunt blog, etc. White privilege assumes all white people have the ability to get a job, have the perfect family, have the perfect life, be rich, never have to worry about racism, and always get justice. When 9/11 happened, my dad lost his job, we were at the point to where we were maxed out on 6 credit cards, in a duplex, and having to loan money from my grandparents. My dad managed to dig us out of that hole. I have various disabilities which will prevent me from probably ever getting a job, or at least be able to hold one down. I had to deal with people making me feel guilty that I had gotten on SSDI because "privileged white male", when I can't do jack about my position or disability. So yes, I do get upset over terms like white fragility and white privilege, because those terms are racist, they generalize a entire race. I get upset over it because people use it to censor/dismiss my views, my issues, my opinions. Racism is not was not my problem, because I am not a racist person, to assume that I am racist because I am white is racist. (Edited before someone tries to take that out of context, when I say that, I don't mean that "oh racism, not my problem i'm gonna ignore it", I mean that "I'm not part of the problem, white people are not inherently racist". I actively have used my position as administration on stuff to tell people to stop being racist/etc, and resolve situations.) But it is now because I have to choose to sit and take people throwing racist stuff in my face while I am trying to help with the situation, or get called a racist for defending my race. I'm tired of it, and I'm not going to stay silent anymore.
  11. Copybot does still exist, it still is used to an extent, but hardly anyone uses it. I'm talking like 0.01% of the active SL population. A major myth is that people believe setting no-mod will prevent copybot. Copybot doesn't care about permissions, if it is seen it can be copybotted. With freebie shops, the new trend is asset theft from games, however this is easy to spot. Just view the store, if their style is all over the place, they are either: Selling ripped assets Selling free assets taken off sketchfab, blendswap, or other sites.
  12. The term "white fragility" is a racist term, along with "white privilege". People need to stop trying to fight racism with racism.
  13. Should the permission system be revised?: No. For these reasons: Massive fights will break out, forums, jira, in-world communities. People will lose trust in LL. There are legitement reasons for permissions to be as they are with some things. Now, that doesn't mean I will support no-mod stuff. I find that no-mod stifles creativity. If I buy say, a shirt IRL, I have the right to tie-dye it, paint it however I want, etc. If I have a house, I can change the walls as I like. I personally think that no-mod should be left to specific cases like scripts, game huds, etc. I see people use the lack of mesh being able to be resized a lot, and I find that kinda dumb tbh. Just because it can't be resized, doesn't mean there are not other uses to have modify permissions, for example: Rigged mesh can be linked together, so I can link my shirt with my pants, or gloves with my shirt. Some creators will make gloves/shoes as separate items(left glove, right glove), and that takes up attachment slot space. Worse is when bodies come in left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, chest, head. Some creators are dumb and make the rigged mesh's bounding box absolutely massive because they can't make proper LODs. This results in awkwardness when entering areas and people see a massive top taking over the building, and personally, I like to not cheat LOD and have a bazillion polygons from 100 meters away. Some creators will explode their meshes before linking them together. When I say explode, I mean all the pieces are separated and all over the place. This makes, again, loading awkward. If the meshes are properly positioned and attached to the right bone, it will simply appear as a t-pose while downloading, which is much more visually appealing to me. Some creators will attach useless meshes to stuff, like a full mesh logo with a stupid amount of polygons, or a brain that no one will ever see. I like to remove those to lower my render weight, and be considerate to others who have to render my avatar. Some creators put retexturing scripts in clothes, which is quite handy, until you end up with 8 scripts using 64 KiB each constantly listening on a channel. I like to remove those scripts if I don't need them. Built in face lights are evil. Do people have the right to make their items no-modify? Yes, absolutely. Do I have the right to say "nope not buying that"? Absolutely. Have I done so? Yes, I have, I always do.
  14. Kick me goal: L$746,271,473,553 Cause: no cause, I just want more L$ than Governor Linden(who has several hundred billion L$ for some reason).
  15. Most TVs these days do not require you to deed them to the land group. However, that does not mean that it is harmful to deed it, simply means it is a older system. Everything that a script does without permission is typically harmless. The most a script can do without permissions is push your avatar around, grief, etc. Which if it hasn't done so already, I'd say it is probably safe. If you deed it to land, a script gains the following benefits: Ability to terraform. Ability to change parcel media settings Ability to eject, teleport agents home, and manage parcel access list. Terraform(terrain modification) griefing and parcel access list griefing are some of the rarest things in SL, and you would have to go out to find something extremely fishy to find such a thing. The TV would require it to be deeded so it can modify the parcel media settings, specifically, it wants to modify the URL and mime type part of this panel: As for "Can scripts see your RL information?": Absolutely not, even with every permission, LSL cannot see your real life information, including credit card information. The most that it *can* do money wise, is take all your L$, but that requires you to grant this very loud permission dialog access to do so: If you have any follow up questions, or even, would like to test it on my land, I would be more than happy to answer or let you deed it to my land to test it! If it does go haywire, which I doubt it will, I will easily be able to fix it.
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