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  1. As a mainland parcel owner, mainland is a bit.. chaotic, and there are quite a few old builds still around. I kind of like seeing some old builds, they have a bit of charm to them(unlike the ground level skyboxes). I mostly like it for the roads and large open space(until 0 second security orbs smack me). Personally I hope LL one day has the moles finish up Zindra, maybe do a bit of modernization here and there too. But this is a discussion for another topic.
  2. The governance team gets well over 1000 reports per day, from invalid reports such as someone upset that their gf/bf cheated on them, to very serious issues such as someone bringing down regions left and right. While it may seem that the governance team isn't dealing with the situation, I guarantee you that each report is looked at and dealt with accordingly. For privacy reasons, they can't reveal the progress, status, or outcome of a report, because what happens to someone's account is solely between the account holder and Linden Lab. I understand being left in the dark like th
  3. I don't hide who I am. In fact I am very much a open book regarding stuff. It has gotten me in trouble though, such as getting ""DOXXED"" from my own public information(I'm just like "good job you posted stuff people already know"). I have had to remove some information temporarily due to harassment though. One of the reasons why I am so open about my personal life is because I myself have had to fight my way through many things, and I hope that my experiences can help others who are going through something, if not something similar, to what I may have gone through. I also feel it pu
  4. My honest opinion, this concern seems disingenuous. You worry that bots are causing traffic to be calculated for the wrong reason, yet operate a system which attempts to monetizes and manipulates traffic. Agents that are marked as bots will not count towards traffic, and agents that are connecting with specific viewers(IIRC) get flagged as bots for that session. My view is that traffic is not something that should be sold, traded, or otherwise manipulated as it throws off genuine interest statistics of a location. Traffic should be earned for what the region or parcel is, not through
  5. This should be fine as long as you own or have rights to the image in question. But please do be considerate with the tags and categories. I often see animated textures and pictures sold on the marketplace with irrelevant tags, or are in the wrong category. Specifically mentioning this because these tend to get added in the dozens, and reporting each and every one of them isn't something someone is going to do, as such they just stay incorrect forever.
  6. The question is how much is 4,000 credits? There is also the issue of, how does LL prevent people from making alt after alt to get credits? I presume they could probably track who does the tutorial and check against the ID0 and recently rewarded IP addresses.
  7. This is laughable, they didn't even do their research. They claim to have "the most" of anything(around 30 million items). Second Life has around 21 million items on the marketplace, and tens of million items that are sold only in-world. Not to mention, IMVU's movement system is poopy. Literally just pose ball, no physics, no driving, etc. Second Life in actual size is 1,674,706,944 square meters(According SELECT count(*) * (256 * 256) FROM map_tiles_agni WHERE lastseen > CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - interval '1 week'). Meanwhile, IMVU just has "thousands of chat rooms" of unknown si
  8. Money trees I think are allowed and still around. I've been wanting to "plant" one for a while to give something to new residents. I'm not quite sure on the policy regarding camping though. I know people used to get money for high traffic areas and LL phased that out because of camping, as well as made tweaks to the "traffic" calculations, but I don't think they have been explicitly disallowed.
  9. Yes, we still have satellite TV where I live, and if the weather gets bad enough, it can cause issues. But technology is a lot better than it used to be, I remember when a slight rain storm would cause the TV to go out. It would take really severe rain filled clouds to take out the signal. As for internet, I'd say some corrupt packets may occur during any form of non-clear weather, but those would mostly either get corrected or re-sent without the user even noticing.
  10. You should be able to use satellite. While it is fast, it has the issue of latency, which means requests may take a few seconds to initialize, but the stream will overall be fast. A good way to explain this: High speed Low speed Line based Fast and responsive Slow but responsive Satellite based Fast but delayed Slow and delayed So while assets may download fast, you will likely experience a larger than usual delay, imagine pressing "w" on a line based connection and you moving instan
  11. If people didn't render for people who are blocked, this would raise issue with various stuff, such as: Targeted harassment without someone knowing: Such as wearing attachments with signs without the targeted person knowing. Region moderation issues: Blocking moderators to go under the radar. Privacy issues: some people don't want people to know they blocked them. There is also the issue of LSL would be able to relay blocked chat. It's also important to keep in mind, facebook is a social media platform, and second life is a virtual world. One of these has physics and
  12. Would that club be allowed? Probably, but the definition of nazi and fascist has been diluted so much these days, it can mean anything(I.E. they are used as buzzwords/dog whistles, rather their original meaning), so it could end up biting them in the butt if they use it for the more extreme definitions. Typically, if I was to visit a club and they used political language in their rules, instead of just saying "Be nice and respectful to your fellow guests", I'd probably avoid it because it is just asking for drama(it'd probably even have a no drama rule, which we all know means "twice as m
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