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  1. Ideally, everyone would be nice to each other, but humans, being like all animals, will attack each other, except we evolved to use mostly verbal attacks at each other instead of hitting each other like cats. Best way to deal with people who insult or talk down upon someone is to utilize the block feature.
  2. Please note anything I say in this is ONLY SPECULATION and isn't confirmed. I have a pretty good understanding of how LL works internally, but do not take my word as fact as I may be wrong in some portions as I am not a Linden Lab employee and have no actual knowledge of how they work internally aside from what I have researched. As someone who understands how SL works inside and out(or at least mostly), I can say the following: Are there security flaws? Technically yes, but everything (Everything as in EVERYTHING, eg facebook, your computer, your bank, etc) has security flaws, it is nearly impossible to fix them all. That is what SEC is for on the Jira. Any flaws that are known get fixed, I would know because I have reported several security flaws myself and they have all been fixed within a reasonable time frame. Let's take a look at one of the "security flaws" mentioned. Allegedly, "User information" isn't secure. They mention that it is accessible to "contractors". What I am assuming is by the usage of Contractor, this is either Moles or ProductEngines. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this may be half true with the following: Can Moles access user information? Perhaps. My assumption is conditionally high ranking Moles who have signed NDAs are able to access the CSR tools(which happen to contain user information) for moderation purposes. Can ProductEngines access user information? I'm doubting it but I could see it as a plausible case if a ProductEngine is working on the CSR tools and any information they access would almost certainly be protected by a NDA. In either case, all actions are logged. LL loves logs, if someone did something they were not supposed to, they'll know. Regardless, any information access will most certainly be protected by a NDA. There is also concerns that LL is not complying with anti-money-laundering laws. I highly doubt this, considering the recent switch to their Tilia subsidiary to handle payments. Tilia is going to provide much more security regarding money transfers as they works solely with money. Additionally, LL's anti-fraud team is no joke, they take their job extremely seriously and will see any suspicious transactions. Although there are no public statistics, they can easily find out where money comes in and where it goes out. Another concern raised is "LL is collecting data on minors". This is a load of phooy. Terms of Service says you must be at least 16(or might be 17, I think 16 IIRC) years of age to play which is well above the age limit for COPPA and GDPR's children's data protection acts. The only case where LL would be collecting this data is if someone had lied about their Date of Birth, which is out of Linden Lab's control. As soon as they find out about this however, the account is terminated and any personal information if needed is removed. Additionally, they say in the lawsuit "(Word I cannot use about simulated adult content involving children)" could be seen as "simulated child molestation". Yeah, water is wet, your point? Legally this has no grounds and will be thrown out as "irrelevant", U.S. law has no laws against this type of simulated content provided that any parties involved are at least 18 years of age in real life. I understand some people may see this as gross but that's how it is legally, so please do no turn this thread into a debate about whether or not this should be legal, this is talking about what is legal at this very moment in time. In conclusion, what I can say about this: I'm almost certain it is a bunch of "buzzwords", "half told truths", and "I don't know what I am talking about"(possibly why she was let go). I'm very strict when it comes to internal security even if I may be revealing about my personal life details(EG: my name and address are all accessible publicly on my website as my whois proudly waves this about for compliance with ICANN rules). I would trust LL over facebook, twitter, or any other major social media site with my data any time.
  3. Technically speaking, it is "possible" but C/C++ would unlikely be on LL's radar as a secondary scripting language, due to it's complexity. As of right now, LSL is transcribed into C# if using the Mono engine, so if anything, a secondary language would be C#, or maybe transcribing Python/Javascript into C#. I'd personally love to see a more object oriented version of LSL, maybe one day we can have LSL3 and it'll add stuff such as dictionaries, array accessors(someArray[2]), modifying values, callbacks/lambdas, etc.
  4. As long as it stays as funding and not "buy out". I do not want micro-transactions and loot boxes in my open source.
  5. cat /dev/urandom > /mnt/forum/440347
  6. Assuming this is weapons we could hypothetically have in real life, my choice would be a classic: The cager If you mean in SL, then a sim uncrasher.
  7. Hey! Firestorm QA/Dev(but mostly QA) here! These buttons were removed because they had the ability to permanently break a resident's objects if it is no-mod. This was Linden Lab's decision, not ours. This change was merged in from the official Second Life viewer branch. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-4143 for more information on this. It was merged into the official viewer code at viewer-release/fe65bf3dd02e and was merged into Firestorm at phoenix-firestorm-lgpl/fe65bf3dd02e. These buttons may be added back in the future when LL fixes the issue. We'd fix it ourselves but we don't have access to the simulator code. A alternative solution that should work for right now is to just return the offending resident's objects, or if it is your object, to disable the scripts manually. Firestorm has the ability to bulk disable scripts in objects. To do this, open the build floater and select the object, then from the menu bar(at the top of the screen), go to "Build > Scripts > Set Scripts to Not Running". Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause!
  8. Personally, I think poorly of these new resident ejectors. Not only do I see it as poor moderation of a region, but it can make new residents feel unwelcome to Second Life. There isn't anything preventing people from stock piling accounts and letting them sit for a month, then go grief a region. Besides, a majority of these new people who enter regions will not be griefers. New residents may do stuff that experienced residents would see as improper, but we shouldn't be mad about this as it gives us the opportunity to pass on Second Life etiquette to them. Ejecting new residents makes it less possible to do this. Also I personally feel new resident ejectors play onto the "second life users are stuck up and don't like fun" trope that plays out on YouTube trolling videos. By making people feel unwelcome and that we are all unfun stuck up people, it may infact add to the griefing problem. Personally in my experience of being a estate manager, I've seen more griefers with the age range above 365 days than I have with residents under 365 days old.
  9. Been using Debian(Currently, Debian 9) for several years now. I haven't used windows in years ever since it corrupted it's own bootloader. Had a Debian disk laying around for use with a server, figured "hey might as well, not going to wait a week for my parents to get back from vacation so my dad can bring home a windows install disk from work". Here is my screengrab.
  10. Personally I think LL should create and enforce this policy: Any demo must be listed as L$0. Any demo must have a parent listing of the full version. Limit one demo per product, not one per variation. (Don't create 500 copies of the demo if there are multiple sizes/colours. Put all the colours and sizes in one demo listing and link the demo in the parent listings) Demos must not shout/say any advertisements in-world. Then create a thing that allows delisting of demos from search, preferably by default, like so: Ignore the poor placement, this was done in 1 minute. Also anything listed as a "gift" or "freebie" must be listed as L$0.
  11. I can see it now, LL's next MP category banner: "*notices your store* OwO whats this?" (I both hope this happens and hope it doesn't happen at the same time.)
  12. Found it, didn't take long. It most certainly is encroachment with intent to disrupt. Nothing here should be on the road parcel except for the road. Normally I'd say a sign like "SLOW children at play"(provided said sign stays off the driving portion of the road and is phantom) or MATCHING road connections(provided it does not disrupt the driving experience) would be okay, but this is clearly an attempt to get money and I would personally count it as a disturbance of the peace. Somehow this has gone unnoticed since 2005-11-22 19:53:14.203021, which I believe this to be the rez date considering both OBJECT_CREATED_TIME and the fact the texture metadata is absent.
  13. I've invented a security orb that uses quantum computing that will detect if you will be on my land today and it will go ahead and file a abuse report so Linden Lab can permanently ban your avatar so no one has any problems as long as you don't plan on going on my land today.
  14. This is not an official ruling, but my interpretation of the rules and terms of service as of 2019-03-25. If you need actual legal advise, hire a lawyer. A child avatar can be in adult rated sims, with the following restrictions: Child avatars must not be near sexual content or activities(Sexual posters/pictures, sex animesh, people going at it on pose balls, adult toys, etc). Child avatars must not be on adult furniture. This includes if the child avatar is simply using the PG animations, or if the animations are disabled. If the furniture contains adult animations the child avatar must not use it. Child avatars must not participate in adult activities(either role-play or animations), this should go without saying. The following caveats apply: It is the child avatar's responsibility to leave the area if adult activities are taking place where they are at, with the exception of a malicious avatar intentionally placing sexual content next to a child avatar(LL will be able to find this out). If a malicious user does this, the child avatar should still leave the area but will likely not be seen as the offending party if an abuse report arises. Cub avatars(furry child avatars) also apply to this rule. I have to say this because I've seen someone using a cub avatar then they used the excuse "its not ***** if it is furries but ok". Child avatar nudity is a very very very grey area. While there is no official ruling on this, "social nudity" has been seen as non-sexual(but still needs a mature rated region), this can be seen as "ok" for a child avatar as long as there is absolutely no sexual content(this includes erections, explicit fluids, sexual references, etc). My advice is no child avatar should be nude for everyone's safety. Furniture that had adult animations in it but they have been removed in full(no animations in inventory, code for related animations removed) is acceptable provided it isn't a sex toy or similar type item. Short avatars do not automatically count as child avatars. Small people exist, not everyone is giants in SL. It is still up to the sim moderators to make a decision on this and they may err on the side of caution, but use best judgment when handling these situations: Yes: A short person, micros(that are of age), naturally small fantasy creatures(elves, imps, etc). No: Any of the above wearing a diaper or using passifiers, using baby talk(actual baby talk, not "english no good speak fantasy language"), etc. In the context of a club, this can be very dependant on the situation. If the region is just rated adult but it doesn't have sexual content in the club, then it should be perfectly fine. An issue would arise if it is a club like most furry clubs where sexual content is rampant. If stripper poles are present, I'd say no, the child avatar should not be there. If you do feel something might actually be in violation, please do report it. Linden Lab will decide if it is in violation or not, if it isn't, they'll simply discard it. It is better to keep the platform safe than risk people violating the rules. Since this is a facebook post, there isn't much that can be done unless the situation is observed in-world. People can impersonate other people on facebook which creates an issue of validation. Since naming/shaming isn't allowed, you'd need to inspect the situation yourself if you would like. Using the guide I have posted above, you can make judgement on whether or not the situation should be elevated and brought to Linden Lab's attention. Sources/references: https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/community-standards http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Clarification_of_policy_disallowing_ageplay
  15. I personally don't mind if someone uses text or voice. I however much prefer text over voice for the following reasons: I have autism(Asperger's to be specific). This makes social cues hard for me to recognize and makes it hard for me to understand when it is my turn to talk(in large groups). I often feel I might interrupt someone so I stay slient a lot. I have a lisp. It may be due to Asperger's or it might just be I'm bad with speaking. I know I can get speech therapy but I don't want to. It's part of who I am and I don't want to fix it. I only have a problem with this when people make fun of it. I personally think I sound too young and/or obnoxious. It could just be me but I don't want to worry people into "oh he is underaged!"(I'm not, I've actually had LL correct my DOB once before and they have the proof for the pudding), or people to leave because I sound annoying. Now I do use discord and hang out with my friends in voice chat. I don't have a problem with that because they do not mind. I wouldn't mind using voice chat with friends in SL. I wouldn't use voice chat if I were the only one using it though. I don't however like to use voice chat in public areas or with strangers because if the reasons listed above.
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