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  1. Why crowded venues suck

    Oh, yes. That is correct. I typed that when I was half awake. I was mixing up avatar appearance xml exporter with the appearance data files. I had forgot about project shining, so yes the bot thing is incorrect and I have updated my post to reflect so. Thank you for pointing this out!
  2. To answer the op's original question, the portals work off the destination guide with a bit of Linden magic to generate landmarks(if it gave you a landmark). I do think it should be revised to only pull destinations from the new resident friendly category though. Being offered a location only to be kicked out of said location isn't the welcoming message we want to send to new resident whom may potentially stay and become part of our community.
  3. Why crowded venues suck

    It is a partial myth. It isn't possible to do this with LSL alone. There is no method to detect appearance data with LSL. The truth in this however, is a bot can download the appearance data and check for the appropriate layers in the appearance XML. (Because I know someone will bring it up, This is not in violation of the TOS, it is also how the viewer works) This was incorrect, as pointed out by Qie Niangao, I had forgot completely about Project Shining which bakes these layers. Bots are unable to see this except for the bake layers which do not include any of this. However the next part is correct. It is also possible to use LSL to get a list of worn attachments and go through each one and check for the word "body". However this is both horribly flawed as not every mesh body has the word body in it, and is also easily defeated by wearing a cube named body.
  4. Linden Realms ... RUINED!

    Seems like LR is more of a "Living Story"(Stealing this term from GW2) than a Static Story. That being, as the story progresses, the world progresses as well. Personally I like that LDPW continued the story. Modifying it adds more content and story to explore.
  5. I've noticed quite a few meshes in-world often have black lines on their textures, either on the edge of the mesh's UV seams, during download, or when viewed from a lower LOD, like so: Poor Suzanne is falling apart at the seams! But did you know these can be hidden/obscured? It is actually a quite easy process and there are two ways to do so, however, both methods rely that you space your UVs islands out by at least a few pixels(8 is usually enough space between each island). This means not packing your UVs so tightly that they touch: The first method takes place inside the texture painter tools. When texture painting, you have a option called "Texture bleed". In blender, this is found in the Options tab when using the Texture Paint tool: This will paint outside the UV just a little bit(In the specific image above, by 8 pixels. My preferred setting is about 4 with fine tuning of it later). As for the rest, just paint as you normally would! The second option is to post process your texture. Preferably, paint on a transparent texture, this makes this process a whole lot easier. This in specific is for GIMP, but there are similar tools for photoshop. I think photoshop might even have it built in? I could be wrong, I haven't used it in forever, but the plugin I use is this: Should your texture currently look like this: You will need to erase the black unused areas of your texture(You can also choose to delete by colour, but be careful with this, it may have undesired effects!). When done correctly, you should end up with this: So what about that plugin? We get to use it now! Select your entire canvas and go to "Filters > Texturing > UV Padder", this will make your image look like this: You may ask why this is good, it just filled the image with random colours! When it did this, it only replaced transparent, unused portions of the image. It didn't touch pixels that are fully visible. Lets take a look at Suzanne now that we followed one of the two steps above: Suzanne is once again in once piece! I hope someone will find this guide useful. Should someone wish to look at the files, I've uploaded them here: Although the files provided come in 1024x1024, for this demonstration, I scaled them down to 256x256 to illustrate the effects easier.
  6. When is it OK to "zero out"?

    In my opinion, production models(Stuff intended to be sold or permanent structures in a sim where residents will see it), should *never* zero out the LODs unless there is a VERY GOOD reason to do so, such reasons being stuff that won't generally be visible from that distance such as grass. If you have already made a mesh with the lowest detail you can(My preferred preference is the lowest detail will have less than 16 polygons for small models, 32 for medium, and 64 for large), use the "Use above" option. This will reuse the mesh model and reduce streaming cost.(If I recall correctly) If you are just uploading a joke model(EG: Giant text, memes, 65536 polygon sphere, etc), by all means, feel free to zero out stuff to reduce the upload cost if you do not intend on using it in a production environment.
  7. Parcel Wind Light settings

    Firestorm's wiki has a good article explaining how to use parcel windlight: Important: this does not work on all viewers, especially the Linden Lab viewer. Linden Lab is working on parcel windlight that works on all viewers. It isn't available yet but I recommend keeping note of this and switching to it when the time comes as it is more customisable and officially supported.
  8. Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

    Ask one of the people for the landmark. You can find out who created it that way.
  9. Anyone have the cheat codes to win this game?

    This cheat code will give you everything you will ever need: ctrl + alt + shift + h
  10. I stay logged in 24/7(at least unless my internet goes down..). I don't afk at those afk places though, but I understand why they would. I stay on all the time so that I don't miss notifications and should something important happen(eg: griefer attack), KDE forwards the dbus notification to my tablet which will wake me up. I know email can do the same thing but it is sometimes unreliable and is harder to parse than network messages. As for why I understand why people afk in the afk hangouts, why not earn a little bit of money while away? If it was simple camping I would say no(I classify camping as the owner directly promoting sitting in a chair where the owner is the source of income), but instead this is other residents tipping residents. Personally I myself wouldn't go to an afk hangout due to the amount of lag due to over-polygoned avatars and also that they are target to griefed with crashers. I can't risk that as I have other stuff running in the background that i would prefer not to be locked up(GCC, emscripten, etc).
  11. Second life with a GTX 1080 card?

    I use a gtx 960 which runs SL quite well, and from what I understand, the two you listed are more powerful. So those should work very well for you. Do note that SL is a polygonal mess. Even with really high end GPUs, expect slow FPS when in areas or around avatars that use models intended for 3D movie/photo renders, not real time rendering. Also you need to make sure your power supply can provide enough electricity to the GPU, and that it has the right connectors. I had the last issue and had to get an adapter.
  12. As someone who has messed with automated vehicles before and set one loose(and lost until it finally finished a glitchy route, I'll explain below), as long as you do the following, I am sure LL doesn't care: Go phantom or smart. There are drivers and pedestrians on the road or crossing roads, and in zindra, even traffic lights. While the traffic lights one isn't a requirement, you need to be very mindful of other residents on the road. Phantom will stop all collisions, while smart requires a lot of checking to make sure no one is in front of the vehicle, and people don't grief it by blocking its path(essentially, going around the obstacle if possible). Stay on the right side of the road, especially if not phantom! Not even scripts can detect fast head on collisions and handle them in time. Don't be noisy. Shouts are a absolute no-no, says can be ok, but whispers or llRegionSayTo are much much better. I wouldn't want a vehicle on a route that passes my house constantly saying stuff within chat range. If you are going to do sounds, keep them low volume and avoid looping motor sounds. Sounds in SL are weird and can be heard 1000m away. Don't create fleets. Stick to a small number and set up a website with a schedule that can be picked up by stations. A small number can vary from person to person, I scaled mine based off distance traveled, time taken, etc. Try to stay under 4 max per route. Fail safes are a must. Don't let your vehicles leave their route, ensure they stay on track or force them back on with llSetRegionPos. If all else fails, apologize to passengers(if any), report the issue to a remote server will all the info needed, the llDie. As for my vehicle when I lost it, take this as advice, have a remote kill ready and something to track it, even in testing phase. I lost a vehicle, turns out it got stuck trying to correct it's route at a sim border and kept crossing sims. Took some time to find it.
  13. Question Regarding Child Avatar

    Linden Lab does police this. While I could understand that it can appear that the Lindens do not police stuff where no visible actions are taken, unlike situations where they may have to send Governor Linden to return griefer stuff, I can assure you, the Lindens are hard at work going though the Abuse Reports, and are issuing suspensions and bans to those whom violate the ToS/CS. Any Abuse Report about such actions are well appreciated! If you see a child avatar participating in or within proximity of adult content(This includes Textures, Shared Media, Mesh and Mesh animations, Avatar animations, and even role play), you should file an Abuse Report. However, sometimes this is uncontrollable(EG: Doing something else while waiting for a login to go through and ending up at a adult safehub due to a downed sim, or arriving at a sim where this content is unknown to occur), and they should be given at least a chance to change their avatar in some situations. Basically what I am saying is, don't snipe report them the second they enter a sim because they often change their avatars a few seconds later, or leave as soon as they see it. If you see anything that violates the Terms of Service or Community Standards, please report that resident or the offending objects, as it helps keep the grid clean(of griefers) and safe!
  14. Chat in restaurants, cafes, etc. -- chaos?

    Whispering works too. I think that is a 5 or less meter radius.
  15. Breedables and lag

    Oops, serves me right to attempting to even write code on a touch screen tablet keyboard that likes to crash when I switch tabs Corrected, thanks!