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  1. I say, let the world warm up. We'll grow oranges in Alaska.
  2. { ParcelAccessListReply Low 216 Trusted Zerocoded { Data Single { AgentID LLUUID } { SequenceID S32 } { Flags U32 } { LocalID S32 } } { List Variable { ID LLUUID } { Time S32 } // time_t { Flags U32 } } } ParcelAccessListReply returns results in unix timestamp, since the bans occur almost instantly within each other, someone with a modified viewer(such as myself, via list export) can see the exact time someone will be unbanned(provided they have access to the ban list). So for example, unpacked it will look like: ID TIME
  3. After reviewing the terms of service, I'll admit, I was incorrect about it being in violation. However one can argue that it is disclosure due to the fact when a alt is banned, both accounts are banned and they will have the same ban duration listed in the parcel listing, eg: More precise timestamps can be acquired. For some, this is enough to identify alts. EDIT: Was going to edit the other posts crossing out the violation statements, but apparently can't do that after 24 hours.
  4. That is possible. I suspect they are actually using hash, but I didn't in the example for the sake of clarity. However, even hashed, it still violates the terms of service because it doesn't take long to generate a rainbow table to look up IP address hashes. I have one myself, it is about 63 GiB when stored correctly, and takes less than a second to locate the hash because of how it is stored. There are ways to get around the rules, but I'm not going to mention it here because it'll tell people with bad intents how to get around the rules.
  5. All accounts used below in the example are mine and IP addresses are internal addresses. Here is a example table: KEY VALUE altdetector_127.0.0.1 1623172887~796b1537-70d8-497d-934e-0abcc2a60050 altdetector_192.168.0.127 1623173421~835096de-9f7e-42d2-b92d-6dc6677f7d8f In this example, Chaser Zaks(796b1537-70d8-497d-934e-0abcc2a60050) and Saltyalt(835096de-9f7e-42d2-b92d-6dc6677f7d8f) are already in the area and have clicked the URL already. When Parker Oh(918ff3eb-e8fe-4cfe-8bff-5963a461962e) with the IP of 192.
  6. Time to deep dive into this: I just tested it on a testing account. This is exactly what occurs: The user is told to add a experience to their land The user is then told to deed the object if it is group owned Then upon entry of any resident(Checked every 10 seconds), they are told to visit a LSL HTTP URL with a query string matching their UUID(EG: http://simhost-#.agni.secondlife.io:12046/cap/<cap>/?<VISITOR UUID HERE>) with the following message: This is also sent in chat: A "mathematical hash" occurs and detects the alt. The
  7. Posted this earlier in the commerce group, but figured I would post it here as well: I didn't know Ebbe personally, but I had spoke with him once or twice though. He was a really nice guy, and I know he was really liked among his colleagues. Wish I had gotten to speak with him more though. May he rest in peace.
  8. Maybe? Is Internal Monologue like: "hmm wot to do" and just general thinking to yourself? If so, yes.
  9. I'm not sure where you are getting Mallchimp, Maiichimp, or Malchimp from. The domain used was mc.secondlife.com and list-manage.com. Second Life's domain is subject to these issues alone, I can easily type "secondlife secondlife secondllife secondlife secondlife sec0ndlife secondlile sesondlife secondlife seconcllife secondlife secondlife" etc. Can you count how many "alternative spellings" are listed in there? Phishing is a problem, it has always been one, and will continue to be one no matter how good we make computers and how well we teach users. However technology has been impro
  10. This is not a marketing post, I am not affiliated with Mailchimp, nor am I endorsing it. I use a different provider for my email distribution, so I would have no reason to vouch for Mailchimp other than I know that they are a company that exists and I know they are not a bad/malicious company. This post is only to explain to those who Mailchimp is, why it is being used, and what they do and do not have access to. So for those worried about Mailchimp: Who is Mailchimp: Mailchimp is the industry leader in marketing email list distribution(Accounting for more than 62% of this mark
  11. mc.secondlife.com is LL's subdomain for MailChimp, which is a marketing mailing list service that Linden Lab uses. It is a lot faster than most internal solutions. The email is legitimate. I received one on my email that I only use for Second Life, as well as having inspected the email headers. The reason it comes from mc.secondlife.com is the same reason my automated emails come from mg.MyDomainICantMentionAnymoreOrTheForumThinksItIsSpam.com: To satisfy anti-spam and phishing detection by includinf valid DMARC and DKIM information in the TXT field of the domain name. By using a subd
  12. This is a wili bad sock puppet attempt. Now I don't speak for LL, but I know there is only so many times they will humor you sock puppeting on the forums to advertise.
  13. I already did, and as I said, usernames are not a fashion accessory. If you want fancy characters in your name, use your display name so I can refer to your username when I have to use moderation tools in regions I moderate.
  14. I already refer to people by their username when they make their display name untypeable. I will start referring to people by their UUID if they start doing the same with their username. Usernames are supposed to be readable, not a fashion accessory.
  15. If implemented, I am hoping that llOpenFloater is more than just llOpenFloater(string url);, as llOpenFloater could have much more use potential. I'd see something like llOpenFloater(string floaterName, list options); being a better suited function layout, as this would allow, in the future, more than just a webpage. Perhaps a floater asset that can be custom designed by using XUI in-world(sanity checked of course, I've done crashed myself a few times when editing XUI). Though with webpages being the initial selling feature, is does kind of seem like a re-implementation of llLoadURL,
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