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  1. Chaser Zaks

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    Copy and modify. Copying allows for users to gaurentee they will not accidentally loose their item, as well as to to make backups. Modify because modifying encourages creativity. I highly dislike(and refuse to buy) no mod(unless it is on scripts which can be understandable but modify on scripts would be a bonus) as I often find myself wanting to change the size(RESIZE SCRIPTS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE AND CREATE LAG), link stuff to it or unlink parts, add animations(or remove should I want to make something PG), create my own textures or improve upon them, or even add my own scripts which interface with my parcel permission system, or to rewrite ancient LSO or horrible 1 script per prim systems. People often make stuff "no mod" as a way to copy bot stuff, but this does not work. If I wanted to, not saying I would, but I could copy bot a no mod/no transfer/no copy item. Once the object exist in world, regardless of permissions, it can be copybotted. Also no modify on textures/animations/sounds are a plague. I need to rename animations sometimes and no mod prevents that. There is no reason to have these set to no modify because there is nothing to modify but the name.
  2. Chaser Zaks

    Your Prediction: SSP = Linden Homes or What?

    My guess is, considering how it has mountainous terrain, it is probably not new Linden Homes, unless they are going to be very clever with it and allow for struts on houses automatically. It is possibly similar how Horizons is, a game tied in with community. I can see my land from there!
  3. Chaser Zaks


    On the bright side, I can tell you what Zindra SUPPOSED to look like, and what Gaeta might look like, due to special measures of doing. Ocean = Nothing/ocean, Green = Active, Red = Confirmed regions, Dark red = Guessed regions (Sorry, it is from a bitmap grid state, I can construct a larger image if needed) Zindra: Sharp is as-is. Appears complete. Gaeta has incomplete data: If you want a better look, open them in photoshop or gimp and zoom in, or upscale them using nearest neighbor. 1 pixel = 1 region.
  4. Chaser Zaks

    Let us remove the firestorm experience...

    This is kinda the whole point of experiences. If someone has a experience, it is owned/operated by someone who knows what they are doing and is trusted by Linden Lab not to abuse this blessing, or shall fire rain down by a thousand angry fire breathing hippos upon their house. This experience was granted as to help new residents in Firestorm Orientation, which helping residents and giving them a good first experience is all worth while as it helps to try and get them to stay and be part of the Second Life community.
  5. Chaser Zaks

    Why do my avatar lips is black?

    Huh, if you are not attaching anything else, it looks like you may have discovered a bug! Can you send me a copy of the outfit in-world just so I can double check the settings on the outfit? Simply drag/drop the items onto my profile. To do this, copy/paste this link into chat, then click it and open my profile: secondlife:///app/agent/796b1537-70d8-497d-934e-0abcc2a60050/about Sending me a copy is optional, but I check what the bug is and pin-point some things about it, as well as place a convenient copy of it for Linden Lab to quickly access. If you feel uncomfortable sending me a copy, you can skip that step and directly report it to Linden Lab by going to https://jira.secondlife.com/ and creating a bug report there.
  6. Chaser Zaks

    Sex Offenders on SL

    To answer your question: Second Life is, effectively, a game, as far as the U.S. Federal Law is concerned. Some people who are registered sex offenders are not allowed on the internet, but others are. In this case, he is likely permitted on the internet. If he would not be required to reveal such information on, per say, Steam, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, etc, or social media, he isn't required to do so on Second Life. Now, while I cannot judge how he was acting because of lack of information, take this as a blanket cover message: Some people get wrongfully convicted and their life ruined. Not all people who are labeled "sex offender" had been labeled fairly. I am not saying all sex offenders should be trusted by default, what I am saying is, you may not get the full story. Some people are falsefully accused of rape, others may have been accused of pedophilia by disgruntled parents(EG: Teenagers dating, both under 18, one turns 18, parents file a report about this because they don't like who their child is dating), etc. While I heavily dislike those who actually raped or committed pedophilia as those affect the victim for a life time, it is important to look at the full picture than a single word just in case. In this example case, they may be using Second Life as a second chance at life as many others do whom may have disabilities or intense germaphobia(me). Labeling them or forcing them to label themselves would be wrong in this case, at least in my opinion. It is important to note that some people even share names, I remember when my Mom found a article saying she died, but it was someone over on the other side of the United States. In which case, you may even have the wrong person. This is why taking matters into your own hands and labeling them out in public would be bad. The best course of action here is to let Linden Lab be the judge. Send in a AR or support ticket about this. Ask if they can investigate it, Do not send names, they cannot use these, they will use supplied names by the user during signup. They will investigate the issue and decide the best course of action. If he is found to be violating the law, Linden Lab will notify the authorities with the proper evidence. Notifying the authorities yourself will only cause problems for you, Linden Lab(as warrants may be issued and they have to dig through stuff) and the authorities as they try to gather evidence.
  7. Chaser Zaks

    2 Step Authentication?

    As someone who actively advocates and encourages two factor authentication, I would like to point out the following: Two factor authentication is optional. No one is required to use it, but it provide extra layer of security for those who do want to use it. Two factor authentication, when programmed right, isn't always needed to be entered. Take Guild Wars 2 for example, I have 2FA set up on it, but it rarely asks for authentication because it has fingerprinted my device on what is normal. (Hense, three modes: No 2FA, Light 2FA(Fingerprinting), Strict 2FA(Always ask)). Two factor authentication is actually a lot easier than people make it out to be, you install a app(such as Google Authenticator), scan a QR code, and voila 2FA is set up! Number based 2FA isn't the only option. There is a physical 2FA that you plug into your computer and it does the authentication for you. You can also use SMS should you choose.
  8. Chaser Zaks

    LL advertising private businesses in their blog?

    Uber is a region in Second Life. The purpose of linking these is to give credit to content creators. It isn't a advertisement, but more of a "end of the movie credits" thing.
  9. Chaser Zaks

    automatically assigns maturity A

    Hello! After inspecting the product, the word that is triggering the false rating is the word "FFK" in "FFK papillon- Garb Frida". You can choose to either remove this word or bring it up on the Jira for Linden Lab to see if they can whitelist the word. If you wish to see if Linden Lab can whitelist it, please go to https://jira.secondlife.com/ and create a issue there. Hope this helps!
  10. Chaser Zaks

    Does anyone build with prims anymore

    I still build with prims all the time, they have great uses that mesh cannot compete with(or competes equally except the fact prims are free). Off the top of my head, prims beat mesh at the following: Prototyping Collision and collision fixes Script host boxes COG fixes(EG: making a prim in half and using it to have better collision than mesh with a weird triangle sticking out of it) Quick builds Sim surrounding terrain(With sculpts) Buildings(I've seen some that amazed me that they were actually prims instead of mesh) Nostalgia. I love me some old prim based avatars every now and then.
  11. Yes, that was a issue that should be reported to Linden Lab. What I am referring to is the "morals" part of the discussion.
  12. I don't want to pick sides in this argument because I'm not entirely sure what the argument is about but I think I get the gist of it, so I just want to leave two points here: Consent plays a role here, regardless of it being a bot or not, if they oppose to being on the pose ball, they'd get up(or log out and onto the official client provided it is RLV locked). You cannot harm polygons, they are mathematical equations. While I do heavily agree with the original issue of the Linden Home Covenant violation and not disabling "Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel" as it violates the "Closed doors" policy on moderate regions, what people do with their Second Life is their business provided it is within the Covenant of the estate they are on and Terms of Service, even if you disagree with it. The simple solution would be to A) Not cam on their private property(Which, in this case, wasn't a easy thing not to do provided the eyesore black box and encroaching) B) Block and ignore. Unless they are violating the Terms of Service(In which case you should AR the resident), there is no reason to encroach on someone's enjoyment of Second Life. As for "AR-bombing" I see being quoted, please do not do this. The support team reads and handles each abuse report that is sent into the report system. Adding duplicate abuse reports only clutters the report system and makes issues take longer to resolve.
  13. Went to see it myself to see the bots, only then noticed LL has already taken care of it, and the house as well! Poor busy Governance will need to log in and re-rez the house outside the parcel because it got deleted as well. D: Hopefully no one gets assigned that home while it isn't rezzed, that'll be a bit confusing for them!
  14. Some people are restrictive on who can be at their home in second life. Others, not so much. The way I see it, why go through all the effort to make a home look nice and stuff only to tell people "no go away i don't want you seeing my things". In real life this would be different (various reasons such as safety, no permission system, no auto return, etc. Bad game imo), but in second life everything is nice and don't have to worry about real life things. I for one welcome people to enjoy my home, even when I am there, as long as they follow the rules I set up I honestly do not mind. So to answer your questions: Can you enter someone's house and use their things?: Yes. Should you?: Depends, look at the parcel description or near the entrance, if it says visitors welcome, I'd say yes. If it says private property, then no. Otherwise ask the owner. Can you get banned?: Not from Second Life. However land owners may ban you from their parcel/house.
  15. Chaser Zaks

    Racism in Second Life?

    not sure who this is directed to but if it is directed towards anyone, yes because i like llamas and llamas are fluffy and i also like animals