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  1. Good morning, May I ask how I can see "save as preset" button on my camera control? I want to save the camera view I just set but it always goes back to previous one.
  2. I see. I have been with SL for a long time but never paid attention to these interesting changes. Thank you.
  3. I hope I am doing the right thing to enable my RL and SL in the same time zone. Thank you for your help.
  4. Thank both of your replies to your best understand of my question. It's appreciated. In combining of of your comments: 1. Correct. I should not need to offset hours because I was told that SLT and PDT is in the same timezone. But, the apparent time of day was different than my timezone when I click "about land, Environment, and come to the page". I might have made change which i can't recall. 2. I took photo of what was before and after I made adjustment on the Day Offset handle. 3. BEFORE: PDT 2:48 PM VS. 10:52 AM. 4. AFTER: PDT 2:51 PM VS. 2:10 AM afte
  5. Good afternoon, I searched "TimeZone" and your post came up. I know nothing about scripts. If you can, would you please help me? I think my question is pretty simple. How can I have my SLT the same as my RL time, Pacific Stand Time? I always get dark, night, hours. When I changed the setting under "Environment" it gives me one fixed time and never changed. I don't recall I had to change timezone or anything when I was at the old Theme. It probably only happened when I started with Bellisserie. (I apologize if I post my question in the wrong thread.)
  6. I received an email from LL support regarding my question but said "noreply" on the address line.... So I retrieved my original submission thru this channel. I should though about it before I hit send. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  7. I replied to your email.
  8. I cleared the view. Now I can see the little pond behind my backyard. Thank you, iBrat!!!
  9. Let me search how to use Firestorm and see if I can proceed with the rest of steps. Thank you so much, iBrat!
  10. There is a Linden Tree, LH-LogHomes - Tree - Pine2 Med Broad - light - V2.0, which blocked the view of a small pond. Would you please show me the steps to remove it? Thank you in advance.
  11. ahhh... I misunderstand the message. Yes, I do know the changing type of house. I was thinking about changing house locations without abandon existing house.... My bad. Thank you for the explanation.
  12. Would you please elaborate on “change” the house on the spot? I didn’t know and have no idea how to do it? Also where are the special lands to make change?
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