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  1. I might as well do this one. *ahem* Greetings and salutations! I'm Charlotte Whimsy (formerly Lethe Soldumaagh, and even more formerly Lenora Firesong lol). I am a proud SL resident who generally goes back and forth between the fairy and steam realms, and everything in between. I (speaking as my typist) have been on and off of Second Life since 2011. This account has only been here since Aug 2017. Full disclosure, I burned my previous account because of a shameful love triangle I was involved in. I'm never doing that again, lol. I am in a much better place now mentally. I frequent Th
  2. Yay, another medieval girl in here! Pleasure to meet you!
  3. lol It's beyond me how I managed to do it myself! I was tweaking one of my bodies and it came out looking like this. I'm really happy with it. Thank you.
  4. Yes! I agree that she is a talented photographer. I feel like she has a mindset where she thinks everyone is out to get her or something. Some people are petty enough to not "like" something out of spite. Those people's opinions don't matter though. And as soon as she figures that out, she might be a-okay. Life is really nice when you just go about your business. I don't care how talented or beautiful someone is. If they got a crappy attitude like that, I don't like them. But if they do happen to post something I resonate with, I will like that post. It's not a hard concept.
  5. Headed for the Fantasy Faire soon! This is my low lag outfit.
  6. lol I'm fairly certain my ex was a stereotypical Neanderthal! All jokes aside, he needs some serious development, and I'm very fascinated with the different Homo species. You will definitely see more pics of me in historic settings and costume. I love this stuff. That's one of the main things I use SL for, is to pretend like it's the Middle Ages, and I'm a forest nymph.
  7. I can't speak for everyone, but your picture doesn't resonate with me, therefore I didn't "like" it. That's all. And if you're worried about people not liking you, have you tried changing your attitude? You seem kind of toxic, from my brief interactions with you. Maybe do some meditating. Let go of some things, it's really freeing.
  8. I love the period of history after the collapse of Rome where you see all these chiefdoms everywhere. It's like the storm of the Roman empire was over and there was a period of strange calm afterwards. I like how "quiet" things seem for a few centuries. Honestly, I love all of European history, especially prehistory though. Like when we were mating with the Neanderthals, kind of prehistory. I love the different cultures that popped up here and there, and the art that came out of it. Now, this isn't European, but it's my top favorite cave painting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cueva_de_las_Man
  9. I was actually going for the Saxon look. I do have a few Viking dresses in my inventory but I saw this in a gacha at Sweet Kajira and was like, yeah. I'm about to spend dummy lindens on this.
  10. I'm sorry that that's your observation. I hope things start looking up for you.
  11. I don't know about that, man. I haven't been on these forums very long and I think I got quite a few likes on my picture here from plenty of people who I don't know and they don't know me. I don't even pay attention to who is posting their pictures unless the picture in question blows me away. If I like a picture/post, I'm going to "like" it. If I don't like it or am simply indifferent to it, I will simply scroll by. And I'd venture to guess that everyone else more or less does the same thing. And as someone else mentioned, this isn't about the quality of photographs. The question was asked: "
  12. That happened to me during one of the boat parades in Bellisseria! lol I crossed a border, my boat was returned to lost & found, and I was neatly placed at 0,0,0 for a minute.
  13. I'm going to agree with everyone else here, I love this version a lot. The PS version is very nice, but I really, really love what you've got going on here in the raw version. You are very talented! Can I actually use this one in a photo frame for my apartment? I'll pay you if that's a problem, you know, with rights and all that. But this is one of those SL photographs that really speak to me. Also, do you display your photography anywhere like a gallery? I just scrolled up and saw your Flickr. Followed. Sorry if I'm obsessing, this is amazing to me. Absolutely stunning. Bravo!
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