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  1. Oh gosh - it sounds like you had an eventful Wednesday. Good luck tomorrow! I haven't kept up with what's happening - but I take it no improvements have been made to the process. *sighs*
  2. Just checking in to see how everyone is doing? Did we all get homes? Based on the reduction in venting - I'm hoping so. *fingers crossed*
  3. Nope....I'm not gonna say what I'm thinking. I want credit for holding my tongue.
  4. I think this would be a workable option. Not ideal - but something to relieve the frustration. i think this is what @WillowTenage had in mind originally. I left it off the list I made in error - I was really only going by memory. To me this seems like a quick and easy win. I hope they consider it.
  5. These are terrific reasons to make linden homes available in the MP. I think folks have come up with a few compelling ideas here. Based on the numbers I'm seeing - if it might be years before many have the access to one of the new homes - I hope some of these ideas bubble up to discussion points with the LL decision makers. To highlight a few: Make linden homes available in the MP Provide temporary mainland space available to premium members and allow them to own 2 linden spaces for a 24 hour period Provide an extra stipend to premium members who don't don't have a new ho
  6. Yet another interesting suggestion. I would pair it with making the new linden homes available in the MP so that people could fiddle with them in these temporary areas until adequate inventory is available in Bellissari.
  7. It's not right. You don't have to feel alone - there are a lot of people in the same boat. I'm seeing some really interesting ideas and we all know LL pays attention - maybe something will happen that improves the situation soon.
  8. Waiting until the feeding frenzy dies down seems like a good approach to me. Just like those who say they will cancel the premium membership if they can't get a new linden home, holding off on paying for the premium membership is a way to kind of vote with your money. It's really great to hear from people making that choice. Sometimes, a process takes as long as it takes and there's no way to add to the team to make it go faster. Nine women can't have a baby in one month - LOL. I'm not sure if Bellissari building is such a problem. It would be great - though likely expensive - if L
  9. I think a sandbox where people can fiddle with options is a pretty good option. Are the traditional houses and houseboats available on the MP? If not, maybe LL could make them available so that users could work through some design options even in existing sandboxes.
  10. Hmmm... I agree with increasing the stipend for everyone except Bellissari residents. I would think they could easily query premium members assigned to Bellissari and exclude us from the extra stipend. If everyone has the same stipend - it may still seem unfair to those who can't get a new home. Interesting ideas
  11. Oh - it's a friendly suggestion now. Okay. My head and I are in good standing - but imagine the worst if it appeals to you.
  12. That's an interesting suggestion - one I haven't heard before. Maybe LL should consider offering an additional stipend to those who are waiting longer than expected for new homes due to the high demand. Even a small increase while you wait would be a nice gesture. There are pitfalls here - because not all premium members WANT a linden home. Maybe LL could offer either a stipend or a home. I'm sure these options might be provocative - and I certainly haven't thought this through beyond reviewing your message. However, I applaud all new ideas that might ease the frustration of this releas
  13. My post was as elementary as I could make it. Either you get it or you don't.
  14. Or... perhaps someone doesn't know how to express an opinion. Both "Keep it positive" and "Try to keep it positive" are instructive. Really, I'm not intentionally giving you a hard time - I agree with most of what you said. There's just been a lot of people telling folks who are venting how to act and how to handle their frustrations. I don't believe you're trying to do the same.
  15. I'd really like to see LL's project plan - because you're right, and those numbers mean a LOT of members are going to be under-served.
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