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  1. We're looking for a payment script for a payment box with individual prim buttons...like a sign will say $100 and we need a payment script in that one button/prim for 100 payment, $200, $300 and so on. Does anyone know where that would be and how to find one? Thanks for any help.
  2. Thank you all but wow Christhiana, I read that and it makes absolutely no sense. There are Brendens and Rileys we've seen and a Heaven too. There are lots of them. Thanks everybody.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to post but we have avatars named Brenden following us. They come to our store and then odd places where we are. This started before I was with my husband/partner. How can someone follow you to sims you are visiting? None in particular just random places we visit. This has been going on a while. When we ban one from store land, another will come and just enter the region and leave. Don't think they're bots but does anyone have this problem. Brendens love us! Also these avatars are around (7 years 6 months; 2741 days) the only thing that differs is the last name and the days, they are a few days apart.. They are tracking ip's is what it is. Is this legal and how can this be stopped? They're not saying a word just coming and leaving. A female with the same birthdates did too so there's more than just that name. Makes no sense and not sure what can be done. Now there are Riley's Brendens and a Heaven too.
  4. Am searching for a script to use for our Zooby pets. Years ago I thought there was something like this but cant' find it anymore. I want to put the food, bones, wash, pads in an object and then click it and get the different things. Used to be something you could name your blue buttons, so if I click "wash" "food" etc. it gives me one or 2 at a time. I have gotten recent giver scripts but 1 gives me one object only 1 time and the other keeps giving them to me and not stopping at 1 or 2. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  5. Looking for men's mesh kits for Slink, or any other Mesh bodies Besides Underground, does anyone have any ideas about full perm mesh men's objects? Any help will be appreciated!
  6. My guy has a Slink Phsyique body with a new skin but wants to keep his old skin for his head and face...Its almost the same color but not blended well. I have looked on MP for any kind of blender that could blend his neckline....I need something that you can add your own texture too, maybe a skin shade texture he has made...but only shows up around the neck of a messh body with a system head. Any suggestions would be helpful..I've found a neck blender on line but it won't work. Please help!
  7. Looking for an Omega applier for Male Body Hair. I can't find any Omega's just Slink. Thanks for any help.
  8. Still looking for a scripter for a media project. Must be familiar with php and media in sl. SL has switched to html5 and flash and someone is needed in the media system to place our urls in the about land so the media plays off of the sl browser and bypass quiucktime. Please message me and I will forward your name and info to the owner and she will contact you immediately. Thanks!
  9. Good, reliable Scripter needed for a huge project in SL. Need a reliable person with the time. Please message me in-world for more details. Thanks!
  10. Could anyone advise me on how to make a nail hud for slink, maitreya, bellez, etc. in world? I can't figure out how to make the textures and/or the hud? Thanks for any advice and help!
  11. Just the shape and for the face, not sure it will even work.
  12. I recently got one of the new mesh bodies. My skin is old, the store is no longer in world just on MP and the creator hasn't done any type of appliers other than the hands/feet for slink which I got a few years ago. I changed skins and of course each skin makes the shape look different. I am used to my face and have been trying to get it close to what the other skin looks like. Does anyone know of a shape creator or shape custom helper I could contact to help me? Thanks!
  13. I take pictures of outfits for vendors in my store. Most of my photos turn out okay but when a dress looks big on a body or not as slim as it really is, how do you fix that? Even when I take the picture it looks fine but when I finish it and upload it, the dress is not as slim as it looks on the picture. I know it will have something to do with size, hope you understand my issue and any help is appreciated.
  14. Thank you Tazzie! I have the slink kit and have just made the shoes but never the clothing ones. I will look more into it and see what I can find and understand. Hopefully it won't be as hard as it looks. Thank you again
  15. Hi there, was wanting to start making some applies to go with my clothing I have for sale... Can anyone help me in what is the most popular ones..... and also is there help on how to make these? Thanks for any help!
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