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  1. Certainly able to have differing in-world and MP prices, seeing as a large percent of creators upsell on the MP to counter-act a chunk of the MP fees. Though, is that the same thing? It might be different. As for the SCALE of the discount/difference, I don't know.
  2. New Frontiers is a RP SciFi sim that allows furries, and have them written into the lore extensively. Humans and robots are very welcome too. I've not played there much PERSONALLY, but from a walk-around of the sim it's well-constructed. They have a Discord server, and forums. Wiki Forums SLURL It has a HUD for characters and in-game inventories, similar to what ROE had (that I know of, haven't played there extensively either) As for cliques and general RP enviroment, can't say. Too shy to put myself out there for that. Plenty of staff are on-sim typically, so that see
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