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  1. If the official viewer got rid of that awful "lets have all conversations in one window" mess and ditched web profiles then the main reasons for me not to use their client over others would vanish. There is a massive learning curve and sadly LL, despite having far greater access to resources than 3rd party viewer developers really dropped the ball by going for form over function.
  2. Your missing items may be part of a coalesced object in your lost & found - pop over to a sandbox, rez the lost & found contents and you may be lucky. Sadly though you are highly likely to have lost them as returning no copy items is notorious for them going into the ether. Ideally you should have sorted out the land parcel, cleared up up BEFORE putting it for sale but hindsight is not of any use.
  3. Way to go spam posting adverts in forums that have no relation to the content you posted.
  4. Probably should try posting this in https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/ as it is not really role-play related (its a job ad). Also maybe post some real SL pics of the place instead of those other ones you have decided to use?
  5. It's harsh I know but the only way to "avoid" this is to grow a thick skin, never respond to the suspected alt of the stalker, block them and just get on with your Second Life. Any attention you give them - talking about them to others - heck even getting a friend to post about it on the forums - just gives the crazy person what they want. Starve them of attention - they will get bored.
  6. Anyone who "demands" to know/see real life information before they are willing to get to know you and build trust is not worth the effort of dealing with. Nobody has the right to know anything about me or anyone else that they do not wish to share and if they can't comprehend what privacy means then I'm glad not to know them.
  7. Folks that's what was showing when I did my land search a month ago - look at the date.
  8. Yes there is indeed a way to force disclosure and it is the way that the designers are following - go to court. The legal teams will get all the info. It is also expensive which is why most people just roll over and play dead when a rogue DMCA is served as the "appeals" process is stacked against you.
  9. Some want no sex in SL Some want no kids in SL Some want no furries in SL Some want no fees in SL Some want <insert topic here> in SL People are people - some want one thing whilst others want something else. None of them are wrong to want what they want but at the same time none of them are right to assume that is how it should be for everyone.
  10. Premium is worth it for me - no rental to pay and worry that the landlord will kick you out and do a runner. The new Linden homes are really well thought out and landscaped. The stipend is a welcome bonus. I factored in the stipend and my premium land and it was cheaper for me to be premium than rent based upon L$ per land impact - I doubt that this has changed,
  11. The tips you refer to are produced on the loading screen and teleport screens. You can disable both those screens within the preferences options but to be honest sometimes you will find the tips to be really quite useful.
  12. Sadly, with the internet meme as so-called "fair-usage" a great many have little if any understanding of copyright laws in their country let alone the international arena. Bottom line is unless you created it or it is in the public domain then it should not be uploaded. Sadly the enforcement of such theft can only be done by resorting to filing a DMCA take down request which is of course a USA process and so probably not going to happen for a great many creative individuals who reside elsewhere.
  13. Well I have been told that I need to have an alt..... Long story short - for some reason the single sign on system used by LL cannot cope with this account and the JIRA. The fix is "longer term" so in the meantime the workaround advised by LL themselves was to create an alt simply for JIRA purposes. I'm somewhat reluctant to do so - I mean I do have certain standards and even if they are for JIRA purposes only they need to dress well and look good!
  14. I played around with the EEP project viewer several times over the past one and a half years and have to say I have been looking forward to it making it into the mainstream as the pros of it far outweigh the cons. Yes some items well look strange because the creator had used material settings that under the new system have far too much reflections on them - that's not a problem with EEP though really. Many designers joined on materials bandwagon without really understanding what the impacts of those settings actually mean under various lighting conditions - a good many avatars in SL look very plastic so I guess a lot of end users just whack up the settings without knowing what it means because they do not even have advanced lighting enabled. EEP is as big a change (if not more so) than windlight was - and there were loads of people who foresaw the demise of the world due to windlight 😀 What I would encourage though is for changes like these for people to actually download the project viewers whilst it is still a project viewer and test.
  15. Like Alwin said it changes automagically (and has here) - in world you can see some references to your old name still though. I found that on redelivery things (web based) which I guess do not update the avatar name to uuid very often or it is just some SL scripting thing. In any event all references to your old name should vanish within 24 hours.
  16. They do this on the mistaken belief that this prevents people from making illegal copies of them. if you go to a sandbox that has no scripts then you can get around the inability to Rez the item.
  17. I was my RL name here in SL for a number of years as I did "work" things - ok it had the Resident bit tacked on to the end but that's why we got display names. I changed it to Jon Nova, which is very similar to my RL name but I didn't really get on with it so I changed it again - yep fool and money easily parted. I went for an alliterate name on purpose as it sounds better and the name itself will (hopefully) fit in well to some medieval fantasy RP.
  18. You need to use whatever alpha applier hud works with your body to hide the bits of the body they poke through. Would have looked the same even without a BOM skin as bits of the body mesh poke through.
  19. Works for me on MacOS and Safari Oops never mind - I see this is not about the dark mode theme but instead about a dark mode extension to Chrome
  20. This is as bare faced as I get - I aint plucking my eyebrows or eyelashes.
  21. As with all "inspired by" theme role-play make sure you read up on the http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Intellectual_Property as several RP themed places have fallen foul of them in the past and vanished.
  22. My first goal in SL was to get rich - that did not last long as I don't have the creative spark. My second goal in SL was to stick to a monthly budget in buying L$ - that worked pretty well until mesh arrived on the scene. My third goal in SL is my current one - to get out and about when I am trapped in my home thanks to this ongoing pandemic and also a wonky leg that makes walking for a period of time painful. Explore the great designs of buildings and landscapes. Chat with the small circle of friends. Sail the open seas. Stay well away from any hint of romantic entanglements.
  23. True love in SL is rarer than true love in RL. If you really want that sort of connection you need to head on outside (when allowed) and hit the dating places.
  24. My opinion on this long running saga is to simply assume that everyone has at least one alt and they get up to all sorts of stuff with them. I don't care and I don't ask either. If anyone is really concerned then they just need to ask "Do you have any alts" if they don't like the reply (which may vary from "Mind your own business" to "Of course") then that's their problem - not the person with the alts. If someone assumes that another person has alts but has not asked them and wants to find out if they have alts then ask them! Don't become that crazy person.
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