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  1. I put the script in a prim and nothing but syntaxerror -- what more do I need to do?
  2. EEP out and a robot voice talks. BOM came out and the featured video was a Kawaii voice (so I was told- I didn't get it any of that video). I get, and appreciate, the Linden teams worked long and hard to produce these features but why "get cute" at the very end and make the Intros hard to understand? I am a native english speaker, I can only imagine how hard it must be for ESL residents. Same approach as making fun of the phrase "Premium Plus" verbally in a chat video. Why try to "be a cool kid" why not make these cool things and intro them so we can understand them? That would be truly cool.
  3. Not sure what recent changes were designed to do but crashing few times a day now- hardly ever - like once a year before, getting sudden log outs and rezzing is gray for a long time.
  4. Hi DAT4BASE-- Are you giving birth to the NC you send or grabbing them from inventory --from a store ---erasing it and sending it to the store owner who made the product you bought without signing your name? They may be replying to the original NC author- who is really confused. Not insulting you but MANY shop owners recycle NC s of their own , drives me nuts- can't tell if the sale is now or WAS in 2014. If 15/15 NCs not getting answered something is wrong , and how do you deliver the cards- open profile and slide to an IM chat box or the give inventory slot in the profile? Both work. I like IM box since it gives a message that is saved in logs .
  5. How can your new landlord make her/his tier at $100 a week? How long can that last , unless a hobby
  6. Was the hoodie a BOM? Did he need an alpha for the tee shirt? (When his RL neighbors see the tee shirt- do they think , a new little blue pill? ...... it sounds medicine-y)
  7. You can't deduct accounting costs anymore on an individual return as I read it, check if you may be able to on your business return. Take all your costs and revenues to an accountant who understands internet businesses. My understanding is once a Linden becomes a dollar, whether or not PayPal is involved, it reenters the real taxable world , but that's only the income side of the balance sheet-- you need to have your expenses offset it. Like tier - your tenants pay you say $30,000 cashed out but you pay Linden let's say $28,000 tier--- $2000 is the profit BUT you bought terrains, trees, etc. to help offset . Schools should teach basic accounting, this thread makes me sad.
  8. as are you to me, so no audits of my posts needed, thank you. Save your time.
  9. If LL wants to save mainland as a viable place , dump the nightmare group tier thing. Take the income hit and drop the discount/surcharge option- build it in so that when you sell/transfer parcels you don't go nuts. Let people donate tier to a group but that fear of getting nailed with penalties when you want to buy new and and sell the old has to end. Imagine how great it would be to see a nice parcel- buy it - and know the actual cost, then sell the old at your leisure and know the return and not have to do more math and deeding this to that -worse than doing taxes, while drunk.
  10. And he wanted the traffic numbers to increase his sale of gacha retreads
  11. Funny people are called "they" when not agreed with , as if they all are the monolith thinkers. Each person is that , one. It is when you clump them and ignore their individualism you end up in very dark places. The mob frenzy is scary.
  12. Main channel regions I saw rebooted this week were not at or over 10 days from last reboot.
  13. Confused, says "No Roll" for SL server regions, but they did on Tuesday...........
  14. "Ebbe: How's the Name project? Been a month Moneygrub Linden: We sold one! Sansar-resident! Ebbe : Brilliant. Moneygrb Linden: H/h/t card was declined"
  15. An unfinished turret? I never see those in RL Victorian homes. Thanks for the "feature" but having matching walls matters.
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