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  1. Don't understand a lot of these tech terms-- bottomline, do the changes Apple is making mean SL won't run in a functional manner on new MBP now and in the future ?
  2. 17 hours down, twice in a month, is Linden satisfied that this is an acceptable standard? No improvement needed?
  3. Which they'll be losing if they aren't providing what they sell. Grid is in a good tread water position right now , COVID SIP sadly helping. But when you want your region and can't get it for 17 hours--there is a whole planet of leisure options that ARE running 24/7.
  4. I get having to wait a day for name change support issue etc but regions being down for 17 hours with no recourse at all is a non-starter. Why pay for land if you are on when the Lab doesn't staff? I thought AWS was a wonderful concept-that's why they bought into it-- can't an off-hours support person just flip an off line region to a crispy new one from AWS? Linden doesn't own the servers so why should we wait for what-- AWS staff to look at the box on their shelf? Wiggle the wires? Linden shouldn't care about the server equipment- just that they are providing what they are g
  5. The thread about regions disappearing was locked , with no answer/update - nothing showing on the Grid status page - we had regions down for 12 + hours earlier this week. Where's transparency? The region has no clothes.
  6. Nice theory but regions that had been rebooted in last 12 hours and had only been at 6 days from last reboot before *that *went down for over an hour. Why the long down time if no new code?
  7. Where are the Deploy schedules for main/release regions listed for week 12/28/20 ? I had thought the Lab was on holiday break but see regions red marked offline now .
  8. Well yours can be the "party" house? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMjUyI8_G2Y
  9. And Linden bought the Windlight people, remember Pastrami Linden and his frying pan? Took what 10 years for some EEP project, not sure if even done yet.
  10. "It will be like Second Life, only better." Oh, sorry that was the Sansar intro comment . Post buy out by guys who want revenue/big cash out- yeah they'll figure out a way to monetize. Maybe non-premiums have to click through an ad for Prep-H (sitting on your butt all day RPing, couldn't hurt ) etc. Free accounts can have a great leisure time- even a business . But when they start messing with alts--- what other business has side accounts ? If the money guys don't understand alts, good luck.
  11. Confused if the graphics box above is a suggestion as those numbers would drag down my new laptop. If you're moving around I'd go basic shader and uncheck atmo and ambi shaders, max complex at 20k unless you need to see a person, 1 max avatar vs 16. Uncheck anis filtering and particles can go higher. If you are in a place for a while , you can drop draw and see how much more settings you can slide up into.
  12. I put the script in a prim and nothing but syntaxerror -- what more do I need to do?
  13. EEP out and a robot voice talks. BOM came out and the featured video was a Kawaii voice (so I was told- I didn't get it any of that video). I get, and appreciate, the Linden teams worked long and hard to produce these features but why "get cute" at the very end and make the Intros hard to understand? I am a native english speaker, I can only imagine how hard it must be for ESL residents. Same approach as making fun of the phrase "Premium Plus" verbally in a chat video. Why try to "be a cool kid" why not make these cool things and intro them so we can understand them?
  14. Not sure what recent changes were designed to do but crashing few times a day now- hardly ever - like once a year before, getting sudden log outs and rezzing is gray for a long time.
  15. Hi DAT4BASE-- Are you giving birth to the NC you send or grabbing them from inventory --from a store ---erasing it and sending it to the store owner who made the product you bought without signing your name? They may be replying to the original NC author- who is really confused. Not insulting you but MANY shop owners recycle NC s of their own , drives me nuts- can't tell if the sale is now or WAS in 2014. If 15/15 NCs not getting answered something is wrong , and how do you deliver the cards- open profile and slide to an IM chat box or the give inventory slot in the profile? Bo
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