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  1. Features, nothing more than features, Trying to forget my version of yore. Teardrops rolling down on my face, Trying to forget my version of yore. Features, for all my (Second)life I'll feel it. I wish I've never met you, 19.06 ; you'll never come again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtRJzDI7low
  2. Take away : "I'm special." "No I'm special" Let's demand RL tax forms to see how painful Premium tier is to pay, then we'll set up a UN like committee to vet the claims. Next, "special people get secret special info because they are SPECIAL" In case you missed it, SPECIAL. But secret SPECIAL.
  3. Official website Blog post; Entry posted by Linden Lab · July 9 1,773 views 7/10 Update - For those who can't join us for the inworld event, we will be providing a video and transcript soon after the live event. Instead the Lab closed the "Official Tilia Q&A Forum Thread "referred people to a non-official blog for the promised transcript (waves at legal and waves at the ADA compliance department) , tucks Soft Linden's comments deep in a different blog heading and doesn't wrap it up in an official website blog banner pointing CUSTOMERS to all the places you corporately decided to wrap this issue up so that the average customer who doesn't dig around can find out what happened. With all respect, the tin ear is full view here. You should never get, um, "fatigued", to finish an issue in an easily accessible manner to the average CLIENT who just looks at the website. Just because whomever at the Lab got bored and moved on doesn't mean you should as a company just leave an important topic like bits of debris scattered around the place. It would not take much.
  4. LEA closing. Makes tribute: Terraforms a large white expanse of white water, rezzes a grand piano, sets some birds in flight, writes poem 'pain pain pain'
  5. I guess fatigue got the Lab too. Town Hall was a week ago and no minutes. Which just drags this out. When they publish the Forum wheels will start up again. Reminds me of the Netflix Quikster debacle in this classic video. Two guys who couldn't look more uncomfortable- did marketing corner them sneaking out through the parking lot? "Hurry Reed, we'll take your Porsche." Noted for the shirt that matches Reed's eyes, the setting - out by the back door garbage cans with freeway noise and of course, that Quikster died before we could get the tee shirt.
  6. If you are in arrears paying your land tier (think full regions that maybe allowed to coast for a while due to illness, or credit card info snafus), Tilia isn't a get out of debt card. For inactivity fees max is balance but if you owe a past due debt -you owe.
  7. https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/11/willy-wonka-chocolate-factory-star-denise-nickerson-dies-aged-62-10173045/ Sadly, the actress who played Violet Beauregarde just passed. Have some blueberries in her honor and follow the advise of the Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-da If you're not greedy, you will go far You will live in happiness too Like the Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do
  8. Worried I have to set up a Tulia "account" when I don't cash out in case the State or Feds subpoena a list of Tulia accounts and ask me in a tax seeking frenzy to prove I never cashed out, I mean I did open a "cash out" account? And am very unclear where what page or box we must access every year to stay active. Or is the main dashboard enough - or do I have to click some certain account page. Would "my mainland" be enough?
  9. Look at the way Tilia is being introduced and explained. Days and days of people grinding questions. Name one other company that behaves this way- about basic changes to business issues. Not debating the tech merits of one type of mesh vs. another. As previously stated, my "beef" is STYLE not content. (BTW-Nice commercial Nalates).
  10. I shall change my approach then and come for the amuse bouche https://www.istockphoto.com/photos/amuse-bouche?license=rf&assettype=image&mediatype=photography&phrase=amuse bouche&sort=mostpopular
  11. Because you are the be all? "need" Nope, you missed the dock, my issue is the style Linden is doing things not message content. Tired of the half baked deliveries.
  12. I'm getting tired of this style myself--- great new Linden homes -but not enough for months, years premium rate increase cash out fee increase slight tempering of above with non premium groups and 3 mo premium staying the same badly explained Tilia roll-out Second Life is getting to be like shopping for cable and a cell phone provider. On two lines at the same time. It's supposed to be fun, smooth easy. For most of us SL is LEISURE. I want to eyeball the blog and go "ok." Tired of the Forum clusters while we work through the maze of unanswered ,partially answered questions. It is tiring. TIRING. Why don't they have internal resident ,creator focus groups, anticipate the sticking points and either change or explain them . Finally, introduce a polished product. Right off. Like most 16 year old companies do. Thanks.
  13. if you use any website they can collect ISP, ban your alt- collect -compare-sell info. Not saying whatever this company is does that but I never go to a website. No club worth that.
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