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  1. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-24

    Are the main channels being restarted today also? They aren't on the original list but on the maintenance list today .....
  2. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-04-10

    Any chance the planned reboots can be posted- like they were in the old system so we'll know when the next full grid reboots will occur-- makes planning hunts, events easier for residents, What is going to happen this week isn't even up.
  3. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-03-13

    Hi- can the deploy schedule be broken off in a nice box on the side bar ,like in the old forum, so that we don't have to a) scroll down to look b) have to open more screens ?
  4. Check out the Place Pages Beta!

    Not specific to this issue but WHY are the posters profile photos on the left designed so that 80% or more of the names not visible but blotted out by the graphic? Why can't the avatar/poster name be black against white on top or bottom of the visual?
  5. Google maps for auction locations -really?

    I'm a JIRA noob but looks like it was closed. I don't see a duplicate . So that's that I guess. I've stopped auction shopping .
  6. I'm seeing , blank, Google maps in the auction map ??? So, will they include flying instructions too? "Bank left at Bay City -- lower to 4 m and come in for a landing " Or is SL land really real?
  7. Traveling through SL with weekly rentals

    Please let every landlord know you are just there for a week. Their rental system may hold the parcel for a few days grace period if you don't pay by the seventh day. Aside from their set-up time for a one week rental, you don't want to cost them unpaid rent.
  8. Second Life questions A Money Fraud and Spam in group chat Tired of seeing same messages from different avatars 1) trying /succeeding to steal accounts 2) and violate the TOS with spam for junky yard sales in group chat --we've been stuck with new/higher group fees or no group chat just so a tiny handful of jerks can peddle their secondhand junk. Can you block 1) that link /all links with word "altervista "in it 2) block an LM to yard sales that are the locations that illegally advertise? ( block LMs to lands owned by that owner /group) . Banning those avatars would be first choice of course. B Inventory With mesh sizes and outfits inventory counts are climbing. While some people have tiny inventories others of us keep, shop, collect. Can we have tools inside inventory to manage it? . GREATLY appreciate the recent years inventory dependability-- items being lost forever WAY down. But having tools to streamline but keep existing items would be welcomed. [ Ideas: ways to remove duplicate textures and unmodded duplicate items ]
  9. Why not kill ban lines on mainland when no one who is allowed or owns the parcel is anywhere on the parcel? We can't steal things and it makes mainland miserable to fly over or have as next door neighbor . When an owner , group member or allowed person appears ---the bans would kick in .
  10. SL go is( until the 30th) wonderful. After years of seeing grey-- waiting for rezzing-- to actually see the world as it is-- skylines, vistas , looking down a street -- rooftops- weather vanes---seeing it all is wonderful. LL viewer was slow and awful -- FS on a tablet-- fantastic. Do yourself a favor before month end- -- set up an acct , get the app and see SL as it is. Unless you have a top of the line system you probably won't ever see the world like this again. Really hope Linden does something to fill in the void SL,go leaves - and soon.
  11. Premium perk nonsense

    I would like to receive. ALL my group notices. No rhyme or reason how why they fail.
  12. Share Your Educational Success Stories

    Forgive me for a related question, if your educational institution uses mainly Apple computers- do they work as seamlessly as using a PC ? I ask as there have been some issues recently where , for many users on macs performance has suffered ( chat lag bug etc). SL has brought so many educators together from all over the world. Just hoping all can use this platform equally , regardless of hardware.
  13. Skill Gaming Policy Thread

    Raffles are very regulated . Gives a short list of what all is involved.
  14. Skill Gaming Policy Thread

    I've seen and AR'd Raffles for a item. Pay say 10l to be one of a fixed amount of entries. No method of a free entry as required by , as I understand it CA law. Raffle was allowed to finish. Then same place had another - ARd . It finished Are these legal? No skill - pure gamble - will these continue to be allowed - to me I can't see why . And if never legal -- why no enforcement? I assume building contests that are free to enter and say costume contests at clubs that are free to enter are both allowed at their current locations . OR if these contests use a board that COULD be toggled to allow a pay to enter feature now have to be trashed. Is the game greedy is not allowed in a private home since it can be toggled to a pay game? Will Linden remove all these items from the grid automatically if not on a gaming sim?
  15. Apple OS X Lion Compatibility

    When will Mt Lion 10.8 be supported ?