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  1. I knew how to BUY my 1024 mainland, but how to SELL it to the one I want to have it? Once I mark it for sale... is it required to be for sale to ANYONE?
  2. I like the waterfalls on some Trompe houses, but can't find one of these houses ideal for my 1024. Does anyone else sell house with waterfall feature?
  3. All I see on LP last 4 hrs is Meadowbrook. I am logged in to both desktop and laptop, and have Auto Refresh set to 75 seconds on one and 80 on the other. Does Linden Labs frown on simultaneous logins running Auto Refresh? Wondering if that caused me to "hang" on Meadowbrook. Anyone know how that works?
  4. omg, Eirynne, I love your flair! I think I count 15 darlings. Will you please share where to get those gorgeous drapes?
  5. Thank you ever so much, Claireschen. I shall try as you suggest. 🙂
  6. Which sl tv is BEST? I have had sl tvs in distant past that worked great. Now they are broken. What tv is made to work in sl now?
  7. Is there a way (in ANY viewer) to see a list of Objects on my Linden home--- SORTED by Land Impact?
  8. Is there a way (in ANY viewer) to see a list Objects on my Linden home--- Sorted by Land Impact?
  9. Is there a way (in ANY viewer) to see a list Objects on my Linden home--- Sorted by Land Impact?
  10. Might be along these lines: I had a vic in Lantana and had to AR a griefer thing where a HUGE checkerboard covered what appeared to be the whole region - my yard and all properties around me including Protected land. The checkerboard had sick porn images in each square. As I tried to AR it, I saw the object properties as "Endless Checkerboard" with Owner listed as "TrumpImpeachmentTrial", but when tried to look up that resident - did not exist. this was some weeks ago, and I never saw it again after my AR. My point is maybe your ghost resident got booted out of sl by Lindens. I assumed that is what happened to my griefer.
  11. I did abandon my old Linden home a couple weeks back, but still cannot get a Houseboat (or Traditional either). How do we do that? All I see on the drop-down is choices for Meadowbrook, Tahoe, and the other two old-types. How do I get new-types to appear?
  12. Got my first Linden Home in early 2010. At that time, many of us got a TV where we could watch movies, sl channels (not youtube), etc -- all FREE. Then QuickTime started having issues about a year later, so many of us abandoned TVs in our Linden Homes. Anyone know if quality free TV in Linden Home will return?
  13. Main issue I am seeing with NEW Linden homes, both boats and traditionals is that your floor-space is tiny and cramped? Is one allowed to make skybox above these New Homes?
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