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  1. in any case an international service require one international language... actually the international language is the english... before it was french and much before it was latin. travelling in Asia required to bring a member of the jewish religion to speak to the local jewish that translated it in the local official language. I discoverd this in same old book but I do not remember wich one. so we need english as an international language and we need it is the same everywhere as it takes same time to learn it. you can translate the notecard with the rules with a translation service like google translate but it will not resolves the problem that you indicate: - there are same english speaking persons that are racists... they are racists - the other ones are not we should not talk to them as they where identical.... - there are same american people who are too much nationalists.... they are nationalists.... - there is same people who refuses to accept the peace in second life and refuses to combact in the combact areas... they use their sims as a trap and you are the bird - sort of maybe they tell you that is because you are a foreigner but they simply are criminals,... that try to hide themselves... their activity and so on there is a problem I am not sorry because my english it is not perfect and I do not worry to correct this post :-) 😂 my second life name is - free (libbberamente)
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