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  1. Don't worry, your... erm ... gabbling rights are still in place It's not just the EU that's regulating this, a bill to regulate lootboxes has been introduced to American Congress and apparently Australia is considering it too.
  2. I think it was from one of the glam affair skins made for it
  3. It's been said many times already, but no, Altamura isn't awfully popular among creators. The most well supported brands for females tend to be Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza (particularly Freya) and Slink, with some support for Tonic, Kemono, Signature Alice and Inithium. The legacy, signature and belleza bodies tend to be popular among male avatars. Altamura tends to get a lot of attention whenever they put out a free body or head, but people picking those up are usually alts, users who already have well supported bodies and intend to use this on the side, or people who don't care about having clothing support. I've seen some freebies for altamura at the Ajuda SL Brasil sim, if you want to take a look. Wow, this must have taken a lot of work! But it's very interesting and comprehensive, thanks for the info!
  4. I bought Maitreya purely because of their market share. I wasn't a fan of the shape but I just stuck with it. Now with Petite I'm much happier with the way it looks. I'm thinking of grabbing Legacy perky if it's ever on sale again, because its clothing suuport is slightly better than MPetite's. Then again I'm just partial to smaller chests, which I'm aware isn't always everyone's preference.
  5. That sounds interesting. I remember when I was into k-pop that I would prefer keychains or pins that showed the group's logo rather than their faces or names, because I was ashamed about what people would say if they knew I liked k-pop. I'd prefer something subtle like that for SL merch. Not so say that there's anything embarrassing about SL (maybe?), it'll just be fun for people to think it's a keychain of a cool eye and only users themselves to recognise it.
  6. Hmmm... to me, it looks less East Asian than before. Like everyone else is saying, the skin used makes a huge difference. Good luck finding the perfect look!
  7. I demo'd and it seems nice. Not my type of look but the HUD seems pretty good. I'm not really sure if now's the time to set it at such a price, with Genus and Lelutka both having sales.
  8. I found this to be pretty good https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AX-001-Basically-Girl-AO-Oracul-Animation-HUD/6008686 You have a lot of options for walks and stands, and I find them to be pretty natural looking Best part: It's free!
  9. I don't think the blinking animation button works at the moment for my babyface w001 either. But I recall Genus promising to fix the animations in their next update. Not sure when.
  10. Have you tried using a mood? Just click on the 'play' button, wait for a white border to go around it and it should work.
  11. There are an abundance of mesh bodies in SL, but not a lot of them for people who want petite avies (from my experience) I think Slink Petite needs clothes rigged specifically for it, not for Hourglass. And support for it is quite low. Maitreya petite is an add-on that, like Talligurl said, just changes your breast shape from the default maitreya one. If you're okay with not being petite 24/7, you could use maitreya with the petite add-on because clothing support for regular maitreya is very good. Petite requires clothing specifically rigged for it and it is gaining some support but not a lot. If you want to be petite 24/7 and if you can afford it, try going for Legacy Perky. It has a lot more clothing support for it than Maitreya petite and I think it works with clothing rigged specifically for it as well as clothing for the regular Legacy body. And as with every purchase in SL, always demo. I've seen some clothing claiming to be rigged for petite not fitting well when demo'd.
  12. Can't wait for updates! I'm so glad they were able to resolve this. I was starting to fear they'd never come back. if anyone's good with internet sleuthing, this seems to be the page of the dude who filed the fake DMCA.
  13. You could try joining the Lelutka group inworld, if you haven't already. Creators usually post in that group after making something that has appliers for the head.
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