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  1. How do you find the chat logs on your pc in first place?
  2. I am looking for a bot where can use for practice in poseball wrestling mats. I just got into the wrestling scene in SL and looking to learn the various mats by going through the animations and taking notes in a note book. There is a gym I do use, but since it is a public gym people will come in and challenge me to match while trying to take notes. I want something I can rezz in a private space and use without getting interrupted.
  3. Yeah Maitreya is what I see most often
  4. Cause I was gifted an Altamura skin then upgraded to a full version of the Jenny skin. When I go shopping, I see a bunch of other brands but hardly see any clothing for Altamura bodies.
  5. OK hitting the marketplace link at the bottom of this section works, finally. I was trying from the main page, going to shop-> Marketplace on Chrome. But as said the link on bottom page seems to fixed it
  6. I can not log into the marketplace. Everytime I try, it loops me back to the login section. I can not access Moderate or Adult categories in the pulldown menu.
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