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  1. So this came out Tldr Windows 7 going eol, LL is gonna stop testing for it, updates may not function as intended but just like with XP I imagine it’ll function for a pretty long time. That’s a whole other debate though I just want to gripe about this quote: Accordingly, Linden Lab is updating our system requirements to remove Windows 7 from the versions we support Which is uhh, ok fine. But how about you actually update the system requirements as a whole? If you’re gonna change that as to make sure users know what they can and can’t use to play, how about making the rest of that page relevant or factually correct at all? https://secondlife.com/support/system-requirements Some amazing mentions on that page include: “Cable OR DSL” as if it’s 2006. “CPU with SSE2 support” which means literally anything newer than a Pentium 4. Recommended resolution is 1024x768 or higher. The last 1024x768 display I ever used was probably over 15 years ago. ATI being mentioned at all considering they were bought by AMD in 2006. The list of video cards that don’t work with SL are all cards from the late 90’s and very early 2000’s and it should be pretty damn obvious if you’re still running your Voodoo 5 5500 that you can’t play anything remotely modern. Why even bother updating the page for Windows 7 going EOL if everything else on that page is equally as useless and misleading? Spend some time talking to your users or gathering hardware information and performance results to update that mess. Or even just look at the steam hardware surveys and dump some of that name changing money into ebay computer parts to test the most popular stuff yourself and find performance equivalents. It’s so out of touch with modern hardware that Hall and Oates are revising their song of the same name to be about it.
  2. Not really a viewer but a companion app was talked about. Something to chat, manage land and inventories maybe, but not like playing the game and moving about. Think of the features of a text based viewer like radeghast with a modern UI.
  3. Look up the warranty period on it and replace it well before then. The thing with the power supplies is that it’s the most crucial part of the system that needs to be the most reliable. Power supplies are the most common point of failure on any PC, and they have the ability to take other parts down with it. Hard drive or SSD dies, ehh that sucks, you lose your stuff, but everything else is fine. But a psu can go out quietly and just not turn on or it can pump 13 volts into your motherboard out of nowhere and vaporize the mosfets and take everything on the 12v rail with it, motherboard, cpu, gpu, etc Its the most common source of problems I’ve seen as someone who spends way too much time on computer tech forums. It’s just not worth the initial savings to buy a mediocre power supply, better offerings are not much more expensive and you don’t have to upgrade for a pretty long time. Consider the people who spent 150$ on an old Corsair HX series a decade ago, those were built nice and still usually hold spec pretty close if they weren’t too hot, and are perfectly usable today. However if you bought an EVGA 500B even 4 years ago, if it’s not dead by now it’s probably rippling like a choppy sea and is on the brink of death.
  4. I doubt it’s going to cause any problems for the time being, but it’s a psu that’s padded with most of its voltage on the 12v rail, meaning if you were to jump to a higher end processor, since a secondhand Ryzen 7 2700/1800x is dirt cheap these days, you’d be pushing some limits with how much current it can actually supply. Its far from a god awful psu but consider that if it was 2012 it would be a reasonable midrange option from a pure specs standpoint. It’s 2020, atx 2.4 may not have been the biggest change but these days the 60-80$ price range can get you 80+ gold rated stuff with 10 year warranties, ie Seasonic SSR, Corsair TXM, Cooler Master MWE Gold, etc The next upgrade I would presume would be a pretty substantial cpu upgrade in the coming year or two, with 4th gen Ryzen on the way I imagine something like an R7 2700, which is already super cheap, will only get cheaper and can be considered as a random toss in upgrade. For that you would want a psu with multiple 12v rails for the cpu and gpu rather than a single 12v rail covering everything.
  5. You would presumably know what is and isn’t normal compared to your greater social culture around you. A person may bathe in orange juice and clearly that’s abnormal, and anyone with more than 2 brain cells would learn pretty quick “hey, nobody else is bathing in orange juice and everyone I talk to about it thinks I’m nuts.”
  6. Did you grow up in a weird household, pick up a strange tradition or do you normally do something abnormal, and does it affect your second life? Plain and simple. Anything from the weird to the dysfunctional to if you use SL to escape. Share your story if you like. I come from an American family that had a very lax stance on nudity at home, nothing was encouraged but nothing was discouraged. There was a bit of drama in my early teens because I knew that it wasn’t normal, but it was a bit of a shock to learn from a school counselor exactly how uncommon that was specifically in the United States. But that’s a whole other story. As a result I tend to spend a lot of my time in SL in M rated nude communities, even if it’s not the focus for me being there, it’s nice to have people to talk to on a similar ground that understand that a lot better than most. My SecondLife avatar doesn’t need to do that but it’s something I naturally gravitated to as part of my own life. Any similar stories any of you might want to share are welcomed, what influences the way you play SL?
  7. The bios is not complicated, and nothing was written to the bios to get audio over HDMI, that’s a standard feature and has been since... I think Nvidia fermi refresh and amd following shortly after. The most common issue I’ve ever seen people have with APUs in systems with dgpus is that some programs will switch between the two and run passthrough via the gpu and it’s just a nightmare. I’ve seen SL do it before on vega apus where it seemingly randomly reconfigures itself to run the APU if it isn’t disabled. Its best just to make sure or at least ask them before it becomes a problem after an automatic driver update or whatever. I also wouldn’t trust that power supply further than I could throw it, atx 2.31, 80+ white and only on a technicality, swap that out for something decent before you upgrade any component in that system any time in the future, it’s not 2008 anymore. That’s all only partially a related matter however.
  8. You shouldn’t need to manage anything in the radeon control panel, most of it has no effect on older games like SL anyway. make sure your APU is disabled in the bios since you have the RX 580
  9. Ew, politics ok, here’s mine: -Anyone who crosses the any US border illegally should be shot on sight, men, women, children, dogs, don’t care. No prison expenditures, ammo is cheap. -However if you immigrate through the legal means we have in place, awesome, bring your food, I’m an American and I live to eat your food. -Farming families need to be tax exempt, they make almost nothing worth taxing and are vital to the US domestic economy. -Circumcision is genital mutilation and should be banned nationwide, ***** your religious tradition, and if you defend it as a choice you are advocating for the mutilation of infants and you should hang yourself promptly. -Nuclear power needs more funding, just overall, partially state run power to get rid of coal and oil burning power. -Michelle Obama’s healthy school meal plan didn’t make kids eat healthier, it made them not eat what they are served. Kids don’t like skim milk and vegetables, they need greasy pizza and chocolate 2%. -The next time anyone starts some crap in the Middle East, glass their city and be done with it. If they can still retaliate then glass it again. Not worth sending a single American soldier anywhere else in the world. -Speaking of which, cut ties with our ungrateful allies who can’t manage their own military and rely on the USA as the key player in NATO. When we struggled to keep our crap in Japan and South Korea managed well, both those nations picked up the slack automatically. We were not the dominant force, we were just help, as we should be. The UK and EU can honestly ***** off with expecting joint military funding from the US. -Israel, just leave. Let them genocide eachother and be done with it. We give them obscene amounts of money and weapons and get absolutely nothing in return but an ally who we essentially created, and who keeps shooting children in the desert. some other hot takes: -If you still use Facebook in 2020 you’re out of touch, nobody uses centralized social media anymore, get with the times grandma. -If your website has a popup that won’t let me see the content without disabling my ad blocker, I’m just going to flag it as an ad for my adblocker to block. -America is a nation of prudes, religion should never be allowed in politics, churches shouldn’t be tax exempt And with that I hope I either get forum banned so I don’t have to see these retarded posts ever again, or it’ll get the thread locked as being argumentative.
  10. “Maybe if I make my text big, people will care about what I have to say!”
  11. They probably put it into the one for non meats, I used to work at a Burger King and there’s a fryer for fish/chicken and one for just fries and onion rings. Specifically for the sake of vegetarians and vegans. However I can say that if their impossible whopper isn’t microwaved, then it goes through the same broiler as all the beef, meaning it’s in contact with beef a LOT. But I’m not certain, that was years ago, when their only vegan option was the terrible veggie burger that was microwaved
  12. Right here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/tardigrade/18160705
  13. I just cannot bring myself to eat fake meat, I value myself as top of the food chain, I would be insulting all the prior animals humanity as a whole had eaten if I ate an impossible burger. Now excuse me while I go to White Castle to eat a dozen tiny hamburgers for lunch.
  14. Google exists. And many of those things are extremely well documented. Its better to have the ability to edit your group policies than be stuck with whatever god awful configuration Microsoft sticks you with after an update gone wrong.
  15. 1) depends how you play, some people treat it as a second life, some play it as a social game 2) soon, hopefully, though not a massive deal 3) all social platforms took a hit with the rise of social media, SL stagnated but it’s still pretty popular 4) LL has done what they think was the best move, to mostly leave things to the users, and has done well with what input they do have 5) SL is expensive, but things like premium and advertisement fees don’t affect the majority of the users, the users who do use those features seem to be against the prices though 6) premium is pricy but nothing too crazy for any kind of virtual “membership” 7) it happens, just report and ignore, keep your irl and sl separated and it doesn’t matter much 8 ) SL as mentioned has stagnated, it doesn’t seem to grow much but it’s far from dying 9) clothes for furry avatars is a pain in the butt and every day I come closer to fully accepting ye olde furry cultural standard and just going bare fur, dear god are digitigrade pants impossible
  16. I will begin this decade right, hungover. im already trashed beyond belief, you have no idea how much autocorrect is working it’s magic right now
  17. the worst part is the movie Spielberg concept from the 90's when they wanted to do it animated, but there was this idea in hollywood that traditional media animation was dead rip
  18. Any RTX branded card is good for SL as that’s at minimum an RTX 2060 which is a pretty good performer. Obviously a 2070 or 2080 would be better but would offer pretty minimal steps up in performance for SL at least for a much higher price. Windows 10 plays fine with SL, if you have the choice go for the “pro” edition which unlocks a lot of windows tinkering features which can be useful. I wouldn’t really suggest an Alienware prebuilt overall though because they’re pretty expensive for the raw specs you get, Dell has an Inspiron gaming line which offers a lot more entry level and mid tier systems for much cheaper. If you can get an Inspiron gaming system with the same specs, there’s not much special the alienware line offers over it.
  19. gotta follow the scale as far as i am concerned, neko has never really been furry, ears and a tail arent really the same thing of course we do need to add an extra section onto this for the above mentioned "eldrich horror" category
  20. I feel the struggle of losing stuff in my inventory, I spent a few hours organizing everything and I still can never find all my custom alphas because I named them all random numbers on the fly
  21. it was the aircraft carrier of all things, and in all my nerdom i can tell you that the low poly design was representative of CVN6 and not CVN65 Social islands are a wonderful place.
  22. Some of the best I’ve seen: -6 Kermit the frogs who gave other people Kermit the frog avatars to join them, like a froggy virus -a guy who’s avatar was the USS Enterprise on legs -Gandalf the gray, but about the size of a can of soda -an avatar made entirely out of guns -a naked furry at a social island, who when asked to remove his dong, apologized and replaced it with a toy train -a to-scale housefly -three twi fox avatars standing on top of eachother filling a trench coat, with a mannequin head on top -a sentient rock who had to be thrown to move
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