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  1. If you cant afford an extra few pounds a week you shouldnt be putting any money into SL or anything like it at all. I mean are you kidding me? If currency value impacts your life youre either stupidly rich or incredibly poor, and if youre at the point where 6 pounds matters, why are you spending any money on SL at all? Priorities, SL shouldnt be one of them when 6 pounds matters.
  2. Usually just in replies to my own posts or topics. I’m not really a fan of virtual point collecting like that, as a denizen who prefers the more anonymous web. But just the same, I don’t expect reactions to my own stuff. Ironically, my more controversial posts get a lot of the “haha” reactions which still count as virtual clout I guess.
  3. You should be able to play on the LL viewer without issue. I say this with certainty, as i was able to play on a Thinkpad Z61t from 2006, pic related, it did not run well but it ran. No viewer is going to give you better performance than another, if your hardware is on the very low end, it doesnt matter what you use, its gonna lag and stutter. A viewer change wont make it smooth.
  4. not knowing what vrchat is is what makes you a technological luddite, its 2020, its an equivalent in the social gaming sphere to any of the big titles, SL, IMVU, Habbo, etc it doesnt require VR either, it can be played with a mouse and keyboard without issue its SL's big competition, its why our own weird vr world thing linden labs was working on was pretty much KIA, we should be looking at what vrchat did right and working that into SL
  5. i think there are only so many people against that because theyre technological luddites who despise that SL has actual competition in the form of VRchat Speaking of which, is a massive social avatar game where you can do just about anything, but it doesnt run like total ass all the time. Its really nice to sit around with your friends and pull 120fps in an orate build with 20 other people without having to drop settings, and not even on crazy high end hardware. Imagine if they dropped some of the rules and integrated more of a user run market, i would say that would be the nail in the coffin for SL. What reason would a new user have to stick around here if another game offered the same thing and wasnt a laggy disaster?
  6. Well then do explain, instead of necrobumping some goddamn ancient thread just to go "lol no ur wrong"
  7. GPU based lighting rendering or multicore/thread cpu based rendering. Right now SL still treats a lot of graphical management as if it were 2006, it wants the CPU to do stuff that GPUs can do now with ease, and it only wants 1-2 cores to do it. Thats why SL's performance sucks on anything. That an unified LOD downscaling to avoid those things like 40k triangle chairs with 10mb of textures each ruining framerate in other ways. Performance is a key limiter for SL in 2020. The rest of the computer world is moving past 1080p, past 60hz, 1440p 120hz+ is becoming more and more common every day, its no longer just fringe enthusiasts using high resolution and high refresh rate monitors. The rest of computer hardware even at entry levels is capable of it, so a game that struggles to get a consistent framerate and probably cant hit over 60 consistently with anything meaningful on the screen isnt going to be desirable to much of anyone. If the content wasnt so bloated and unregulated, and the games engine could actually utilize your hardware like its not 2006, then otherwise Sl is not a complicated game to run. Its in fact pretty light when you think about the actual features there, the lighting is nice but not complex, theres no crazy physics going on, its otherwise the graphical peak of the late 2000's, which shouldnt be a problem for anything. It could be playable, but it would be a big change.
  8. Twice a day usually, pop in randomly every so often just to check on some topics. I keep an eye out on the general tech and viewer subforums, as well as the equivalent answers subforums for any sort of tech questions i can give my input on as someone pretty well versed in computer techy stuff. I also jump into the adult content threads every so often as a degenerate. And then i check the general secondlife discussion subforum for anything interesting to toss a reply at. Just part of the website cycle, one of many forums and websites.
  9. Black dude front and center is literally CJ from GTA San Andreas, top right with the beard is Father Grigori from Half Life 2, i dont know too many videogame characters from more obscure franchises but im pretty sure the dude in yellow and the fat kid in the red shirt are from a Tony Hawk game ive played before.
  10. Sound i found exactly what i was looking for, just took a while. Hence why im updating this like 5 months after the fact. Snowfall Furry Retreat Small, very casual, M Rated, forest/cabin hangout kind of place, nudity is allowed but no sexual activity of any kind it has a comfy rock
  11. Sometimes ALM and other higher end settings dont really do too much besides cause lag This is 64m draw distance, no AA, no ALM, no particles, etc
  12. Those are 100% network problems. Could be anything from your home network just not being up to snuff or it might be windows, windows update always has affinity for some reason over your network and it will eat bandwidth. Check your task manager and sort tasks by network usage and see if anything is eating some obscene amount of bandwidth
  13. It is neither really our duty nor is it always beneficial to follow the TOS perfectly and try to enforce it upon others. The forums would be quite a bland place otherwise. Welcome to the internet, not everyone is nice and not everyone is going to be nice upon request.
  14. The majority are probably at any of the more popular known clubs and various hangouts, adult and non adult. But really any of the common popular places in the "destinations" tab usually have some kind of furry presence. I usually sit around in NCI Kuula to help out nubs with computer problems but theres me and a few other random furries who hang around there to avoid more adult atmospheres. Good place to go to either help newbies looking to get into the SL furry scene or direct them towards there from other places.
  15. Need I remind y’all of the function of the internet? the functionality is there and it’s always an option if you choose to partake, but you don’t have to, it’s only one part of many of this game because of the lack of rules and content restrictions in a world where you can do just about anything, of course people have sex and because this is the internet and internet culture has always partially been about sex and pornography, there has always been and always will be that sexual aspect to the game that a lot of people come here to enjoy is SL just about sex? No, it’s just that a majority of the internet is always somewhat affiliated with it and SL is a platform that really lets users go all out with it Consider my internet subculture, as a degenerate furry. Is it about sex? Not always, but that’s definitely prevalent simply because it’s now a thing that exists mainly on the internet. There are plenty of communities that aren’t about sex, but many are. It’s just a casual part of any internet experience. To expect nerds on the internet to not attribute sexual content to anything that allows it is just dumb, it’s gonna happen, but it doesn’t have to be the focus.
  16. There are some users here who can seemingly post whatever the hell they want, factually incorrect or not, and if you challenge their opinion then you summon their little cult following to shame you. Im sorry, but if you dont know what youre talking about, dont talk about it. And if you do continue to talk about it then im going to point it out and set the record correct because usually in the case of the tech forums, people are looking for help and need an answer. If you dont provide a valid answer you are not helping and you should not be posting. If i could swear here properly just to get my point across further i would, sometimes people just need to be told: "You're retarded, shut the ***** up" People who are posting based off guesswork and quick google searches arent helping, you're feeding people false information and you need to learn how to at the very least expand your google searches beyond reading the first suggestion and copy pasting it. But all that isnt the major issue, if you say something dumb, someone who knows what theyre saying is going to correct you. Its the obnoxious cult following some of these more popular and long term users seem to have that gets them this flock of followers who reply to everything you post with "youre wrong, heres why, famousperson said this", and then they give you a bunch of laugh reactions. Thats totally cool and definitely isnt detrimental for the person whos actually asking a question and needs help. Take your petty brown nosing somewhere else. With that is my firm belief there should be no rating or points systems, no user titles, no join date, none of that crap. The reason anonymous forums and boards are so popular is because nobody likes that one ***** with an anime profile picture, 40k posts, two billion tags and stars under their name, a signature the length of Interstate 80 and an ego to match. "I have bigger number, therefore i have bigger *****". Honestly, die.
  17. It’s not easy to do, and it’s not that useful. Even if they know your IP these days most routers use dynamic IPs so it won’t be the same the next time you restart your PC anyway. Even if you don’t and they have your IP, the most they can do is annoy you slightly because any modern ISP will see a basic DDoS attack and instantly block that out, even further in the ages of 1mbps+ minimum connections it would do very little if from another normal home computer. Dont stress it. Your IP is visible to a lot of people in a lot of places, but just like in real life with people knowing your real address, only the rare random weirdo is gonna send you pizzas you didn’t order.
  18. I’ve learned to increase my skills as a passive aggressive ***** over the years and I slowly make the conversation so boring they want to leave or let it die. ”so, what are you up to tonight?” “Oh you know, just catching up on laundry, I’m gonna clean up my laptop later and maybe try to get all the Microsoft visual C++ packages to install via windows update, but usually I have to go install them manually, so...” regardless of what they start saying I just continue to talk about windows update and laundry until they leave
  19. I would not recommend using that page for anything related to SL’s minimum requirements It’s extremely out of date and doesn’t even represent the true minimum nor a proper recommended.
  20. It won’t use more ram than it needs, I think most people top out around 5gb and that’s with massive inventories and everything cranked to the Max with large build ups of cached content. SL across all viewers is pretty heavily single threaded, it doesn’t use multiple cores/threads all too well, there’s not much you can do there What you can do in task manager is give firestorm affinity on 2-4 cores and none else, then give it real-time resource priority. So while it will only use those cores (and it doesn’t need more) it will be the primary program to use them at all times, everything else runs on every other core. Doing this with quadcore or higher machines I’ve noticed it can benefit performance not in sense of framerate but in a lower amount of stutter when it’s not competing with background programs or other stuff you have open. this can also really help if you run multiple viewers, give one core/threads 1-4 and give the other viewer 5-8, easily negates any performance loss I’ve seen with running multiple viewers, even on an older 2c/4t processor I can manage to keep both at normal framerate
  21. @Ansariel Hiller can you please stop advising people to move to windows 10? If you want to waste time trying to make all your user configuration settings to actually stick, then its your thing. But that's nothing the normal user wants to and will do. But telling everyone else its acceptable to have your freedoms as a consumer thrown out the window is the same kind of advice like telling people its a good idea to stay in abusive relationship because they pay your bills. Saying that: Good luck having no privacy and being shown desktop level advertisements on 10. B)
  22. I will be doing everything in my power to use Windows 7 until nothing i want to use it for functions anymore. Windows 10 is completely awful and i refuse to ever touch it. People dont want to move to Windows 10 for similar reasons to me. A lot of people just really dont like it and dont want to use it. Whether its for privacy concerns or dislike of the UI, advertisements, aggressive update policies that are hard to disable, a lack of overall user control without really digging, resource usage... Theres a lot of reasons, and its why so many people are still using it. Anyone capable of knowing how to upgrade their OS also knows a windows key is about 5$ on ebay, or isnt needed, or you can upgrade from 7 with your key, which you can use something like mstoolkit or dazloader to work around anyway. But in the end, if people dont want to, they wont. Its not a good product in the eyes of everyone and you have alternatives, one is to stay with Windows 7. I could care less about LL dropping support even if the timing is dumb, its not going to affect anyone for some years. Though i understand the concern is them dropping support just as Microsoft does, which is pretty dumb. Theres no reason to do that when the userbase is still so large. Many developers continued support for XP and Vista for a few years after their EOL dates. Im posting this from Windows 7, and will be playing SL on windows 7, and will continue to do so until it doesnt work or 3rd party options wont anymore.
  23. welp, coming back to this later for anyone who stumbles across this post in the distant future, which seems to happen often works fine, ALM off, 64m draw distance, otherwise every setting up, not that those matter too much, no AA decent framerates overall, considering this same area on my thinkpad z61t would get 2-3fps at bare minimum settings in 1280x800, this is pretty decent for being from 2011
  24. Ok so this went the other way I was hoping it would go, I cut out a lot of stuff originally mentioning Windows 7 going EOL and what that means for the end user. Im gonna Tldr my views on that. For you, the average everyday user, you browse the internet and play SL and maybe a few more games. This means almost nothing at all for several years for you. Microsoft dropping support for updates doesn’t really affect you until the overall userbase dwindles and major software developers stop updating for it. IE not enough users to support updating antivirus, browsers, game clients, etc. The chances of you getting some kind of exploit affecting your machine that was related to the OS is very slim. And at that it’s mostly dependent on the user. You are responsible for your internet security and simply being connected to the web you’re expected to know what you’re doing and how to not get buttblasted by malware constantly. I have not used antivirus since I was 10 and most of my machines are not updated unless something I ran needed a service pack, be it windows XP, Vista or 7. I’m currently posting this from Windows Vista with no service packs, no firewall, windows defender, any antivirus and I’m using an outdated fork of Pale Moon/Firefox from 2016. I have never experienced anything malicious affecting this laptop though it’s because I know what im doing. I’m not clicking every ad for “big women in your area now” or chancing risky music download sites. So for the users still on 7, you have some years to go before you will find yourself using old versions of software or running into compatibility problems because people stop supporting it. And even then you will find there are 3rd party options, such as windows XP service pack 4 which is community created, modern compatibility video codecs, updated browsers like New Moon for XP and adblockers that work for them. Your computer will not stop working randomly, you won’t instantly be affected by ransomware, chances are you haven’t updated windows in months anyway if ever at all. I think most people still using 7 probably disabled automatic updates around the time it wanted to force a Windows 10 upgrade on you anyway. LL dropping support just means they won’t test for it. That’s not to say newer viewers will just stop working. You also may not need to use a newer viewer at all. The Windows XP legacy viewer worked until I think the big thing that came after bento, animesh? And that viewer was a years old version by that point. But that’s not the point I was trying to make here. That’s not too important, carry on, upgrade, move to Linux, who cares. The issue is that they’re going to go look at this page of system requirements to delete “Windows 7” when for some unholy reason the words “Nvidia GTX 295” are still on that page over a decade past that cards relevance, when that card barely functions for SL because it’s two GTX 285’s stuck together in SLI which sl doesn’t use. That page is an absolute joke and is completely useless and needs to be properly updated.
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