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  1. Idea for Linden Labs - create some zombie bots. The bots TP from sim to sim, attacking SL users at random. If they get 3 bites in, the SL user is logged out and his/her account becomes a permanent zombie bot (can't log in and loses inventory) Would be well fun, I reckon!
  2. I want to create a 'TACHE MAN avatar. For those who don't know, this means - * Shoulder length long hair and massive moustache * Flared jeans, obscuring shoes * Brown leather jacket Can anyone recommend products to help me build this?
  3. Waited so long for this to hit the UK, and then missed it when it did... Well, now it's back over here and I've finally tried it. And instead of being the ambrosia of the gods I was expecting, it's more like an old fowl with scabies had a car-crash with a block of cheese. To say I'm disappointed doesn't even begin to...look, remember how you all got upset about SL last names going 6-7 years ago? Multiply that by 10 million and that's how gutted I am by the KFC Double Down.
  4. Just to update everyone - Nutkins died shortly after this experiment. I'm not too bothered as I have four more, and can get a new baby to replace him, but maybe feeding Big Macs to macaques isn't advisable if you want them to live.
  5. So I bought Nutkins a Big Mac and he seemed to not want it, so I persuaded him by blowing a hairdryer in his face and he eventually had half of it but is now crying. Here he is about 10 minutes after:
  6. Hi. I was looking through the archives and found this interesting thread: I don't own a cat BUT I do own five baby macaques...Glossom, Titus, Sir Bendalot, Twinky and Nutkins. I think it'd be interesting to feed Nutkins a Big Mac for his supper. What do you think? Should I do it?
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