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  1. So here's my idea for unity and peace in SL 1 - we go to a KFC in RL on Friday and get party buckets 2 - go on MP or get building yourself! and get some fried chicken for your avatar to eat 3 - we all log into public sandbox on Friday at 2pm SLT and have a mass KFC party and embrace the healing power of fried chicken. we eat it in RL while our avatars eat it on SL
  2. I wish I was good at making SL clothes sometimes, because I'd make this and wear it inworld
  3. If I'd known about SL in 2004, I'd have joined then, so I could take advantage of some of the surnames. Zinger Tower. KFCFillet Burger. PartyBucket Chickenwing. Colonel Saunders. The Colonel. 11HerbsAnd Spice. KFCBargain Box.
  4. This is my dream... 10 attractive models are heavily flirting with and fighting over me...but I push them aside as a white lightbeam descends, bathing me in its glow...The Colonel emerges, his white suit spotless, and he smiles and pumps my hand with a firm grip..."Theydon, welcome to the ultimate...the party bucket!!" A bucket the size of a man emerges from the ground, full to the brim with KFC chicken breasts...I dive into the bucket and all I can feel, taste, smell is the divine mystery of The Colonel's 11 secret herbs and spices...I drown a happy man, in a sea of nuggets and Zinger To
  5. Most exciting start to a new year in LIVING MEMORY...I feel 50% excited, 50% panicking for not having had it yet. Has anyone tried it yet? Can anyone report on what it's like? I was going to get one tomorrow but would appreciate some feedback.
  6. There's a lot of boomer music I don't like, but I can understand why others would, or at least imagine how it must have felt interesting or exciting at the time. The Grateful Dead baffle me though, I really don't get the appeal. Even if I wanted to take loads of drugs and try to have bad sex with people in tents, I wouldn't do it to 7-hour-long jams and with people who reek of armpit.
  7. This is the only forum I trust to deliver any quality opinions on this matter. The greatest fans of the greatest band ever? Or soap-dodging stink monsters who should have had their LSD confiscated and been hosed down 'First Blood' style, before being forced to clean the streets? Let this thread be the last word on the subject.
  8. Idea for Linden Labs - create some zombie bots. The bots TP from sim to sim, attacking SL users at random. If they get 3 bites in, the SL user is logged out and his/her account becomes a permanent zombie bot (can't log in and loses inventory) Would be well fun, I reckon!
  9. I want to create a 'TACHE MAN avatar. For those who don't know, this means - * Shoulder length long hair and massive moustache * Flared jeans, obscuring shoes * Brown leather jacket Can anyone recommend products to help me build this?
  10. Waited so long for this to hit the UK, and then missed it when it did... Well, now it's back over here and I've finally tried it. And instead of being the ambrosia of the gods I was expecting, it's more like an old fowl with scabies had a car-crash with a block of cheese. To say I'm disappointed doesn't even begin to...look, remember how you all got upset about SL last names going 6-7 years ago? Multiply that by 10 million and that's how gutted I am by the KFC Double Down.
  11. Just to update everyone - Nutkins died shortly after this experiment. I'm not too bothered as I have four more, and can get a new baby to replace him, but maybe feeding Big Macs to macaques isn't advisable if you want them to live.
  12. So I bought Nutkins a Big Mac and he seemed to not want it, so I persuaded him by blowing a hairdryer in his face and he eventually had half of it but is now crying. Here he is about 10 minutes after:
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