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  1. got to play around with a much higher end system today and crank up settings
  2. if your OS is updated to be compatible with at least some version of the LL viewer or firestorm for OSX then it should run whether it runs well or not is another situation, i can say with certainty that SL will run on lower end laptops from even a few years prior, but thats on windows, i dont know what its going to be like on OSX it has a later core2duo and a geforce 9400m, so it should perform... not totally awful? for certain on windows, not great at all but it should be somewhat playable with the settings slapped to minimum
  3. Non mainstream solutions, XP is still usable for quite a lot in nearly 2020 because of a lot of non Microsoft, individual user expansion. Things like video codec packs to play webm in browsers or mkv files, browsers like New Moon or MyPal that are up to date for XP, there’s even an entire user made service pack 4 for XP. If people want to use it, they’ll find a way to keep it alive. Hell, there’s a small population of people still using Windows 98SE/ME/2000 because you can still install a fairly functional web browser on them. And if you can browse the web, watch videos and maybe play a few games, then you have all the bases covered for 90% of home users. The difference is that the jump from XP to Vista and 7 had a lot more people jump ship to 7. Rather than now with 7 to 8.1 and 10, there is a substantial amount of people still using 7. Almost 30% of the windows market share in fact. A lot of that is enterprise but many of those are still home users. And for many of them it’s because theyre running older machines or just don’t want to upgrade because they don’t want windows 10 for one reason or another. I would quite literally rather eviscerate myself with this laptop than ever use Windows 10 because it’s a bloated pile of lukewarm spaghetti code that I am amazed functions at all. I’ll be using Windows 7 until it reaches the state of XP currently where less popular software such as SL ceases to function on it at all regardless of the addition of user crated patches. The nonexistent chance of me getting drive by malware from some rouge advertisement I would never see because it’s 2019 and adblockers exist, is still better than purposely buying and installing the spyware that Windows 10 is.
  4. I have not used antivirus, let alone even windows defender in probably over a decade. I was using XP daily until the legacy SL viewer stopped working, and even up until recently I was using Vista SP2 until the cheap SSD I had died. I am not technologically illiterate, viruses and malware and all that don’t just show up out of nowhere. I can say from extensive experience that Microsoft dropping support for an operating system means absolutely nothing for any competent user. I don’t think I’ve ever even updated Windows 7 on anything past SP1. Even vista I kept box stock until I tried SL which wanted SP2.
  5. Updates are not important, I intend to use SP1 at that even. I just prefer it greatly over windows 10 and it runs a lot smoother on this relatively old hardware. I was going to run some flavor of Linux but I needed a few windows only utilities.
  6. If any of you are using a laptop/desktop with Intel HD3000 integrated graphics i would appreciate any info to shed some light on its performance in the meantime. Just got my new X220 in the mail, dont really have time to set everything up tonight and the next few days are going to be fairly busy. Windows 10 and the mechanical hard drive are gonna be MIA soon and replaced with Windows 7 on an SSD. I currently play on Intel GMA 950, from 2005/2006, so HD3000 is definitely a step up at about 5/6 years older. So any performance upgrade at this point is good.
  7. i dug through them but i seemingly cant wear any of them, not sure why, it took forever to load in a scarf that was in there just to see if it was all library objects or just the animations or what, i presume something is being slow from LL to me or vice versa, ill try again with them later This is actually what i ended up buying for hair, along with a few others. They have the kind of blocky/chunky style i was looking for and in the right colors too. Theres a few stray bits that collide with my cheeks but i think i can fix that with something else unrelated, fitmesh is a nightmare with DSD avatars, mistakes were made, lindens were wasted, the back of a really nice shirt i wanted to wear was jagged, because i saw the front and checked the avatars alpha cuts and everything looked smooth and then i bought it, only THEN to notice the jaggies rip
  8. also while im thinking about it, how do i search "chunky" hair? theres a lot of hair, and im having difficulty finding stuff in the style you find stock on DSD avatars, its a bit difficult to narrow down the artistic 3D style of hair... i know its not the fanciest of hair but if im going to change my avatars hair from stock i want it to look like its part of the avatar, ya know? pardon the aliasing, im playing on a laptop from 2006
  9. So ive got some spare L$ to burn and ive been rocking the attached AO for a almost two years now: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/female-ao-Breeze/171123 And its a good AO, i like it, i was recommended it by an oldschool furry i met when i was new who suggested it when i was mentioning wanting something a bit more simple and casual. But im now looking for something new. What i have currently is from 2007, if not potentially older, it reflects the era pretty well as far as i can tell. I do like the more simple AO though, i particularly like its walk cycle and sit animations, however i do not like its jump/falling/flying ones that much. If anyone knows of any kind of more casual AO of any variety i would be interesting in hearing about it. A lot of the ones im looking at have too intense of an idle animation cycle or have the infamous "sexy walk" which just is not me at all. And thats the big thing i want to avoid is the sexy poses. What im looking for could best be described as almost an alternative to the default LL animations, simple and plain but maybe a little less wonky at times.
  10. I was gonna say, malls barely even exist anymore. Theres a few in big cities but they’re dead and gone everywhere else. I think 15 malls have closed just around me in the last decade? From the Chicago south suburbs to Michigan City, the ones that haven’t entirely died are now just maybe one store and a few phone kiosks.
  11. My spouse drives a truck and gets some obscenely good holiday pay, so we move Christmas back to the 29th. Also Chinese food on Christmas has been a family tradition on my side since I was a kid. My family doesn’t like holiday fancy meals, everyone decided one day to go get Chinese food. Turns out a lot of people do that, there are four Chinese food places in town and all four are packed on Christmas.
  12. 40$ isnt a lot of money on its own, but put it in context to other things: 40$ is two hours of my life. 40$ is the value of entire AAA games on steam without discounts. 40$ is a weeks worth of groceries for the average college student. 40$ is a tank of gas in my car. 40$ is nearly 10,000 L$, pertaining to me thats two entire DSD current gen avatars + multiple outfits for each. 40$ is a 10oz Filet Mignon at Longhorn Steakhouse and two sides and a tip. I cannot justify spending 40$ to have my virtual name changed when 40$ can do all those things as well. Even though i love this game, even if i had some terrible name, its just not worth it to me. Virtual name or a tank of gas, i can do a lot more with gas for a week in my car than my virtual name. In comparison im gonna pull up the 10$ name changes i mentioned before from other platforms. 10$ is a particularly large fast food meal. Its half an hour of my time. Its a quarter tank of gas, its the cost of everything i need to make some roast chicken and potatoes for dinner one night, its 2500 L$, its not as much money and its a lot easier to justify that expense. If its not for the fact that this is just a terrible price to begin with for other reasons ive explained above, its a price that is going to never be worth it in the eyes of a lot of people.
  13. For me personally I don’t intend to change my name unless I can customize my last name so I can be cheesecurd cheeseball, I like name and I chose it for fun and I don’t really want to do the formal virtual world name However to make the name changes a bit more reasonable, first and foremost is the price. 20$ is high but I could understand 20$. That has to include both a first and last name change, entirely custom first name at minimum and there better be a massive list of last names. Or ideally custom last names as well. Secondarily it should be a free change on introduction one time for existing premium members who have had their membership for 6 months or more, and a free name change with each 6 month span of subscription at minimum. Theyre paying a lot of money, it’s a simple feature, name changes shouldn’t be a fee on top of that for premium users. If LL did that then this wouldn’t feel like a slap in the face.
  14. 100% that build with the 1600x, If you can get it, thats a good price with good part choices and has a lot more future potential than the others. B350 with a bios update will support all current AM4 processors from that first gen 1600x to the current 3rd gen Ryzen 9 lineup. The sapphire nitro plus is a way better AIB cooler than the msi one, nvme SSD, 3200mhz ddr4 Worth, definitely go for that one.
  15. Ok, it is entirely optional for a seller to price an object at some absurdly high price. Why would they do that? Because they know someone will pay that price. That price however may not be fair at all for what you actually get. Lets say there’s a potted plant on the marketplace, it’s a nice potted plant, a little jade or something, nice textures, quality optimized mesh. But it costs 5000 L$. Is that a fair price? God no. But why can’t you justify something being a price like that? The seller can price it at whatever they want really, if the price isn’t fair then nobody will buy it. But somewhere out there is a person who doesn’t know and doesn’t care about that price. What does it matter to them? Maybe they do think 5000 L$ is a fair price for a potted jade plant. And that’s who that seller is hoping for, they want to exploit those users who do not care and will buy it anyway. Because if they could get 500 L$ out of them, why not get 5000 L$ out of them? This is of course an extreme example but this is exactly what the name change is. They are selling a feature that someone will buy regardless of price. And since this is the only option to change your name besides making a brand new account, they can make that price whatever they want and sell exclusively to users who don’t care what the price is. That is exploitation of those users for profit. The name change feature is not worth 40$, definitely not considering you can’t customize both fields of your name to whatever (provided it’s clean of course), but they will charge that number because the customer they are looking for does not value their 40$ and doesn’t care about the price.
  16. It appears that I am watching the game I love and enjoy exploit their userbase. And it would not be right for me to just ignore it. And i will speak out against it.
  17. It’s just a title. I reference those who have that 10+ year join date and follow SL culture of that time. Your real life age isn’t affiliated.
  18. No, it is the same on many platforms. User ids being tied to your actual name. Runescape in particular, your username changes your user ID. Everything attributed to that ID changes with your username. Roblox is a bit different, your user ID is basically your join date order, but your usernames are also permanently tied to your account and your user data that gets picked up in games or whatever. Your previous usernames also remain as your functional name, say you were set up as an admin that just uses a username list and it uses your old name, your old name is technically still your name, as it’s on your list of user data, you will still have your admin status with your new name. This isn’t some special thing that only SL does. And even if it was that your username is your user ID, what does that matter? Changing your user ID on everything attributed to your old user ID wouldn’t exactly take a lot of effort. Lol? Let me rephrase this in forum ban terminology If you buy into this, you are being played by LL, who is trying to sell this feature to users who don’t know any better. They are scamming you, they are doing that because they know a solid chunk of their player base is so out of touch with the modern internet social sphere that they can say whatever they want to them and nobody will think any differently. They are bending you over and viciously pushing your intestines in and expecting you to ask for more. And they won’t even give you the reach around. Its the most blatantly obvious money grabbing monetization of a basic feature I’ve ever seen, phone app micro-transactions targeted at children are more ethical than this.
  19. To anyone who has used any other social platform in the last decade it looks like this: LL: “Hey guys, we’re bringing back last names! And you will be able to change your name.” Giant crowd of people: “yay!” LL: “Except we’re still going to use premade last names.” Slightly less people: “Ok, yay!?” LL: “You will need premium to change your name.” Even less people: “yay” LL: “On top of a flat 40$ fee, to pick a non custom name from a list.” Literally just the SL boomers: “yay”
  20. That is exactly the same as it on any other game. That is not an excuse. The names are not cosmetic alone like our nicknames are. It being SecondLife and not another platform is not an excuse either. oh I do not intend to, as I doubt many people actually will with a price like that its just a big flag that says “we can suck more money out of these decade+ playing users. They’re just trying to trick the oldschool users. “finally, we can change our names after so and so years of waiting! Who cares what the price is?” Theyre pricing at at 40$ because they know that those people will pay that 40$, and they could make more money on them than the hordes of newer generation users who don’t care and if they did, would only bother if the price was cheaper. This kind of system is a standard feature in other games and on other websites, hell, Twitter lets you change everything you want for free any time, steam let’s you change your own profiles url any time you want, this isn’t exactly some niche feature. Username changes aren’t special, the monetization of them is exclusively to keep people from changing their names all the time when there are only so many usernames. LL wants to specifically make a profit off of this with a price like that, that’s not prohibitive to keep people from wanting to change their names, that’s priced to be sold to people who don’t care what the price is. They could make it 100$ and I’m certain that the same amount of people would actually buy into it.
  21. The issue is that the username holds the exact same value as any other platform and the ones that have paid name changes are a lot cheaper. It’s just a name, but if you want to change it there of course needs to be some kind of fee designed so people don’t do it frivolously. The idea of username changes on these other games is not for profit, it’s so people don’t change their name whenever they feel like it and abuse that feature somehow, or use up all the “real” usernames. Roblox has that 1000R$ or 10$ USD fee because they have too many users, there aren’t any 3 character names left, there aren’t any 4 character all letter names left, they’re running out of 5 character names that don’t have underscores even. That’s why they charge for it, people wanted the feature but due to there being a finite quantity of names that didn’t look like XxUsername123xX it had to cost enough to be prohibitive to random changes but also enough to be reasonable to purchase rather than just make a new account and then buy back your crap. Runescape made it a bond for the same reasons, but they cycle out usernames too. You only save your current and last, after the 2nd name change your original is open to use again. 40$ is an insane price for the sake of a username, especially when we have nicknames for cosmetic purposes. And even moreso when you’re limited to a list of premade last names. If I’m paying 40$ then at the bare minimum I want to customize both parts of my name. 40$ is still steep then, wether it’s a first+last name or not.
  22. 40$ lmao are they serious? that is above and beyond too much money, I could understand maybe 10$ if names were extremely finite, but paying 40$ to lock yourself to a specific last name you can’t even customize yourself is absolutely insane if I’m paying 40$ I expect to be able to type whatever I want into two text fields and have it show up ingame, even then 40$ would be a bit steep in comparison a name change on Roblox, a very popular game with limited usernames left due to there being over 250 million accounts, costs you 10$ Runescape, another popular game with limited usernames, it costs you a bond which is 7$, or it’s free each month if you’re already a member Yall are being played, hard. There is no excuse to have to pay this much money to change your username and no excuse for usernames that are not fully customizable.
  23. You mean just uninstall them normally without the use of 3rd party software? Nothing bad will happen, you’ll just still have some stuff leftover from the viewer on your computer. Stuff like revo uninstaller is universally recommended because application built in uninstallers are usually only deleting stuff you can see normally, they leave behind a lot of hidden folders, content in appdata and registry lines.
  24. The psu in there is mediocre but it’s fine for the hardware. The RX 480 is only a 150 watt card. The jump from the 2400 to 4570 also isn’t really worth it. These kind of builds just aren’t worth spending that much money on for things like an RX 580 instead of a 480, haswell instead of sandy bridge or a slightly higher wattage psu. The i5 2400 and 480 is the most reasonably priced combo of them.
  25. That kijiji listing of the optiplex with the i5, that’s the only option really worth getting at all for under 300$, and even then that price is fairly high for what it actually is if you were to do it yourself. In the US anyway an RX 480 is only like 90$ if you don’t deal hunt, sometimes you can get them at auction for 70-80. An optiplex 790MT in that configuration with windows and everything already installed is tops another 100$, and then an adequate psu is another 50$. So there’s obviously a margin of profit they have to make but that’s the only one worth getting. The 860k is only slightly newer and it was not a good time for AMDs processors, it’s not a good choice at all. It can’t coast on the RX 580, it would be bottlenecked to all hell anyway by the relatively weak 860k. The FX series one with the 650ti is hardly worth anything really, i wouldn’t even suggest it if it was free simply because of the power consumption.
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