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  1. thanks is Nvidia gforce RTX ok for SL. ? and since all new computers have Windows 10., is that ok for SL? thanks again
  2. Are the new dell Alienware auroras good for secondlife?
  3. i fixed my privacy settings. hope that does it
  4. can you stop someone from following you?
  5. i will, but it seems better this morning. i will follow your suggestion if it happens again, thanks
  6. this is the first time this has happened. i logged out of sl (firestorm) and my ao faintly there (green). did it damage my computer?
  7. got in but my home site unavailable, even though it does not look down on map
  8. i was able to login this morning, now it won't connect to grid, why??
  9. why are some avi red on their face and have yellow stockings? with letters on them?
  10. it is ok now thanks for all the ideas
  11. when i open search. it is frozen on main page/ can't untick adult or see more than three places. Why?
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