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  1. Aww, thanks. Trying to figure out this forum. Had tried to reply and nothing, but wasn't logged in...haha
  2. RL took priority for quite a while, and my logged inworld time was greatly reduced. Such is life. We prioritize. I did log-in as recently as yesterday, and had fun. So, might try to pop inworld more often.
  3. Hello All! I thought this news story would be interesting/amusing to those in SL. A group of 'furries' stopped a domestic violence assault and helped police make the arrest
  4. I don't hide my alts, but don't go around making a production out of it either. My first alt (Astrall) was created not long after this account, as I was unable to log into SL. I had a builder partner, and he and I were working on building, when suddenly I couldn't login. It was a huge pain. After a few days he suggested I make another account. (Astrall Nightfire) The build problem wasn't solved though, as this account couldn't give permissions to my new alt! haha Finally my main account got back inworld, and all was well. Astrall is my twin. Then a few years later I created
  5. I tried to use my RL first name, but it kept getting rejected. Also knew that I wanted a last name that was space related. It took me forever to get a name that worked and I liked. Had to tweak the spelling of the first name, as someone had started an account before me that was exactly mine, but with the proper first name spelling. Over the years I've looked at that other account, and it appears the person was never active. But, as LL doesn't recycle unused names that one is forever unavailable. After a while I liked the mispelling with double "ll' in my name. Created alts with
  6. Persona1993 wrote: The study is for the completion of a Masters of research in sociology. Participants will be given 1250 Linden Dollars (equivalent of £5) for their time, which will be payed directly to your avatar after the second interview is completed. I must stress that participants will remain anonymous and the study will not include any of your details including; avatar imagery, username, e-mail address or offline signifiers. Any help in finding people willing to help would be greatly appreciated. If you know of any groups/ places which would be likely to participate please let me
  7. sirhc DeSantis, a good find! That's one I hadn't seen. Aquila Kytori, yes the washing machine story! One of my favorites. : )
  8. Hans Rosling brought truth to the world and fought to stamp out ignorance through the Ignorance Project. He was a medical doctor, statistician, global health specialist, and a forward thinking man. I've shared Han's work countless times. This morning Hans Rosling died of pancreatic cancer. The Gapminder website: https://www.gapminder.org/ Reason on Hans Rosling: http://reason.com/blog/2017/02/07/hans-rosling-founder-of-the-invaluable-g So many good videos and educational lectures he gave. If anyone else is saddened by the news of his death, maybe share one of his videos as a comment.
  9. To follow up on my previous post: Both the Republicans and Democrats have waged non-stop war for over a decade and each side of the same political coin protested the other. But being the hypocrites they are, continued with the policies. It's this political game, which is about power, and not the rights of people which creates situations such as the mess in the middle east, terrorism, and constant war. The way to break this paradigm is to break the political duopoly power stranglehold.
  10. Medhue Simoni wrote: Devriv wrote: Perhaps you misunderstood Medhue’s statement. He asks a very important question, one which, remarkably, despite the presence and abundance of assertive commenters in this thread, remains glaringly unanswered. With Medhue’s permission I’ll reword it only slightly: “How about people stand against the [destruction] of these nations, instead of [standing against] a ban on immigration?” The question is so simple, basic and reasonable that it would require a very good education not to ask it. In a free society, it is just the question asked by informed
  11. DEA agent. Of course he shoots himself. That's an agency that needs to be eliminated. (Although, shooting themselves as the method should be discouraged) That agent violated the number one rule of gun safety. He said, "this is an unloaded gun", then he picks it up and starts messing around with it. (mistake made) He didn't personally check to see that the gun was unloaded. Number one safety rule: There's no such thing as an unloaded gun. You pick it up, you check the chamber, the clip, everything yourself. Never assume. Even if it's your gun.
  12. Derek Torvalar wrote: One cannot be betrayed if one has no people. Simple. I always wondered who ushered in the inane "Army of One" slogan...
  13. For some jobs, in RL and SL, the "looks" of the person/avatar are important. In RL modeling, acting, media-talking-heads, and public speakers, looks matter. Controlling visual impact is part of the job. Same in SL. If a 'club' in SL has a theme, mood, or type of atmosphere, they want to maintain that image. To get a job in such a place, one would need to fit the look. Just like RL for certain jobs. Not everyone is interested in the avatar looks part of SL. Or, to the same degree. I was in SL for 4.5 years before I used an AO, bought a skin, or worried much about my avatar looks. It
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