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  1. Hey ! I've spoked with my friends recently and we decided that we should have a land. So the main problem is that I found somebody who is selling a portion of his land and I'm not sure if I need a premium account to buy his portion of land?
  2. Well Im not using that avatar for sex anymore i just used it two times. Also It was a tall avatar with adult clothing and demon wings. It also has a face make up to give the face a mature look. But i can't do anything about the bih eyes.. I deleted their texture and i raised up the glowing to 1.00. I used this avatar for sex too because it was looking pretty mature ( it also had oversized boobs lol.). And from what I've read in your reply I saw you said something about making Hentai videos in SL. No I never made them or posted them anywhere. Anyway as i said in my first reply I won't use this avatar for sex anymore.. Since there are people telling me it looks childish...Well I encounter these kind of people like 2-3 per year...
  3. Ok thanks for the warning. Honestly I didn't know that my avatar is taken as a child even if it looks like an adult or not ( my avatar was modded with different skin tones and make ups to make it look an adult) Thanks again , I wont use that avatar for any sexual contacts I will use it just to hang out with my friends.
  4. You should contact the owner of it ( and i mean who made it not who controls the collar ), he should tell you what you have to do. If you've already contacted him/her then try asking your friends or wait for somebody from the forums to help you. Good luck ^.^!
  5. A few months ago i bought the M3 Head and Avatar 2.0 body from Utilizator MP store , just to make a cool mesh boy anime avatar. About 3 day ago i had some issues with many players on Adult Sex and BDSM regions , many of them complaining about my avatar and they told me if i don't stop they will report me. That seemed weird to me since my avatar looks clearly over 18 years old. I told them that I only watch hentan porn videos and since i can make an anime avatar in SL then why shouldn't try to make some hentai in SL. They also told me my avatar looks like a child because his head is too cute or 'made of sugar'. I asked them if they know what an anime is and they had no clue...Most of them also reported me but nothing happened , why ? Because my avatar looks over 18 years old. Two of the people i talked with IMed me after a few days and told me: " Oh ? Your account is still alive ?". I just don't understand these people.. I rarely find people like this but they are still annoying for this reason and some of them are zooming on my avatar having sex after they told me It looks childish..I honestly think they are jealous or they want some attention...
  6. Isn't this age-play ? Correct me If I am wrong.
  7. Hey there ! I was wondering where can i see my Date of birth ( DOB ) on my dashboard ? Because I'm not sure if it is my real birthday or not because i don't remember if I've written November or December. Is there any way i can see my RL birthday on my dashboard ? If no is there any other way ?
  8. Wow.. these people are so dumb... I mean manga avatars are the best ( especially the ones from the Utilizator ). And why would they creep people out ? And really now we are talking about realism in a fantasy medieval roleplay.. Maybe some people are not good at making outfits for non-mesh avatars or maybe they can't find a good skin or the skins are too expensive..
  9. Hi there ! I'm looking for a medieval rp sim which allows manga / anime avatars ( with a medieval look of course ). Because I've been in like 12 medieval rp sims and i got ejected because of my manga avatar..
  10. Hello there ! I was wondering if someone knows a way to make mesh hair using Blender ? I've searched the entire internet but didn't found any tutorials.
  11. Hello ! I've recently decided to make mesh models like rings or necklances and upoad them to SL and then open up a store so i can win some L$. Today after I've uploaded some mesh models I've noticed ( on the ring i made ) if i rotate the camera some faces become invisible. Or another example i made a mesh forest but when I've tried to walk near the treese there were some invisible walls blocking my avatar. Is there any way to fix this ? Please i really need help :( !
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