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  1. Somehow copying the shape over and over fixed it, but I had to redo all of my outfits so yeah..
  2. Hello! So, after I just updated my viewer I've noticed that for some reason my avatar wasn't rezzing properly, and I would get the following error: "Failed to find body part Lelutka.THICC.Andreea in the database" (ignore the shape name). Just because of this sole reason I cannot wear any of my outfits! I tried to change the shape but it jus wont do, it messes up my outfits really bad and I cannot seem to be able to take the shape off. I don't want to sound harsh or anything but I have 224 outfits and most of them share this shape. I tried contacting Linden Lab but to no avail. I tried every v
  3. That's what has brought me to make this post. I gave a bad review at a certain store because the object didn't fit a mesh body, even if they mentioned that it does. The next day I got IM'd by 3 of the owner minions, harassing me to take the review off. I did, didn't want to get involved into that kind of fight.
  4. I have no idea, I was very confused myself because everyone who joined the group were instantly given access to the region.
  5. Hello ChinRey! Thank you for replying to my post and helping in clarifying the issue for me. Also, I would never post something negative about a store unless it's being backed by facts. Negative experiences happen very rarely to me, while the positive ones happen very often and I make sure to leave a good review when that happens.
  6. You know what's even worse? The fact that a surprisingly amount of people start editing their avatars after getting the item in the same region. This happened with the current Legacy Classic which is given away for 1L. The region was full with people editing their avis, dancing and chatting as if it was a hangout. Thank god I've managed to figure out that members who were in the "The Shops!' group had some sort of priority, otherwise I would've never been able to get in.
  7. Hello! I've been playing Second Life for almost 10 years and I've had my fair share of bad experiences with stores, even popular ones. I was wondering if it is against the ToS to make a pick about my bad experiences with them or make a public post on a blog? Something like: "In my opinion you should stay away from store X because of Y reason." Thank you!
  8. I was wondering if there's any way to make the Firestorm viewer to use more of my PC's resources? I've checked my resource use in regions with a lot of objects but it seems that my viewer refuses to use more than 10-15% of my CPU and only 2GB out of my 16 GB RAM. My PC is a beast and can run very demanding games with no issues but when it comes to SL it's kinda bad.
  9. Hey ! I've spoked with my friends recently and we decided that we should have a land. So the main problem is that I found somebody who is selling a portion of his land and I'm not sure if I need a premium account to buy his portion of land?
  10. Well Im not using that avatar for sex anymore i just used it two times. Also It was a tall avatar with adult clothing and demon wings. It also has a face make up to give the face a mature look. But i can't do anything about the bih eyes.. I deleted their texture and i raised up the glowing to 1.00. I used this avatar for sex too because it was looking pretty mature ( it also had oversized boobs lol.). And from what I've read in your reply I saw you said something about making Hentai videos in SL. No I never made them or posted them anywhere. Anyway as i said in my first reply I won't use this
  11. Ok thanks for the warning. Honestly I didn't know that my avatar is taken as a child even if it looks like an adult or not ( my avatar was modded with different skin tones and make ups to make it look an adult) Thanks again , I wont use that avatar for any sexual contacts I will use it just to hang out with my friends.
  12. You should contact the owner of it ( and i mean who made it not who controls the collar ), he should tell you what you have to do. If you've already contacted him/her then try asking your friends or wait for somebody from the forums to help you. Good luck ^.^!
  13. A few months ago i bought the M3 Head and Avatar 2.0 body from Utilizator MP store , just to make a cool mesh boy anime avatar. About 3 day ago i had some issues with many players on Adult Sex and BDSM regions , many of them complaining about my avatar and they told me if i don't stop they will report me. That seemed weird to me since my avatar looks clearly over 18 years old. I told them that I only watch hentan porn videos and since i can make an anime avatar in SL then why shouldn't try to make some hentai in SL. They also told me my avatar looks like a child because his head is too cute or
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