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  1. I think I'll be okay. As long as they don't start talking about eating bugs.
  2. People who don't let the fact that they don't know what they're doing keep them from trying to fix something and making it worse.
  3. "Why don't you take a seat right over there?"
  4. I'd expect to see problems with streaming video before other games. How are Netflix and YouTube treating you? Are you on a wired or wireless connection? How far away from the modem are you? Is the cable connection to the modem secure? How many other people are using it? Check the modem's status to be sure about that, too.
  5. Sounds like either a failing network adapter, router or modem.
  6. Are the neckbeard incels who cry themselves to sleep at night while clutching their Sargon of Akkad waifu bodypillows after a long day of looking for love in SL behind a Jason Momoa avatar catfishing too?
  7. You may be suffering from a serious misapprehension of what paying a woman to talk dirty to you involves.
  8. If you're concerned about getting fooled by that horrid LL voice morpher, or that a guy might have made that bot you're banging, you probably shouldn't be trying to score in SL.
  9. Not after the last one. It is impressive someone found enough money to get anyone near another Terminator film, though.
  10. Put in a support ticket. What’s the worst thing that can happen, they say no?
  11. A freenis is the universal signal that you're a terrible partner who puts no effort into it.
  12. Which makes them fairly popular targets of trolls for YouTube. Hilarity ensues.
  13. Because that's not what it's doing. It's telling you how much of your card's VRAM is available for Second Life, not how much your card has. This is simply a misunderstanding about what the viewer is doing.
  14. Yes, I have found the best way to see how the settings are working on other people's computers is to ask them about it.
  15. What kind of performance impact do you guys see at LOD 4 over 2 or 1.25?
  16. I don't derender except to fix something breaking SL. An avatar that's crashing my viewer, or something like that. I'll block avatars & objects with annoying looping gesture sounds. I was blocking people with their mics open doing stupid crap, but I think I'll start filming them now instead.
  17. I found the old e-mails from LL to me, here are the relevant excerpts (the emphasis is mine): That's a form letter for being a jerk, not some one off because I'm as SL famous as Torley. Support ticket created, and a couple days later: I did, and the next day: That didn't seem too painful. Maybe if you really want your name changed you should AR yourself instead of waiting for LL to roll it out.
  18. They changed the username for an alt of mine with an ill-chosen name in 2011.
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