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  1. I want to spend more time with my SL family and friends and to make sure my computer and internet are working well so that I can. Right now both pieces of equipment really suck...
  2. Don't let the bullies win! For me, being a kid avi in SL brings me alot of joy and for a little while I don't have to "adult " Be who you want to be in SL, who brings you joy. Don't let them steal your joy! <3
  3. Hi! Just wanted to see if this is still scheduled?
  4. Sometimes I think that it's SL's unofficial middle name.
  5. I also have a child avi that I play most of the time and I agree with you and can vouch for this reasoning as well.
  6. Maybe a discount on premium membership to help attract new people and give us SL vets a real chance to check it out.
  7. So sorry I had to miss this one. I will definitely look out for the next one!
  8. I completely agree. I am more afraid of people's fears and panic and the media is just feeding it. Like SARS and bird flu and every other virus this too will pass quickly.
  9. YAYYYY!! I'm excited to do this boot camp. I am an experienced host but it's been a while and a little refresher will be a wonderful thing 😊
  10. Will you be holding this again soon? I would love to attend this. Thank you so much!
  11. Hey there!! This might be a place/group that intrests you Check it out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Free%20Spirit%20Farms/84/237/23
  12. Ally, I am so very sorry to hear that you have been so sick in RL. I really hope you get to feel better soon
  13. Thank you all, but I have done this in firestorm and the largest I can get to is 2.0 which is still too small. Also, it only enlarges chat text. I would love to see the rest of the text be able to be resized as well. Its a real strain on the eyes to try to read things like inventory lists, or change preference, ect.. and to use the magnifier that is with windows makes the game almost impossible to play. Thank you again Peace, Love, and an amazing day to all!
  14. I have been watching this thread for a couple of days now. Seriously people??? I have always believed that we are alive to love and help one another, to care for each other and support each other, not rip each other apart, or tear each other down for what ever reason you have made up in your heads. And from what I am understanding, this obviously isn't this first time you all have attacked Miss Steffi. How about all of you put your self centered egos away for a moment, put yourself in her shoes, and see how all of this would make you feel. Maybe you would think twice before posting aga
  15. Hello I am looking for a job in either the wedding business or at a maternity clinic as a doctor/nurse. I do have a little experience in weddings but am willing to learn new things. I am also an ordained minister. I worked for over a year as a doctor in a maternity clinic in SL but it has been several years since I have done this and would love to refresh my skills and learn any new updates there might be. I do love people and I love to be able to see them happy in their SL lives/journeys and to be able to be a part of that is truly a joy. My hours/days are flexible
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