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  1. but you can only steal things that mildly inconvenience your victims. What are you taking? I'm taking the plate that goes in the microwave.
  2. OP, If you like SL, then stay. There are like 50K people logged in SL at any given time. What you described as "friends" clearly aren't friends and, even though it's easy for an outsider to say this, but good riddance to them. If you enjoy SL, wander around, you'll end up meeting new people. It's inevitable
  3. This is exactly what i was saying. I just hope the angry mob isn't going to jump on you now Robin.
  4. Not my point. I just used picked furries as a random subject i'm personally not interested in, pointing out that because i'm not interested in it, should i advocate tot to be banned. So what? 3th time now i'm saying this. That is what moderators are for to enforce set rules. I'm saying like OP said, The political topics do pop up in general, so why not have its own subforum. This is almost turning into a Monty Python sketch:
  5. By that logic, i don't want to read about furries. Should i advocate for that to be banned? OP mentioned that political topics do pop up in the general discussion forums. It's also been mentioned that LL doesn't really close them unless personal attacks occur in them. From what i can tell is that OP's idea was to put those in their own category/subforum. That on its own isn't a bad idea and as an added bonus, it gives everyone who doesn't want to read them, the opportunity to never ever click that subforum and read someone's political opinion. Its happening anyway, so why not put them in their own "box", right?
  6. You completely misunderstood what i've been trying to say. My main point is that we should have a spot on the forums to talk politics and you have the choice not to read it. The clip i chose from Ricky Gevais explains how when someone sees something they don't like to read, to just walk away from it. I don't care if he's an "edgelord", this is not the point, at all. You are missing it. I'm not a "fan" of him, yet you seem perfectly fine to put me in that category. Very telling. Look, i understand you want your "safe space". I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm not trying to be edgy. Please read back what i said in my previous post. hou have such hilariously easy options: don't read it, don't engage in it. Block it if you need to. So simple. I personally don't want to provoke anyone here. I do enjoy a good political discussion. Again, if someone is provoking here, that is what moderators and the report AND the block buttons are for. I really don't see the issue here that so many people seem to make of it. Other then maybe they don't like their ideologies shaken up a bit or challenged?
  7. I'm actually all for this proposal. I'd love to see a political subforum. It's just like OP said, they are popping up occasionally. So why not have a subforum for them and if you don't wanna read them, don't read them. The reactions to this proposal are sadly typical for 2021. "NO! i don't want that here!" "Take it to reddit, not in SL!" It's pathetic really. Open debate and discussion is healthy and enriching. If you don't want to be part of that, then fine, walk away, it's not for you then. don't read the subforum, but yelling and screaming that you don't want it on "SL" is very narrow minded. SL does fall under the category social media, doesn't it? Where people come together and talk, right? I think talking about, debating and discussing politics is part of that. If it turns into a catfight then things can be monitored. Isn't that what forum monitors are for? I find it kind of funny how it's really easy to run into ***** (the word got censored, lol - "sex with animals") in SL if only you visit a few adult sims or have the Adult category ticked on Marketplace and nobody bats an eye but when we want to talk politics, everyone runs around waving their hands in the air like we just murdered a baby unicorn. Ricky Gevais says it best: PS: There is someone here on the forums (a very active poster) that has a BLM logo as profile picture here on the forums, for years now. I had an "All Lives Matter" logo as my profile picture for a week and it was taken down. Not personally attacking this person with the BLM logo to be absolutely clear. I'm all for freedom of expression and if this person wants to display a logo of an actual racist organisation, fine, thats this person's right. But why did my ALM logo had to be removed. See my point? SL is hilariously selective on this. It's a really long shot of ever getting this subforum, also because the lot of you demonstrated that it is really easy to get you triggered on even the notion of talking politics. Unless you're on the side you "should"*** be.
  8. Interesting approach. I will play around with this. Thanks
  9. So i have made this script for my own avatar that makes heel clicking sounds. I know i know, there are about 53 billion of those around. Mine is a tad different. It uses llCastRay to know if i'm walking on grass (aka Linden Land) and in that case it's silent. Why would heels click on grass, right? It also has a volume control. So just a tiny hud with 2 sliders. Sound volume and speed of the clicks. I put it up for next to nothing on MP a couple of years ago and to my surprise it sells like hot cakes. Still does to this day. Now, I am using a seperate script on myself that i wrote to slow me down. When you analyze the default avatar walk (AO off) you'll have what is known as the "duck walk". Everyone hates it, but i find it interesting in how it works. I've been chasing it and trying to understand it. It seems to match your avatar speed. In other words, you're not moonwalking with it. So the script i wrote is fairly easy and goes a little something like this: I take the controls of the avatar and i have a vector called V that has the value vector V = llGetPos() + <-targetspd,0,0> * llGetRot() * llEuler2Rot(<0,0,0.0>*DEG_TO_RAD); After that i simply llMoveToTarget(V,tau); This method works fine for me personally. I've also added a small hud to it with a slider, so i can fine tune the speed of the avatar with a selected third party walk animation from an AO so my avatar will walk the speed the animation was mocap'ped at or made. the only real issue with this is that llMoveToTarget slowed down isn't really happy on elevations, or uphill slopes i should say. I can't do stairs all that well using this script, my avatar and its camera will bounce and the avatar will jump and eventually get in it"s running animation because (i assume) the viewer isn't sure what's going on. Now, Open Sim has a better solution for this and an actual function called osSetSpeed. It works well enough on flat surfaces but again, isn't great at uphill slopes. I have the hardest time getting up the stairs, though without the side effects SL does. (bouncing) I was thinking to add a timer to constantly monitor my current altitude when walking and compare it with that from a second ago and if i'm currently higher than a second ago, to increase my avatar's speed but that might be adding to lag. I'm really almost obsessively aware of not trying to cause lag. So, i'd like to add this "speed control" to my heel sound thingy and add this extra feature to it, but i need to find a way to deal with slopes. As of now i'm a little stuck. Would any of you have a viable solution for such a thing? Thanks, Caith.
  10. Very interesting responses from all of you. I do find myself in a lot of them. Let me ask you this though. Have you seen the 2018 Movie Ready Player One? When i saw it, i could not help but think and kinda link it to SL and my experience in it. If you haven't seen it, its on Netflix. Trailer:
  11. That furries exist. I'm not even joking. Before joining SL i had no clue this kind of joint thing was widely "practiced" lol
  12. Unlikely that LL would do that i'm afraid. But if you want to generate Mesh trees and upload them, then i can recommend a tiny piece of software called Tree It. You can download it at > https://cgtricks.com/treeit-free-3d-tree-generator/ Or google it.
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