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  1. Hi. As premium member you can have a Linden home or a parcel of 512 (and since few days 1024) sqm. Just buy a parcel on mainland, it will require to pay a price in Linden dollars to the current owner, then the maintenance is included in your premium account. Mainland only. Cheers
  2. By "they" I meant the owners, the prices of sales can increase because the demand will probably increase...
  3. I must add that, based on the yesterday's good news about tear prices changes, there could be a change in the land sales prices... maybe they will increase the sale price?
  4. Hi all I own a 2048 sqm parcel in mainland and I'm thinking to sell is to experiment in a different location. Is a G rated hill - sea view - parcel, really low laggy. What can be a reasonable price to sell it? Sorry it would be my first sell, maybe silly question... Jim
  5. Thank you so much to all. I think she is wearing lot of transferred stuff. I'll try to help her in verifying the content, maybe on a sandbox. About why she cares. As said she is noob. And I can understand to a noob can be somehow scaring to hear one that says things like: I saw you there there and there with this this and this. Moreover he seems to annoy also those people she meet. I also suggested to ignore, block, forget. Thanks again
  6. Hi all. A friend, a newbie, asked me how can a friend stalking her that way: he knows constantly where she is, and with whom. She is little scared and frustrated. I already said her to keep calm, nobody can hurt here. But I'm curious, and want to try to understand how to best react: 1- Is him using a script/tracker technique that shows also who's around her? 2- can he cam in "private/cannot cam" parcels? 3- does stalking represent some tos violation? Thanks mates Regards
  7. I revive this one i started because I recently found the auto alpha feature in the recent update. This avoids me to copy the bodies for each and every outfit. How? I got the autoalpha HUD from the signature store. Then I realized I can't add the scripts to the clothes content since they are not editable. What I've done has been to create a transparent prim that I can wear. I embedded the alpha scripts in each prim (one for each cloth) and I load them together with the cloth. Result: now I use one body copy only. Other benefit: I can remove the cloth together with the newly created pr
  8. Hi all I'm looking for a nice set of ao suitable for bento hands and head Currently I'm using a hud named voir. Nice but some motions could be better, so I'm looking specifically for: stand, run and flight better animations. Any hint? Thanks
  9. Thanks again, I used exactly the way to copy the body. The hud copy seems useless since the alpha values seems to be stored in the body itself. So I did that way, and I did it approx 6 times, since my wardrobe is not that rich. Well, today, the vendor, released a new version of the body and hud... :-(
  10. Thanks to everybody At least now I know a couple of tricks. Some clothes cannot be tried as demo and that's the result. Cheers
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