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  1. Here is another one, this is just before they released the Squishy Pickle, we were all lined up on the ocean, trying to get a look at what all the moles were doing. I think at the time they were at war with one another 😃 Edit: Now that I think of it, I think I added the flames and dino 😅
  2. While sorting through my pictures, I came across one I think is funny. This was a few months after Bellisseria opened, and there were a lot of people searching for homes, as a result we had a temporary homeless population that would set up tents and hang out at a variety of areas. I was never part of the movement, and only saw them a couple of times, but they had their own group. I think it was "Homeless Bellisseria", and I stumbled upon them while out exploring 🙂
  3. It looks amazing! 😍 I have a sudden urge for a piece of cake now 🙂
  4. True, but the people that want that privacy, don't want to be seen regardless. It would make the land a bit more barren, for those that prefer such an option. It is not like we can explore such areas regardless, but what we do gain is the ability to explore places which is nice, we can easily gain access to places that are fine with people being on their property.
  5. I think the best of both worlds is to give people who want privacy, the ability to hide everything on their parcel from others - while allowing people the ability to roam through them without any hindrance. There would no longer be a need for security orbs or ban lines, as far as anyone is concerned, all objects and avatars would not exist on the property, it would just be empty land. People could travel uninhibited without a concern of being teleported back to their home location, or getting a vehicle locked in ban lines, and those that want privacy can have it. Everyone wins in this scenario, no one is inconvenienced.
  6. It is a lot easier for me to follow a conversation in text than voice, it is also easier for me to respond as it gives me time to think out what I want to say. Also, for some strange reason, text feels much more personal than voice, I think it is more expressive than a disembodied voice floating through the interwebs In real life, I prefer voice, where I can see the person talking, but online I always prefer text, with the exception of videos and music. I even prefer emails, and texting my family over a phone call.
  7. Sad, my mega godzilla kittycat squashed my other kittycats RIP Adelbert and Emmy.
  8. 😍 I'm loving my camping spot, this spot right on the river is amazing! 😃 I really lucked out a couple of days with an alt, this is the first camping site I got and it is perfect ✨ It is nice to get away from it all, sit back and just fish 🐟
  9. They were very roomy, I don't have many pictures of my Meadowbrook home, but I did try the experimental 360 snapshot that gave a pretty good view of my main floor. The second floor had a walled off bedroom, bathroom, along with a large hallway and a faux door that lead to a pool I had created on the second floor You can see the pool above the living room, it was perfect for the huge sun window there. I'm not sure how well this will display on the forum, the picture is supposed to be 360.. If it does not show up as a 360 picture, you can probably just click on it and it will take you to my flikr page where it will render correctly. Here is a screenshot from my youtube video, I loved my old home although I was still really new to SL when I got it, so working with prims was not something I was very familiar with.
  10. 🧟‍♀️😍 I'm having too much fun with this 😀 My nuclear worms even have made an appearance 😱 I thought I would be clever, and set up a shared media prim to play a Halloween music video on repeat, but I noticed for some reason I could hear it outside of my parcel, even when I have my land set to limit sounds to my parcel only. So now, I'm looking for a shoutcast station that has spooky music playing.
  11. These are exactly the kind of textures I am looking for 😍 Thank you 😁
  12. I'm having fun decorating for Halloween. So far I have a wraith and zombies wandering around, I'm looking for some textures to make the exterior walls look cracked, as well as some of the windows. I'm not sure if I'll furnish the house or not, right now I have a shadow sculpty so it looks really dark in there.
  13. I really loved the Meadowbrook homes too, I would never leave my current Bellisseria home as I love it to pieces 😍, but I think it would be amazing for other residents if they gave them the bigger themed homes.
  14. Well, it is temporary and only being done for this reply. But I thought it would be fun to temporarily derender my belli home and put up my aframe, while all the neighbors were away. I have a skybox with a miniaturized version of it, it takes up a lot less space and not as likely to bother my neighbors
  15. I used to have a fun time playing around with the old linden homes, I think the one I liked most, from the outside appearance was the one I turned into three towers It had a total of 7 rooms, on the bottom floor was the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Then I had my bedroom at the very top of the middle tower, with a bathroom below it. The bedroom lead out to a little balcony, where I could gaze out across the fantasy landscape, and I could even sit on one of two bubble seats 😍 I had a little library on the top floor of the tower to my right, and in the top floor of the tower to my left was a little pool. Above it all, a few thousand feet, was a sky platform with a few trees, a table to sit at, and a bench overlooking the edge.
  16. That was amazing @kiramanell 😍 The videos were all fantastic, from your chat I was able to see your rezzer in action, and take charge! 😁 It really is a comprehensive rezzer, and it was fun watching how it all worked, thank you for uploading the videos ❤️ You really did an incredibly good job with it, I think you have some amazing talent, not only at decorating, but scripting too 😊
  17. I love that model 😍 It is my favorite of the old linden homes.
  18. Your rezzer sounds amazing 😍 Far more capable of the one I use, the collider would have been really helpful when I clicked the rez all button 🤣 I think I opened the gates to hell when I clicked that button, everything just started jumping out at me 😨 I can only imagine all of the work you have put into that, it is incredible.
  19. It gets pretty complicated, because it saves all of the coordinates of your items. If you set it up in the sandbox, it will store the placement of all of your items based upon the coordinates in the sandbox. I can take my skybox rezzer to a sandbox, for example, and it will rez everything, but it seems to place everything in accordance to the coordinates to the parcel rather than the location of the rezzer itself. So I have to go searching for my rezzed items 🤣 The problem would be, if you wanted to create a scene in the sandbox, then move that rezzer to your parcel, I don't think it would move everything in place correctly. You would want to setup the scenes in your own parcel. For experimentation, it would be fine, but I don't think it would work well for moving it to different parcels. Edit: I created a video, to better demonstrate what I am trying to say for you or others considering using a rezzer I took a copy of my skybox rezzer, and brought it into a sandbox. When I rezzed the items, they were no longer placed above the rezbox itself, but to the coordinates the items were saved to. I had to do an area search to locate where it had been placed to. This is why I say I don't think it would work for saving your work in a sandbox. This is more of a precaution to you or others that may want to save all of your work from a sandbox using a rezzer such as this one. For experimenting around, it is fine, which is what you said you wanted to do I just want to make sure you don't lose any work that you put into it.
  20. Just be careful, because each time you rez a scene it deletes all of the other scenes. So if you wanted two scenes available at the same time, I'm not sure if it is capable of doing it, the way I use it I have never needed to do so. Each scene, as far as I use it, is independent from one another, and rezzing one always deletes the other.. with the exception of rez all, which seems to rez everything you have setup in the rezzer. I have since discovered a pre-erase option is listed in the menu, I haven't tried it - but I do believe that will allow more than one scene being rezzed at once.
  21. Oh no, I wish I did. I bought this one off of the marketplace, my level of knowledge for scripting is very limited. I mostly just hack away at LSL code until it works 🤣 The rezzer I use is this one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Multi-Scene-Rezzer-Multi-Scene-Erazer-Pro-V5/16425760 I should have included the link earlier. I like it, because I can copy it. I have two on this parcel, one up in the skybox and one at the ground level. Each copy is capable of generating 11 scenes, independently of one another, but they use the same channel to erase everything, so I never end up going over my parcel limit (unless I select rez all 🤣) I also have a parcel on mainland, where I have two set up, one from an alt, another from me, and they don't interfere with one another, so there are no worries about other people erasing what you have rezzed. Edit: As a side note to anyone using this, you want to try to use this in the center of your parcel, because it rezzes items from the location it is at. If you put it at the side of your yard, it might not rez anything because the rezzed object will be out of the bounds of your property.
  22. Thank you 😍 I got the idea after renting multi rez skyboxes, I thought if they could do it, I could do it too
  23. I'm not sure if they could help you, but you could try customer support to try to get an estimated time frame of when it will be easier to get homes. The plan, as far as I am aware, is to eventually remove all of the older linden homes, at that time everyone will need to move to Bellisseria if they want a linden home I also believe, that the projected time for the old homes to be removed was a year, which I could be wrong on, and hope someone chimes in to correct me if I am. If I am right, I would take a guess, that after that year is over, it will not require a lot of work on your part, to get a Bellisseria home. I wish I could find the post I read that gave the estimated time for the old continents being removed, but haven't had any luck so far. Even if I could though, that is no guarantee, because their plans may have changed since I last read that. I would think, after a certain number of homes are available, it will start to become easier to get a home, but will still require refreshing the page for a while to get one. It really is all guess work for most of us here, because we are not Linden employees. The point in which you can just log into the second life webpage, and select a Belliseria home with absolutely no hassle, has not been officially stated as far as I know.
  24. I have several skyboxes, all set to a rezzer. All of the furniture in my ground home is also set to the rezzer, so when I am using the skybox all of my yard items, home addons, and furniture vanishes. When I want to have my home on the ground, all of the skyboxes vanish. It is the best of both worlds 😁 Edit: I created a little video demonstrating the rezzer, and how I use it. At around the 2 minute mark, I made the mistake of pushing "rez all" which tried to rez everything! 🤣 I have a bad tendency of pushing buttons that are not meant to be pushed. With a rezzer, you could also decorate each of the homes available to you on your parcel, and furnish it all at just a click of a button. The downside, is with the rezzer (at least the one I use) everything that you want rezzed has to be copy/mod.
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