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  1. Those are lovely. I've set out a particle script as a gift in the Bellisseria headquarters - so you can drop the script in any modifiable object.
  2. Based on my conversations with seasoned SL & premium members, they DID NOT know about the new log cabin releases (some did not know about the upgraded mesh homes either). I happen to stumble across information regarding the log cabin theme; however for it to be more equitable for all premium members I hope LL develops a way to actively notify premium members (maybe an in world notecard/message from LL to ALL PREMIUM members) - because a lot of SL players do not come to the forums, and are not aware of the Bellisseria group. As a new premium member and Bellisseria "citizen" - I am very much an outsider. The community is very warm, welcoming and helpful; however I feel bad that so many premium members are left out of the loop. Because of this, I now make a point to share information with other SL players. I have taken the position of doing what I can to share news/information regarding LL themed homes with players outside of Bellisseria and as a result three SL friends are now NEW and proud residents in Bellisseria. As for 512 vs 1024, I am sure LL has metrics on which style homes are taken first, held longer, in maintenance longer. Just from watching Patch's updates, it is clear Houseboats, Victorians and Traditionals do not come up often and are picked up and held for a while. The campers were "emptied out" and my guess is people flocked to log cabins, but eventually campers inventory declined. I have faith in LL - they are SMART BUSINESS MINDED PEOPLE (how many platforms can boast almost 2 decades of a loyal player base and there is zero objective/guidance from the creators on what to do in SL) and listen to their customers.
  3. Be careful of free catwa head scammers...secondlife:///app/agent/64ffa7a9-7e79-4472-b05a-3d57ebd58f7f/about - here is the warning notice from Spooky.Mistwall (Kastle Rock designer/creator) https://gyazo.com/554a50adb1e375da1a296ebb31f88756. Please be careful all.
  4. Found these cute stoves 1LI each $200L and are mod at XED Design http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Klein/72/226/34 https://gyazo.com/c4cf09416521bbfc21c480bc3633f568 And some cute retro fridges - 1LI and $100L https://gyazo.com/e86edf188ec9be3ff5dabd268894ec91
  5. Was wandering picking up Rez Day gifts, and saw this adorable fire place at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rookery/244/100/22. It's 8 LI and $100L https://gyazo.com/38c8e26df7d8de756e3355351c864752
  6. Since I'm pretty new....I do see people releasing on alts....to go for something else...or hold a property and create/upgrade an alt to find something better. The wonderful thing about Second Life is we can each enjoy it how we want because you can create your own reality space in a virtual world. It is a beautiful thing and pray that everyone finds what they are seeking in Second Life. And more importantly.... I pray that each of you remains healthy & safe as the world "battles" COVID-19.
  7. 4800 log cabins were created, and now only 3,300 homes remain - that means 1,500 log homes have been claimed since release AND there is very low inventory for Victorians and houseboats. With the state of the world at the moment, and a lot of people worldwide concerned about their income stream, log cabins may be moving a bit slower than Linden Labs projected (I have ZERO insight on Linden Labs projections) is understandable. I am confident that as the world opens back up and people are back to work or have more disposable income, the log homes will go faster. Additionally, I suspect there is a large population of premium members, and "senior" SL players (9+ years), who don't know about the new style Linden Homes/Community . I am grateful to have stumbled across someone in the Helping Haven group who knew about the showcase and shared the link. When I visited the log cabin showcase area, I fell in LOVE with the houses/theme, and upgraded to premium so I could have a SL home in the woods. I picked up a Traditional (so I could learn about Linden homes in general), then changed out to a houseboat (to see another style home), then gave up the houseboat for a log cabin. Some premium members had NO idea about the new Linden homes- A friend of mine has been in SL for 9+ years and had no idea log cabins were a theme/available until I talked to them about it - and now they have a BEAUTIFUL log home (have to admit I have location envy...but I am very happy for them). In closing..... To those who do not have alts, and have been searching for the right home - I hope you find the Linden home / community of your dreams - you will find it if you keep looking. To those who do have alts - I hope each home you hold brings you joy/pleasure and you have time to "live" in each property....and if one of them does not - consider releasing - because it may be just right for someone who is still searching.
  8. Kitchen shopping, and found this by Muniick https://gyazo.com/d0e1ad3e31d5d60f64392d524bf1a4b0 https://gyazo.com/529e09233afef5c4432bd9448244d31e Here's a LM if you're interested...http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port Lux/186/75/3401
  9. So...though this has a high LM...I could not resist...it just fits so nicely... https://gyazo.com/969db2be42956c9570fd65f6faa6ec2e (below is a video of the butterflies flying around and the plants swaying in the wind). https://gyazo.com/92c32aba96758929b1ab5df0f0166db7 It's from Dreamland Designs - Wild Romantic Garden Scene. I split off the chairs...and will use them someplace else...
  10. That is odd...I did a quick sit and did not see particles coming from either. Could it be the wind was blowing the bubbles? Either way...thought I would share...because had not seen anything like that with the rocks...and some of the log homes are on rocky plateaus. Will try to say if adult...unless there is flat out graphic in-your-face stuff (or clearly a BDSM place) - I pretty much look past a lot of the adult/mature content. Hope everyone is getting the log cabin of their dreams 🙂
  11. Found this jacuzzi.... It has a little archway under the stairs. LI is 24 but could look very nice in someone's back yard...(http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chaillet/204/103/2001) https://gyazo.com/55837248688b1471a4423eb1f308581e
  12. Would love to see... Brownstones https://gyazo.com/bfc5217e19643e653be0d3245e43f9ff With... Roundabout Roads https://gyazo.com/c0129bdbe97e58e11cbef43fabfd9515 ... a Community Park https://gyazo.com/abefd4145e8411cc9d7f2cdaa2ff0a38 and.... Waterfront Loft Apartments https://gyazo.com/1a79c778d91ed3645f3d9109c4cba1ec ....a gal can only dream......
  13. Free gift at Redeux...cute log planter with blue flowers.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unbroken Isle/73/139/3734 https://gyazo.com/a2e055a0a7b74e3be510d741e11a1ecd
  14. Oh...that tricky Abner Mole....too funny, and there is probably a whole generation who will not get the reference.
  15. (deleted my comment...someone covered it above).
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