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  1. I have a similar issue with corner chunks of brick wall... it is what it is I guess. you'll figure it out. Or at least make it work for now until demand dies down and you can bounce from house to house for a bit.
  2. Front sitting area with game, apple tree sitting area with chairs and firepit that provides props (should I put another chair?), a greedy game.... almost done. Just two rooms left to decorate, and 36 LI left to do it with.... 😎🤣😬
  3. Agreed... My return folder is full of bees... Bees have it hard enough. At least give them a few more seconds to fly back to the hive jeez.
  4. So Skyboxes eat into LI?? I could see them being more popular if they were a bit of a work-around, but if not I 100% dont get the popularity.
  5. Game room almost finished 🎉 *seats 5 singles or 4 couples + 1 single
  6. That is the question... Advantages and disadvantages of a belli skybox?
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm setting up a hangout spot and I'm looking for good card games and such to place in the area. I found the chatterbox games and they seem neat, and a scrabble board that looks ok... just wondering if there were preferred games / game vendors that might be worth looking into. Also I saw them on the marketplace, but are there updated versions of cards against humanity? Thanks in advance! Cyn
  8. Welp... I logged in today to 124785432677 messages about wandering chickens rezzing elsewhere .... I'm officially "that neighbor".
  9. Where did you get this video of me eating waffles?
  10. They totally missed a naming pun with the Bockin'eers
  11. It is the spooky raptor, but I 100% have a chicken too! We should all have a chicken party. We'll peck the ground and do chicken stuff. The neighbors will be all "wtf... chickens?"
  12. Anyone else "suburban homesteading"? I just set up my chickens, apple trees, and bees! My LI is high right now, but once the shed comes down for the autumn I'll set the girls up with more chicken stuff.
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