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  1. Found it in debug settings, showhovertip .. set to false 🙂
  2. Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well during these challenging times. I use the Second Life Official viewer and a few days ago was prompted to upgrade to the latest version. Since then no matter where I place my cursor I get the hover/information text box come up for whatever item it is over and I cannot find anywhere to remove it now. It is literally driving me nuts, lol. Can anyone please advise? This is the text I mean ...
  3. I have encountered a few people in SL who have wanted to be a different gender. Actually I think SL is a brilliant place to allow people to explore it and thats great. But I would beg these people to be honest. Twice I have entered into a romantic relationship and both times I have found in retrospect that I was in a same sex experience. I am not a lesbian and found the experience extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant once I knew. I do not do relationships for this reason.
  4. OMG I so love this, plus it reminds me of the brilliant tune Never Never by Korn...
  5. Watching the waves with my marine friends ..
  6. And having listened to the best group ever, it is now time for the greatest and best song in the world ... 😀
  7. Laika please do not deprive us of your pictures because you have had a disagreement with one person. That way we all lose out. x
  8. I do agree with you Beth and that's why I think communication might go a long way. A Victorian brothel, that may have been more popular with neighbours before 'Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with others' disablement was a thing 😂
  9. I think it would just be nice if people did rezz what they wanted to but bear their neighbours in mind to make it nice for everyone. When I was home hopping one place I rezzed to the house next door had partical emitters and glowing trees in the garden. As I am on the SL viewer I didn't have a derender option and I abandoned within 5 minutes. Such a shame, and in hindsight I could have sent a message to the owner of that parcel who may have been unaware they were impacting the neigbours but I had the linden home lust flowing through my veins to see where I could get next, lol. That blimp thing though, seriously, lol. Some things are worthy of an AR and some things an IM, lol 🥰
  10. I'm not a prolific poster but I do enjoy coming to the forums and reading, looking at pictures etc. Because I don't post for the sake of posting I do click 'like' on things that positively catch my eye, or are helpful or particularly beautiful. A simple 'like' click lets the owner of that post know I appreciated their contribution. It doesn't matter to me if they have posted once or ten thousand times and it doesn't matter to me who they are, I actually know very few people in world that I have interacted with on the forums so there is no bias. I've joined in and posted some pictures, I've posted a couple today. I'm not very good at it but I made an effort by changing my graphics settings, saving to disk and cropping out anything that looked a bit naff and a few people clicked 'like'. That did give me a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling, yes, but it was more about wanting to join in and be part of the community.
  11. My goodness, what a shiny bottom 😲😀
  12. Just hanging around waiting for my region to come back up so I can get back to decorating 😊
  13. Here is the fabulous view from my back garden on Yellowmarsh 😁 ... though I am pretty sure as soon as Cobbs Market comes back online it will be back to normal 😂
  14. I have been Belli-hopping for a few weeks hoping to get the perfect spot. Locked out 5 times a day for weeks (may be a slight exaggeration lol). I finally get a waterfront ... I am so happy I could cry and dance. But ... hang on a minute .. who put that tree there? Is there any mole there who would take pity? 😂
  15. Not too far from where I live there is a town called Sandwich and a village called Ham, the road sign used to be stolen on a regular basis. Glad I don't live in these places though ... 😂
  16. I'll be releasing this Trad in Smokey in 10 minutes (half past). It is a cliff top with water and a cul de sac to the right. There is land beyond the houseboats in the distance, my draw distance wasn't high enough to rez it. It is very beautiful and the only reason I'm not keeping is that I am still holding out for a Vic 😊
  17. My wish is that if you abandon a parcel it is removed from your offers for the 24 hour period. Three times I have gotten the same one (Dogwood) and it is going back in. The parcel is OK am just not keen on the neighbouring property's sparkly trees and glowing orb thingy and I can't de-render because I'm on the official viewer. So this is my 5 for the day 😣
  18. Is it the one in Timpson? I got that twice today already but have used up my goes now until tomorrow 😂
  19. Thank you. Lovely to meet you but doesn't my timing suck 😂
  20. 5 minutes warning: Am about to release a Traditional in the top right corner of Myopia Falls. It is a lovely plot with a sea view (with rez zone) across the road and a quiet neighborhood, just fancy trying out for a Victorian. 😊
  21. I have around 30 pages to make up as I was called away to RL (how inconvenient lol) but how refreshing is it for an an owner of an avatar to express a wish to have it appear older? The owner behind my avatar is 52 and I see that way too often in the mirror to want to change that in SL lol . Thin waists and pert boobies, yay 😄
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