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  1. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-05-07

    Some main channel regions got restarted a second time. The ones I know for sure are Twice Right and Gama, about 60 minutes and 90 minutes after their first restarts respectively.
  2. Now that we've got the new platform...

    They managed to make it even harder to use and read. But there are new smilies
  3. Which Laptop Would You Choose?

    They have the same processor and video card. The first one has better hard drives, and two more USB ports. The second one doesn't have a DVD/CD drive, and has half as much RAM, and has a smaller screen. So it would be worth spending more for the first one.
  4. Using Shout (same as Ctrl+Enter) in gestures

    A script in an attachment could listen to gestures on a hidden channel, and shout the gesture text.
  5. Unscheduled Maintenance

    "Unscheduled maintenance" is a euphemism that means something broke unexpectedly, or would be about to if they don't take action right away.
  6. I really enjoy secondlife.

    It's easy for people to misinterpret what you're saying, but you're really not too far off base here.
  7. Is there a way to ban someone from a group?

    It's now possible to ban an avatar from a group, in the group info.
  8. Can you ban someone from a group?

    It's possible to ban an avatar from a group now, in the group info.
  9. Are scripts ever really disabled on parcels?

    My guess would be that it's because technically the scripts are still running, as in they haven't been turned off. They're just simply not given any CPU time while they're considered disabled. So I think you're correct that it's just a reporting issue with llGetObjectDetails, although it's technically not wrong. People can bring as many scripts as they want onto a parcel, with the maximum script memory for each of them, and they are only prevented from getting CPU time. The scripts are still loaded just as completely as they would be otherwise. As far as OBJECT_SCRIPT_TIME goes, it's calculated by the region and not the parcel. So my guess is that the scripts were already running on another parcel in the region before being disabled on your parcel. In that case, it's likely that OBJECT_SCRIPT_TIME would only reach zero after 30 minutes.
  10. So...BUGs fixed on RC Channels....

    It says that the new server version that fixes the group bugs is going to be rolled out tomorrow.
  11. Changing group tags - taking two times?

    Lucia Nightfire wrote: This issue is filed under Thanks for replying, glad to know it's not just my viewer.
  12. Problem uploading images

    You can change your profile pic on the web at
  13. Asset servers are causing issues Yet again

    For what it's worth, VAT payments are usually calculated, reported and paid to governments on a quarterly basis. It's also possible to be on an "annual plan", where the quarterly payments are estimated based on previous reports without being calculated for the "quarterly time". In that case, the calculations are done once a year and a refund (or another payment) is necessary, if the estimated quarterly payments were too high (or too low). So Linden Lab would be making quarterly payments to governments regardless. However, there is usually a limit to how much someone can take in VAT contributions, to be allowed to calculate it annually instead of quarterly. So it's a good bet that they're not really making any money from the VAT contributions. The extra accountants who are needed to deal with the VAT calculations for different countries have become a cost of doing business. So in a way, their customers from countries with a VAT are actually costing them more. I'm sure that Linden Lab would be more delighted than its customers if they didn't have to deal with the VAT impositions by so many countries. Although I was shocked to hear that it's 23%, that is insane. I don't know how people deal with that. In the US, sales taxes around 6-8% are bad enough (but only apply online if a business exists in the same state).
  14. Group Notice Expiration

    This is a great idea. It sounds like someone would have the option of setting an expiration date when they send a notice, so that the notice would get removed from someone's offline messages after that date instead of taking space in their offline quota. It would be a lot better for the servers, and also not cap someone with useless outdated notices. It would also be great to have the option of keeping them out of offline messages in the first place, so that if someone is offline then it would only be sent to their e-mail if they have "offline IMs sent to e-mail" enabled.
  15. Experience Keys/Tools/Permissions

    Thanks for the updates! I've been wondering how they would control it as well, and could not think of a good way myself. It would need to be open enough for most people to use it in good faith, while preventing griefers from overloading the system. If they have to charge for the keys, I hope it would only be a one-time fee like groups and uploads. I'm hoping it will always be possible to use as an estate manager on estate land, without having to be premium. Jean, I think they've also built in a way to revoke specific permissions that have been granted in the past. So if someone would actually go through the trouble of abusing global permissions, it's easily fixed.