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  1. The issue with saving scripts is gone after the second restarts, and still the same server version.
  2. I think there's definitely something wrong, even though it's the same server version. I crash when saving a script in any region that was already restarted, and don't crash when saving the same script in any region that hasn't been restarted yet. They're all Second Life Server 2019-12-04T20:29:26.533447 before and after restart.
  3. I crash after saving a script in any region that was restarted today, and don't crash in any region that hasn't restarted yet. They are all Second Life Server 2019-12-04T20:29:26.533447
  4. Main channel was still on 2019-09-06T22:03:53.530715 until this morning when it got 2019-10-03T01:12:11.531528. Maybe your home wasn't restarted yet?
  5. Is there a way to tell which day the restart will be on a certain region, without the server name being different now? It seems like estate regions are always main channel unless the owner opts in to a release candidate channel, so we can be fairly sure that estate regions will be on Tuesdays, but there doesn't seem to be a way to be completely sure without asking the owner. How do we tell at all on mainland, when last week's release candidate is this week's main server? Let's say we're working on something complicated tomorrow (Wednesday) morning in a region that's running version 2019-10-03T01:12:11.531528. How do we tell if we're going to be interrupted by a restart at some point that morning with only 5 minutes notice, if it's on the release candidate channel, or if it's on main channel and just got that version yesterday? It seems like we can only tell for sure on mainland regions where we already have a restart tracker that keeps track of the last server version.
  6. We got two restarts in Cheertopia so far. After the first time it had the same version, Second Life Server, and after the second time it has the new version, Second Life Server 2019-08-29T20:20:39.530516.
  7. It's really a hard problem. They want as much typical use on the RC builds as possible so that they can get the best impression of how they would work when deployed everywhere, because last week's RC builds are this week's main server build. So it would probably help more to point out that the RC builds were already tested on the beta grid, and have literally become release candidates and are no longer beta builds. Because the problem is no one wants to have their production stuff running on a beta build. The best solution would be to have limited amounts of free land on the beta grid so that a good population would always be "living" there and testing stuff there. The whole point of the RC builds was that there wasn't a big enough testing population on the beta grid to catch all the problems before they were everywhere on the main grid.
  8. It sounds like the same reason that Cool VL Viewer isn't on the list anymore. It is one of the best viewers, and the developer consistently integrates recent changes from the Linden Lab viewers within a week or two. Some third-party viewers like Firestorm take 3 months or longer to integrate the same changes. But they require so much personal information to be on the list now. People outside the USA especially tend to not want to give up unnecessary personal information for no reason.
  9. My idea for the L$ option is based on the fact that currently anyone can: Upload an image for L$10 Upload a sound for L$10 Upload an animation for L$10 Upload a mesh starting at L$11 with increasing cost based on complexity Create a group for L$100 If the operational cost for experience keys is really high enough to justify a premium gate, a key could cost the L$ equivalent of a single month of premium since you keep the key when not premium. That would currently be L$2500 and will be increasing to L$3000. However, you can only own one per account and it's not transferable. They would need to make improvements in the management of the keys before it's viable for serious long-term projects, regardless of whether there's a premium gate. That is the bigger issue.
  10. The larger issue is that they can't be effectively managed for anything non-trivial, because you can only make one with any account which is tied to that account. So if you're not premium then you can buy a month of premium for an account to make a key on it, and then you have the key and don't need to be premium anymore. But you can only retain the key with that account, and need to link it to a group to use it with your main account. So it's really not a good system for anyone, and isn't helping them sell premium accounts at all. If they made the keys a one-time purchase with L$ that can be transferred like groups, with the storage on it being unlockable with L$ as outlined in the JIRA idea, they would actually get the income and sustainability they're trying to achieve with the premium gate. Currently you can make one for free per account if you're premium, without the option to buy more. They could charge more (or at all under the current system) to create them for someone who's not premium, but oddly they are choosing to not make them purchasable at all. No one is asking for it to be free. It's bizarre to set up something incredibly useful that can't be paid for or managed effectively. There are many issues with SL that aren't really worth complaining about or criticizing, but the experience permission system itself is so revolutionary for SL. People put a lot of work into it, and making it more accessible at a reasonable cost would do a lot to keep SL thriving and competitive.
  11. I think it would really help for most of the "prim properties" to be editable in the object editor. Hover text and sit targets are the major ones that people leave scripts in after being set. Texture animation in the object editor would also be very helpful. Particles might be a little too complicated for an editor UI, but there could be a button to clear them at least.
  12. I agree about all the scripts doing nothing. I believe there would be an overwhelming performance gain if they made it possible to edit the hover text properties in the object editor. People can only set the text, color and alpha with a script. They don't know it's a property of the object and doesn't depend on the script at all for existence. There are people who have been scripting in SL for 10 years who don't know that it doesn't depend on a script, other than it being updated by a script. It's possible that the majority of scripts currently loaded across all of SL were only there for the initial llSetText in state_entry, and never got run again once. All those useless scripts being loaded and using script time really add up.
  13. LeTigre regions were restarted a second time after being updated to earlier, and went to like it says for Magnum.
  14. I just had a third restart as well. The first was before 4 AM, the second was before 5:40 AM, and the third was before 6:45 AM SLT.
  15. Do they know that regions get maintenance restarts twice sometimes? The second one can be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours after the first one. It's very strange, I think it only started happening at the beginning of the year. Would it help to post region names here?
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