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  1. I just have a script in a bunch of regions that tells me when they come back after a restart, and what the version was before and after.
  2. It seemed to be updating fine again every day until April 27th. I know for sure that the current image in 4 regions is still from April 26th based on what is pictured, and the last modified date on the server confirms it for every region I've checked with these images: https://map.secondlife.com/map-1-[global x]-[global y]-objects.jpg such as https://map.secondlife.com/map-1-1000-1000-objects.jpg for Da Boom
  3. I'm not sure about not being allowed to send chat, but the registration for receiving group chat can be weird. It seems like you're only registered if you open it for a group manually, or were allowed to receive it when you log in. So it seems like you don't receive it if you just joined and haven't either opened it manually or relogged. I've also still been registered and received chat after leaving a group, before relogging.
  4. Maybe you logged into the beta grid?
  5. The additional risk is that it could happen at any time, on any day, without more than 5 minutes notice. It's bad enough to only get 5 minutes notice within a certain time window on a specific day. I think a good rule to start with would be 10 minutes warning for every hour in the window. So a during a 3 hour window there should be at least 30 minutes warning. A 24 hour window should have at least 4 hours warning.
  6. Sandbox Island is a main grid AWS region that looks good for testing. Anyone know any others?
  7. I've asked a few times in the past for the maintenance restart warning time to at least be doubled, from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. I don't understand why it would be a problem for the rolls to end 5 minutes later, or to start the rolls 5 minutes earlier if they really want it to end at the same time. It is about having respect for the customers who are paying for the regions, and the people who manage the regions for the people paying for them. I'm not really sure that the employees understand that people are paying for this, and that it's not just their personal sandbox that they get paid t
  8. I think it's important for SL to not be tied to a single cloud computing service, regardless of how people feel about Amazon. Imagine if people in Europe could choose to host their estates on a European service partner, to have less latency for Europeans.
  9. Your friend could only cash out L$ sale proceeds through a verified PayPal account regardless. So you're better off selling L$ and cashing out the proceeds yourself, and then sending them money directly through PayPal instead of going through Second Life/Tilia.
  10. For anyone wondering, it looks like main server regions will only be restarted if they've been up for 10 days, since there was no RC roll last week. It would still be good to know if anything is being rolled to the RC regions this week.
  11. I wanted to buy a really cute top a few months ago, but didn't just because of the unhideable brand name in the center. It wasn't even like a real logo or anything, it was just in a font and looked like it took them 5 seconds to put over the texture. It's such a waste when low-effort, unhideable prominent branding ruins something nice for no real reason like that. The strangest part is they did take the time to make the text white on dark colors and black on light colors.
  12. Wow, you're right that "Sandbox Astutula" and "Sandbox Pristina" are premium only. I couldn't try "Sandbox Verenda" because it's offline. It seems like "Sandbox Exemplar" and "Sandbox - Weapons testing" are gone altogether. But Nick is right that "Sandbox Wanderton" is still good. Scripts are only "off" at the parcel level and not the region level, so you just need to be at least 50 meters above the land mesh (at least ~76 meters on Z).
  13. It's definitely hard to find a good sandbox there to test things, hopefully this helps: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid#Regions_on_Aditi
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