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  1. now call me crazy, but if someone makes a complex head they can surely distribute a hud through group notices for a "personal inworld vendor no transfer that works until midnight" and avoid all this while keeping transactional records (for redeliveries). But I guess making a flash sale akin to a DDoS is a way to flex too, I honestly can't say about their reasoning but it also shines a light in how many more visits MP could be getting after some updating/upgrading.
  2. Well, yes. But actually no! The extra effort due to lack of coding skill from the original dev team should not factor against customers.
  3. Thank you for all your replies, you all are the best 😃 Lemme try to answer some: I think you're right. My heart rests at easy now. No, really. Don't want, son't pay for it, but I was so disappointed I had to rant a little. I took it personal. It wasn't. Yeap, but as someone else said probably it's to promote a month of premium. Maybe they'll open up in the future. I meant it's the only thing I happen to use. But yeah, the respect part is because I believed the token price speech and the "let's build together" and all that. (more bel
  4. Yeah, literally not what I said. I just don't see why the need to say "token price so people won't change name so often" and the likes of it. Just say it like it is and that's okay. But disapointed, for sure.
  5. So, I've heard on that live streaming that the name change would come with a small fee to prevent too many changes and all that. Maybe to cover upkeep cost on all those changes needed for it. But to change a line of text for the price of a full Triple A game... This makes me sad. SL has always been about community, and although I know I'm far from being a huge spender here, I had my fare share of moneys going to support designers and artists and even got premium to support Linden Labs itself (really, the only good perk is cutting the line to get into Uber, Acess, Cosmo, etc). It's n
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