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  1. Keep in mind I am not talking about baking a texture into the mesh. I am talking for what she is doing and that is putting an image on an already created mesh. Also jpeg are better for complex images like 3d. They take less time to load. PNG are good when you are dealing with a transparency like windows, but they take longer to load. Wulfie is right, PNG would be ideal if we were dealing with real 3d platforms like unreal engine and unity... but this is SL... it is dated. They are building on an obsolete system. (It is why you have to "dumb" down your mesh so much to upload it.)
  2. Yes but it is not blurry... trust me, I have tried every combo over the years. 2048x2048 jpeg at 100% at 300dpi look the best. And dpi (ppi) DOES matter when you are wrapping something around a 3d object. Here is an article that explains better: https://rendervision.com.au/3d-rendering-resolution/
  3. The "legal" version is a question you answered when you got the right to upload mesh in SL. You agreed to not use any trademarks... Nike, Reebok, Lui Viton, Gucci.. ect... However SL is loaded with trademark gear, and stolen 3d meshes, even by some of the more popular creators. The law of copyright says you have to have at least a 10% difference. So technically you can make Bucci... At the end of the day it all comes down to what helps you sleep at night...
  4. Also keep in mind that LI is not perfect. I have uploaded the exact same object before, with the exact same settings, and got 2 different LI
  5. Because of the new PBR system in SL I would recommend using Adobe Substance Painter instead of zbrush. It has a direct export for SL settings, it can make the UV maps for you, and it is a lot easier to learn.
  6. Also make sure you use a .jpeg (png, tga tend to be blurry) and use more dpi. I use 300 dpi, that seems to actually help a lot, since you are actually stretching the texture on an object.
  7. I am not talking an event, or traffic, or a heavy user store or club. Just shops instead of houses, you can put whatever you want inside. As for the part about competing with residents selling/renting, the same can be said for residential land. LL has like 15 different types now. Nice small commercial land that doesn't look like poop is hard to come by... I guess I could just use the home as a shop, I have seen people do this. However it would be nice to have some dedicated land that was more "city" like... with shops instead of houses. I would rather set up like a cool restaurant, or a cafe, a movie theater, gas station, a jail, an art galley, a dog shelter... the possibilities are endless. I would much rather have something like that, then another house.
  8. It is nice to have all these house options, but some of us have no interest in a home because we already have a sim or something else. What would really be awesome though... is to have a "Linden commercial Shop" Region. Instead of houses have shops, set it up like a city... Not like a mall, or the events... Like the houses now... 100 or so to a region. I know some of us would like that way more then a house.
  9. They said because the sound will keep trying to play. Its in like a cache. So after a period regardless of where you are it will still try and play. Relogging clears this.
  10. This is the answer from the JIRA: (In case anyone else looks up this issue) "The sounds were coming from an attachment that the specific people were wearing, for example, Πελαγία ΚΝΩΣΟΣ (malifax). The fact that you didn't hear it possibly means that the attachment they are wearing is muted (in it's settings), or the scripter set the volume of the sound to 0.0 instead of 1.0, or possibly the asset server couldn't send the sound file. The fact that the sound file was repeatedly playing rapidly in a short amount of time suggests a bug in the script. Why would it be coming from different avatars? Good question, I'm glad you asked. It's not unusual for multiple random avatars to wear the same attachment. Maitreya mesh body, Lelutka head, etc - any attachment may be the source. Regardless if you have spam protection enabled or not, the fact is, those avatars are wearing an attachment that is rapidly repeatedly playing a sound. Whether they are playing a zero-volume sound (like, a sound recording of silence), or a regular sound but the script is set to 0.0 volume, either way, you are noticing it due to Firestorm's spam protection. With Firestorm's spam protection disabled, the sound is still playing, still spamming, but you merely wouldn't know it."
  11. Yeah I filled a JIRA with firestorm. Also there is no actual sound... https://jira.firestormviewer.org/browse/SUP-27502
  12. It does not do it with the SL viewer, however there is also not a spam option in that viewer. There is also no sound either, so it must be just a firestorm thing, and not a SL thing.
  13. That could be it. Tomorrow I will try it with the SL viewer and see what happens!
  14. Go to the sim Oro, that is where the original one came from. The other was her sales sim. When I asked Candy Azure about it, she said that the person was her builder. The thing I don't understand is nothing was attached on either avatar. You have to stand there for a second or two. Then TP to any other sim and you will notice it. ONLY if you have your spam settings turned on. I know I can just turn them off... I am just curious as to what it could be. An experience would not follow you to other sims.
  15. No because it followed me to other sims that were unrelated, on both avatars.
  16. So I went to go see something in SL and I got this: Second Life: AntiSpam: Blocked Πελαγία ΚΝΩΣΟΣ (malifax) for spamming a Sound (60) times in 4 seconds. Not a big deal.... However when I TPed out to a different SIM it followed me: You are now at Belleza, Belleza (144, 68, 26) Second Life: AntiSpam: Blocked Πελαγία ΚΝΩΣΟΣ (malifax) for spamming a Sound (60) times in 4 seconds. You are now at LeLUTKA MAINSTORE, LeLutka (121, 160, 24) Second Life: AntiSpam: Blocked Πελαγία ΚΝΩΣΟΣ (malifax) for spamming a Sound (60) times in 4 seconds. Now relogging made it go away, I tped to a couple sims no problem. Out of curiosity I decided to go back to the sim where it started... Once again it followed me around. I went to 8 different sims, all unrelated. I am not wearing anything, and its not a group. Still with the curiosity, I took out my test avatar that is not in any group and not wearing anything. I had them go to the sim, same thing. It was a sim owned by Candy Azure, so I went to some of her other sims. Same thing different people. Second Life: AntiSpam: Blocked ƬλﮎϦλ Ƭλνɾνﮎ ﮎოιϮнﮎση™ (tasha.taurus) for spamming a Sound (60) times in 4 seconds. Second Life: AntiSpam: Blocked Bridget Leavitt for spamming a Sound (60) times in 4 seconds. Second Life: AntiSpam: Blocked Destiny (destiny.cox) for spamming a Sound (60) times in 4 seconds. Now I know I can just block them. What I want to know is what is this? Its obviously something temporary that somehow attaches to the avatar without being seen and without permission. Am I the only one who has noticed this??
  17. People are going to shop a certain way in SL. A lot people access SL on devices that are not ideal for viewing SL. Therefore you will always get cam shoppers. There is one solution that will ease some congestion. Set the landing point, but leave the TP routing to "anywhere" that way if people like something, they can create their own landmark that will put them in front of the item they want rather then the landing point. I have double click on land makes me TP to point, so I can go places faster. I do an area search then "TP to item". There is nothing worse then doing this and being brought back to a landing point, instead of where you intended to go. When this happens more people will cam shop.
  18. I have used this tool, it works great for land that is not flat... However like most mesh, you will not be able to rez on it. Just use caution rezzing no copy items, or put out a rez prim
  19. As far as I know there is no way to download. However if you go to World>> Region Details (Alt+R) On the Debug tab you can get Scripts and colliders. Also world>>parcel details, on the general tab you can get "script info". If your looking for just objects, you can do an area search. World>>Area Search... You can go to the filter tab and check distance 0 to 999999 hit apply and it will bring up a list. As you walk or fly around the list will populate with everything around. Hope this helps!
  20. Simple solution is to link it to an invisible prim, Set the mesh to "None" which will make it phantom so you can walk through it. You can use the invisible prim as your physics if you want. However if you want to do it right, when inside Blender or 3ds take just the plains on the inside, the top bottom and sides, and save them. When you go to upload your mesh select this file for your physics shape. After you bring it in world, set the whole thing to "none" then back to "prim" and walla you can now walk through it.
  21. The easiest way to do this, is by using a brush in photoshop on the texture. Here are some examples: https://www.brusheezy.com/free/skin-pores
  22. You can't export something in SL that you did not personally create, no matter what viewer you are using. Even if it is full perms. . . You can contact the creator of the amination and ask them nicely if they can make the animation into a static pose. I have actually found that a lot of creators tend to be nice about these sorts of things... sometimes lol
  23. Poser is an excellent software for making animations for SL, with little effort. Just keep in mind the 30s/300 frame limit of SL. To me the hardest part is getting the animation to loop back to the same position within that time frame. Otherwise your animations come off jumpy, and twitchy. If you want to try Blender, here is a good tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V-xfKnVWvo
  24. In the video you showed us, they are using texture maps. All you have to do is one more step, and that is to use the rendering engine to burn the texture maps onto the mesh. Then upload the mesh and texture maps. Also if you don't want to use blender for this, I have found that Substance Painter tends to work a lot better for this kind of thing.
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