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  1. Thank you so much for your fast response, I was wondering if it was because I didn't define it. The text is something that is always changing with the other scripts, so that means that if I have to define it, it will not work. So that answers that question. So the next try would be to change a chat command into a menu button. I will work on that, thanks again
  2. I thought what I was doing was fairly simple. I have a prim that I am wearing that has text over it; Simple enough. I want to show and hide the prim and the text with menu buttons. I made the menu and all that which works fine and for the buttons I have: if(message == "Hide"){ llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 0.0, ALL_SIDES); llSetText("", <1.0,1.0,1.0>, 0.0);} and this if(message == "Show"){ llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 1.0, ALL_SIDES); llSetText("", <1.0,1.0,1.0>, 1.0); Now for the problem... it will hide both
  3. I never use to have this before... Even with like 20 marketplace windows open. Now I keep getting an error over and over again saying... "This website is under heavy load" Then a gateway time out. Its really annoying. Any one else having this issue?
  4. Ready to move into our new homes!! lol
  5. I feel you, I have to work all day Sunday, and on Monday. When a new game releases, it's nice because you know the exact day and can plan accordingly. Unfortunately it's hard to plan around this. If you cancel plumber and stilts doesn't come out, you will have no house and no water I am hoping for at least a 24/48 hour notice before they come out.
  6. I actually did not know this... Thank you for clarifying. I always wondered why when I hit submit bid it was like automatic that I was outbid... I just figured it was a bot because it was so fast. That makes more sense
  7. Thank you for your answers I will try that
  8. I have noticed that when prime real estate goes up for auction, like Horizons, and Bay City, there seem to be bots that outbid you as soon as you bid no matter how high you go. Then when the actual land is won, it turns up for sale for an astronomical amount. Aside from shelling out $500 to $600 for a 1024 in these areas, is there any other way to get this land? I have been playing the auction game for a year now, and there is just no way to win these places it seems. I have my own private sim... but I have this 1024 that comes with the primum membership, and I would like to be able to use it.
  9. If you do not make payments, what actually happens is Linden Labs with attempt payment a few times. They will lock your account after that, and if you want the account back you will have to pay the money you owe them, before they locked your account. You will not lose the account.
  10. I am having the same issue... It usually keeps me logged in, but now every time it asks for the username and password. In Chrome, If you keep auto sign on, set to on, at least it will show your user name and password, and all you have to do it click log in. https://gyazo.com/924fd697e7dd05374f616fecf71f4184
  11. I get none of those. I can log in fine, it just does not save the info so I have to log in every time.
  12. No it just will not keep me logged in. it keeps my name and password... but I have to log in everytime
  13. I have my marketplace password saved, and I have it set to always log me in. I understand after I clear my history, change computers or sometimes an update, you have to log in again. Yet it is all the time now. My other things that I have saved my password still auto log me in. It is only this site. Is anyone else having this problem with SL marketplace or is it just me?
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