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  1. Its the tattoos. Some are not alpha blended well. Take them off and see if it works.
  2. There are different ways to make and unwrap UV textures. (Normal Mapping, Unfold Mapping, Smoothing Grouping, Flatten Mapping, Flatten by Polygon Angle and so on) Unfortunately, SL only likes 2 of them. Flatten Mapping and Flatten by Polygon Angle. If you are trying to use something else try flattening it using one of the two methods and see if it works correctly.
  3. It looks like the bottom part of the dress is too long for the body, hence why it is crumpling. You could try to shorten the dress, or try using the developers kit for the bodies like (Matraya, Belleza) If that does not help, This video helped me years ago when I was working on clothes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAg3OZxQvik I use Maya, but Blender has the same attributes. Hope it helps.
  4. Here is a tutorial I made on how to bring in large items into SL: Hope it helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU2r9Iw8DrA
  5. Sometimes that message is a false message. You just have to keep trying or re export the object and try again. Sometimes I will try again in an hour or the next day and it uploads fine. Sometimes using a different viewer helps. If the mesh really is messed up then even after trying in a day or so and a different viewer, then you can try and fix it. Hope this helps.
  6. Over the years I have run into a lot of people who have a hard time bringing mesh in to Second Life, or have problems making mesh, and get asked a lot of questions. I have used different programs and through A LOT of trial and error... mostly error, I have found a way to build houses for SL that is generally easy. I made a tutorial from start to finish and I hope this helps anyone who is interested. I do realize there are so many other different ways to do this, especially with the lighting and textures. However this is the way that works well for me, its not for everyone. I hope this helps someone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9YcvZQJllo
  7. I recently downloaded the SL viewer to see the new changes, however when I went to install it, it installed the 64 bit version fine, (C:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewer) but then started installing again the 32 bit version (C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer). I have never had this happen before. I don't want both versions, so I stopped it after it installed the 64 bit version, and tried to run it, it keeps saying I need the 32 bit version too, and tries to install it. I don't need SL installed twice on my computer. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? Is this something new they started?
  8. Yes, you are right. I should have been clearer. You should always bake at least the AO map first in your 3d program so that the shadows and everything are where they are suppose to be. You can texture the AO map in photoshop using the liner burn feature to basically burn the texture into the AO map. Using photoshop for normals and specs, should only be done on an already baked texture!
  9. Yes because you can edit it. Choose all the settings. So in a lot of ways its better
  10. It works great, and being able to adjust it is awesome. Baking the normal maps in 3ds with the lighting maps sometimes makes them too strong or not strong enough, or non existing depending on the texture. This is perfect because you can adjust them, test them out in SL, and redo them simply without having to rebake anything.
  11. A simple solution is to make a regular invisible prim and attach it to the base of the item, make sure it is the root prim. Then with everything linked set it to "none" then set it to prim. This makes anything that is not physical more or less phantom while keeping the part you have physics on solid. It should reduce your land impact count.
  12. You can also take the regular texture and bring it into photoshop. And from the menu. Go to Filter->3d->Generate normal map. You can also do this for a spec map (generate height). Here is an example. You can also fine tune it as well. I find it a whole lot simpler then trying to generate them in 3ds sometimes.
  13. I will try and do that. It does like it better when I bring it in separate. Plus I am going to make my own LODs as well. Working on next thing now :)
  14. I watched the videos about making your own LODs. I use 3ds not blender, blender was to complicated for me to figure out, and I have been using 3ds since the 90's lol. I have had to simplify things before to bring them into SL. It never dawned on me to do it for each LOD setting. I will try that on the next thing I build and see if it works.
  15. The video was about physics. The physics I don't have a problem with, it is the LOD values. Let me try and explain this another way. I walked around SL with my LOD on 1. I looked at my houses. It is the further away you get. Up close everything thing looks fine. If you cam out far away, the house starts to break down, the lower the LOD the faster it breaks down. I have noticed other designers houses do the same thing. Some not as fast as mine. My goal is to not have it do that. Here is an example of what I am talking about: This is an example of a simple house I did. This is cammed far away with the LOD set on 4. Then I set my LOD to 1. Up close it looks fine: Then I start to cam further away: Now even further: See how it breaks down when the LOD is set to 1. I built a simple house made of prims in SL with my LOD still set at 1: Then I cammed far away, and it retains its shape as far as my draw distance will go: I want the mesh houses on LOD 1 to do the same thing.
  16. I do make my own physics. I take the walls and floors and export them separately to use for physics. I did not know I can make my own LODS as well. Thank you for the link.
  17. I have been doing this for quite awhile and I thought I had it down. Recently I just became aware that people run around SL with their LOD setting on 1-2. I have always had mine on 4, so I never noticed it before. Please someone tell me what I am doing wrong, that makes the house crumple up when I cam? I use an architectural program to design the houses, and then I use 3ds max/VRAY to make the textures, get rid of faces not seen and export the physics and house for SL. I also use 3ds to make things for the architectural program (Fences, Doors, lights) When using the architectural program for "real life" all I have to do is generate blue prints for contractors. SL gives me an opportunity to make houses, that are not bound by building codes and structural engineering, I love it!! So this whole 3d thing is very new to me and I am self taught. I have taken everything unnecessary for SL out of the houses (Insulation, Wiring, Framing, even the faces of prims that you do not see ect...) When importing the mesh I have tried so many options. So far only one has worked for me. Example 1 is what it looks like before I add the physics. Example 2 is how I add the physics. I just do analyze, when I use simplify it makes holes in the walls and blocks the doorways, so I skip this step. Example 3 If I use high LOD, you can see it is way too much land impact. Example 4 if I use the error threshold it is still way to high. Example 5 If I just enter what it gives me for generate auto it is reasonable, but seems too high for such a small build. Example 6 Is what I normally do. It works great, the house is low LI, you can walk everywhere. However there seems to be a disappearing and triangle effect on low LOD on thin prims (banisters, fences, window lites) In world, I set the house to none, then to prims in features so that only the physics remain to "bump into" Someone once told me about "billboarding" but I did not understand what they were talking about. Does anyone have any links for tutorials or any advice then can give me to make High LOD with Low land impact, I would greatly appreciate it! I have been trying to avoid "thin prims" on my builds because of this. I also noticed that the more details or curved prims I add to a build SL just won't take it. I do import the house all at once. I can do it in pieces but it is very time consuming, and really doesn't make much difference. For all I know, I could be doing the whole thing wrong. If anyone can help, or tell me what I am doing wrong, or explain "billboarding" to me in layman's terms. I would appreciate it!!
  18. I just saw that this was posted below. My bad. I tried to delete it but I can't find a delete button.
  19. Are they going to create 2048 homes for premium plus members?
  20. Well said! If you are worried about a few dollars here and there, then maybe SL is not the game for you.
  21. When is this changeover going to happen, Is there a date? Will it still be set up the same way (Like the Casper site)? Will we still have a customer tab? Or will we have to dig through Linden transactions? Will it work seamlessly with the holo venders like it does now? Will we still be able to use venders we create with it, like Casper? Will the Venders work with the rental system like they do now?
  22. Thank you, I was having the same issue no matter what viewer I used and wondered what was going on.
  23. Thank you so much for your fast response, I was wondering if it was because I didn't define it. The text is something that is always changing with the other scripts, so that means that if I have to define it, it will not work. So that answers that question. So the next try would be to change a chat command into a menu button. I will work on that, thanks again
  24. I thought what I was doing was fairly simple. I have a prim that I am wearing that has text over it; Simple enough. I want to show and hide the prim and the text with menu buttons. I made the menu and all that which works fine and for the buttons I have: if(message == "Hide"){ llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 0.0, ALL_SIDES); llSetText("", <1.0,1.0,1.0>, 0.0);} and this if(message == "Show"){ llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET, 1.0, ALL_SIDES); llSetText("", <1.0,1.0,1.0>, 1.0); Now for the problem... it will hide both the prim and the text; however it will only show the prim not the text. I have been at this for days, and I can't figure it out what I am doing wrong. Now ideally: This script is working with other scripts and there is a chat command "/28 Show" that will turn the text back on. If I could turn that chat command into a button on a menu, that would be awesome, but nothing I seem to do works. I tried to think simpler and do: llOwnerSay("/28 Show!"); but that only says "/28 Show" in the chat and does nothing. At this point I am at a stale mate, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  25. I never use to have this before... Even with like 20 marketplace windows open. Now I keep getting an error over and over again saying... "This website is under heavy load" Then a gateway time out. Its really annoying. Any one else having this issue?
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