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  1. The speed cameras that IM are just harmless RP, but ones that give objects might be seen as harassment, as that dialog is a pain. On the scale of the sin, it rates pretty low.
  2. They need "No Drama" in their profile. Reading his real life photo text: seems he has also complained to Mr Trump, Mr Trudeau, and Mr Xi. Not sure these gentlemen can help him.
  3. That's only 10 weeks! Patch would still be quite correct saying it's just weeks away.
  4. The Perlin Noise function used to merge the tiles also shifts over time. Mac, Linux, and Windows will all shift into different places over the course of a year.
  5. My guess will be an Ebbe release for SL16B.
  6. Normally you would use either mesh landforms, or do the terrain first and then use something like https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LandMap-Change-your-ground-texture-without-land-powers/236734 to put down sculpties. Not perfect, but it can be quite passable if you take time and do it slow.
  7. That's a sugar daddy isn't it?
  8. Annoying, but not as annoying as hairy crotches and shoe filled butts were!
  9. From actual experience... build a kid friendly, but not a family-style suburban RP and kids just don't come, under 200 traffic. Build a bog-standard dance beach and kids do come, to the point I can get over 10K traffic for events. The few that do come to RP fully live in drama and fake-rumours and a desire to be officers and make all their own rules. A common fake-rumour being "Hey you know that xyz region, it's really a front for sex, don't go there". I would so happily build a RP region fully for kids, but I know from bitter experience, it would be under 200 traffic after the first
  10. Just crashed between 2 RC regions - so I am not sure it's fixed.
  11. Might be the landscaping for the trailers park -- Dirt tracks, communal showers, half dead shrubs and wheel-less cars up on cinder blocks. Patch (wearing dressing gown, ugg-boots and hair-curlers) just towed the trailers out for a short time as the moles did their magic.
  12. We asked for that and Dakota said "Why do you want to punish Gatcha resellers!" (she really did use the word punish)
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