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    Best viewer for 2017 MacBook air

    Thanks for that. I did notice the mac whirring a lot on opening Firefox. I'll switch today and test it out
  2. Anybody got any tips for viewers for a 2017 MacBook Air? im a windows girl and firestorm was lovely but on my macbook it's not as good
  3. Nothing changes on my laptop. I have mutiple wifi connections thru different providers and this still happens. Laptop is firewalled. last time i restarted the computer and it worked fine for a month. now its started happening again. I definately think its an SL issue and not hardware or connection
  4. Both SL Viewer and firestorm log me out after 2 mins my laptop is an alienware and more than capable of running SL and has done for a year graphics have not changed and update was done a few days ago and been perfect since any help is appreciated
  5. Erotic Insane now has 3 free photobooths for anybody to use, only a simple group join is required. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ringo/132/61/22 We also have a photo competition worth over 20000L$, a Dominatrix themed Art gallery, hang out beach and gardens along with a bar. The sim is entirely open to the public, see if you can spot any of our little easter eggs around the sim. I've also created a little treasure hunt as well for the sim and easter eggs 1. I have a deck but no backyard, I have a bow but no arrows, I have a stern but I’m not serious. What Am I? 2. How many butterflys are in the garden/gallery 3. What has a ring but no finger 4. A device that nearly everyone has that can freeze anyone it sees. What is it? 5. I have a bark but no bite? Ill post the answers in a few weeks time, happy hunting!
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ringo/132/61/22 Win a dream home worth 15000L$ Erotic Insane are hosting a competition to win this BBX dream home You can also visit our beach, art gallery and our free photo booths (group join required) Entry is 100L$ and the winner will also receive 1000L$ prize, a photo shoot and a selection of art from our gallery Come and see Princess Selene or myself and feel free to explore our cute little sim