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  1. 3 year full warranty + cool pad. anybody have any setting tips?
  2. I know the constraints of sims etc, all I wish to do is make sure I am using my graphics card to the fullest
  3. I am a keen firestorm user however I lost some of my settings due to a laptop change. I currently have an Alienware with the Nvidia GTX 1060 I basically don't care about heat, I just want 30-40 FPS without lag Anybody have any tips, what should I check and uncheck thanks Bea
  4. It's in LL's best interest to keep us shopping
  5. I agree about tags for searches, but my main aim is to put gacha separately I don't know how it can be good for the economy if you cant be bothered sifting thru pages of gacha to find something
  6. I love to shop, but I hate scrolling through the endless pages of Gacha items there should be a separate MP for this as its gotten ridiculous If you agree please reply hopefully we can inspire a change
  7. Nothing changes on my laptop. I have mutiple wifi connections thru different providers and this still happens. Laptop is firewalled. last time i restarted the computer and it worked fine for a month. now its started happening again. I definately think its an SL issue and not hardware or connection
  8. Both SL Viewer and firestorm log me out after 2 mins my laptop is an alienware and more than capable of running SL and has done for a year graphics have not changed and update was done a few days ago and been perfect since any help is appreciated
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