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  1. Before I address this I want you to consider chaos. Chaos is, well, chaos. You can't control it directly. It's impossible. There is however "chaos theory". This means you seek to undestand the chaos. You control your own action/responses instead of trying to control chaos directly. To society I say ***** the norm. That's the problem. The normal person is actually very flawed. TOO flawed. Do you want to be "normal" or "Better"? It's too common for people to allow mistakes to happen, not address context and be weak and evasive cowards incapable of making fun happen instead of complaining about it. I used to hide from the world. Now I am the eye of the storm. Influencing what's around me. Want to believe you have the power? You'll have to back up your claims then. Show me you're an aware person that can establish assurance and honesty and you'll have the power. I'll happily place my trust in someone that has a brain and knows how to use it. But make mistakes? Hmm... Seems you're the one that needs guiding. And I will do so. The learning can be fun. But you will learn control. You will learn to be stronger. Better. Lie to me? Refuse to give me straight answers? Can you even handle the truth? Hahahahaa... It's all in being upfront with awareness and corrections while remaining upfront and honest. You can't get under my skin. You can't phase me. I've been through the worst you see. Broken. To the point of apathy. And you know what taught me? To not fear the unknown. To seek out the answers. To make the best from the worst. And knowing I make that happen? Feels pretty damn good. You know you have power when you convince the most stubborn. You know you have power when you move mountains. Just keep in mind that no one acts without self interest. And the greatest power of all is to use that against someone to further your own goals. Which just so happens to align with theirs. Be prepared to debate about what the truth is for a week if someone has concerns though. In the end who has the power of... observation. It's a talent to value. Think of me as a dog. Hellhound is my persona actually. Good nose for it. cold hard truth is this. You probably are an idiot. The question is if you're willing to learn. Why do you think the wisest will say it's about what isn't known? It's all where the answers lie. And that knowledge is indeed power. The winning argument? The turning point every time when somoene acts like they know something? How do I get people with doubts/concerns to do things with me which makes them happy too? "What don't you know?" In order to turn strength into weakness you must admit you're weak. The same can be said for power then. If you're clearly not having your way then there's a missing factor. Sooner you admit it sooner you can gain that power.
  2. Expreince comes from Furcadia and SL alike. Lives and sanity have been lost, so pay attention. Otherwise it could be you. People had concerns. No one wanted to hear them. Too busy trying to pretend only fun exists and escaping from situations instead of facing/confronting them. That's it. The end. I'm not going to go into a sob story about it. But treat online like it's "just a game" and that could be why your inconsidirate ass has the issues you do. As you live in fear and make excuses to never address context? This circles back on others. Who in turn start having similar issues. Depression. Despair. Suicidal tendancies. All because people go "It's just a game." No, it's YOU that has the issues. It's YOU that is hypocrite when you play the blame game and never take responsibility for anything. I honestly hate people like that. Where's the understanding there? There isn't any. You just want to make a target when you do that. To this I say I keep in mind the other persons mental and physical well being at all times. And will question and challenge their logic at every turn. Questions. Asking each other. Addresing concerns. getting the full story. It's life. But it's also SL even if people pretend otherwise. Pretend otherwise and it's denial. And I can't trust an idiot that doesn't use their brain. That doesn't mean I need someones life stroy. It does mean I know when someone makes excuses and contradicts themselves. It's not assumption, it's observation. If you can't handle the truth then you don't value honesty even if you claim too. Or if you do then that's even worse and you betray everything you claim to stand for when you only have your own viewpoint and never listen. I can trust an honest hypocrite. I can't trust someone that has their own head so far up their ass that they never ask or get the full story. Fun happens when concerns get addressed. That means take SL seriously. And if you can't do that then you're a weak fragile person that can't handle it. Do you really want that? Got a slave lately. Been fun breaking them to be stronger. Questions, corrections. Honesty and straight answers. But for honesty there must be answers. And you won't get them by fleeing and escaping. The lack of considiration for others will harm you in the end as well. Want to know why people are drama when you're desperate for fun? Probably because you don't try to be understadning when people have concerns. Or if you do try, your approach is flawed. Then you're the one with issues. Maybe you feel like you'll never fun and end up isloating yourself even online. As a gun or a knife or a bottle of pills starts to look tempting. This is a daily occurrence by the way. Man... And people say SL is just a game. Ignorant fools. Have the fun. But never turn a blind eye to danger. And that danger is trying to escape. Being weak. Fragile. Delicate. Soft. I actually enjoy helping people. It benefits me. It's just easier to have fun when people talk and listen to each other and address concerns. Not saying don't be weak btw. But I am saying do better when you are. It can even be fun. I got a slave latey but I also enjoy aiming to please others and can be on the leash. The trick to it all is to make the best of any situation. Which you only really learn when you been in the worst. After going through "Darth vader" to the point of apathy, it's childs play now. I can adapt and bounce back in any situation. Even to the point I get degraded and talked down too as I point out hypocrisy and corrections which ends up in *****ing. Do you get that skill and talent by only escaping? Hell no! Deal with the serious and learn to play in it and you can have fun anywhere at any time. Life will teach you the hard way if you don't try too. Be it online or offline. Better on your terms, right?
  3. This touches on a good topic. It's all in the corrections. And also context. Instead of "broad labels". eg: assuming. My only real pet peeve is cowards. They can't handle the truth. Because they'll never be able to stand their ground to find out. No skin off my back. But any time it happens I think to myself "I used to live in fear once". But knowing why it's also why I don't have any sympathy. Be afraid. But never be a coward. There's a difference. You'll continue to live in fear and despair if you are. And in the end we all have to look into a mirror. Just give straight answers beyond "I fear the worst" when asked and it prevents a lot of complications. Otherwise you'll tell yourself the same BS over and over as fear and paranoia gets the better of you. And end up beliving the lies you tell yourself. "Suffering and drama begin when you lie to yourself, even if you don't realize you are lying."
  4. Back in the day I actually joined club contests. But those don't seem to be a thing these days. It was actually fun to put in effort to be the life of a party. If anyone knows any furry clubs doing contests that would be good. I know there's some SL games. Tried linden fishing, but nothing to fish because already farmed or something. Most of my items are actually gifts. But I'm wondering what ways there are to earn lindens in game. Could pole dance of course, but that goes better when posting to grab peoples attention. Wanna aim for something a little more active though. What do people even do these days? And I suppose I should ask what SL jobs there are, beyond making items and scripts. Host is obvious. Edit: Forgot to mention. Time isn't an issue for me.
  5. What better clown then Joker from batman? Joker isn't insane. He's actually very smart, very understanding, and very very rational. He'll let you assume otherwise. It's for this reason that he's also very very dangerous. He also wants Batman to genially be happy. Not the fake laughing gas kind. But he really does want Batman to be happy. And he'll never give up on you. Never stop in the struggle of understanding each other. He'll also destroy your life if you let him. But he'll love you if you challenge him. Joker dies. Even Batman has no choice to admit they're all monsters in the end. He says it to superman when he's older and wiser. This also means Joker was right when he said they're not so different. Batman didn't want to hear it at the time. Too close minded. And now? Now Joker isn't even there. To be able to go "I understand now". Would that have given him a reason to stop his slaughter? "What if... What if..." Maybe Batman feels like he failed Joker. I don't think even Joker would laugh at that. ... Also known as any relationship with struggles and hard times. Appreciate what you have now. As strange and hostile as it may seem. Or risk never being able to face each other when you can. When you still could have. If that doesn't scare you... It should.
  6. I'm saying that being an ignorant idiot is STILL being an ignorant idiot. And that happiness is NOT an excuse to justify that. In your previous post, you acted like it was. I'm also saying that that ignorance catches up with you and bites you in the ass. I'm saying that people pretend not to care when they're actually bothered. I'm saying that those SAME people some day find themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to care. Because their partner might get into X crowed. Of their child might fall into X group. I'm saying that those people that didn't give a ***** before suddenly give a *****. And they have only themselves to blame when they can't handle the change of the situation that suddenly affects their personal lives. How easy it is for people to change their minds all of a sudden. To suddenly be more accepting people. But that does NOT excuse a complete and total lack of being understanding in the FIRST place. The way you talked earlier, it's like you think "Your own happiness" is an excuse to not give a ***** about other people. It's not. I am here challenging you about the fact that when you do that people hold grudges and will retaliate. That isn't to say you have to LIKE the group or whatever. But at least have the balls to FACE them. Because if you can't do that then you don't even know what you look down on or claim not to care about. When you don't even know anything about them. And if "walking away" is the approach you take OUT of a relationship, how can you be trusted IN one? I NEVER walk away just because others are different. And for this reason I have NEVER walked away in a relationship. Or out of one. Frankly, I don't allow the habit at all. I might not approve of some things, but never ever walk away. Otherwise that's not even trying to be understanding.
  7. You're not getting it. "Being happy and ignorant" does not excuse ignorance. In fact that ignorance can affect a relationship, and probably will sooner or later. Due to the fact people "fear that easily". Do it with one thing, you'll do it with another. So yes, X is this and X is that. But EXISTING isn't something to be judged or looked down on. Physically. And being what you're into what makes YOU happy makes YOU happy. Therefore, knowing you want to be happy without having to deal with judgemental bigots, why then do people judge? This will only encourage negativity, not happiness. You can pretend it doesn't matter but let's face it, treat women like *****, treat black people like *****, treat any group like ***** "Just because you see it as *****" and sooner or later there will be retaliation (not necessarily intended). And this can lead to things like fighting for coexistence (doesn't translate to acceptance). And THIS in turn can further lead to violence, people falling out, fighting, maybe even dying. Let alone the insanity that has to be endured. But people don't care, they'll tell themselves. Only at some point it's THEIR lives about some other situation. For being "into X kink" or "poly" or "not religious in that christian family". It doesn't really matter, it ALL applies. X is X, remember. That's what you said. If X is X, I'm saying X is you. You are that person at some point that is seen as someone you're not and misunderstood. Why then do it to others? It only fuels negativity. The "bad habit" you pick up then gets into your relationships. No one actually moves on. You might TRY too, but trust me, I've heard that line countless times. People remember. They just don't WANT too. Except then they end up telling you they missed you. If it's not that it's someone you treated like ***** holding a grudge and making sure you don't forget. Don't judge at all, don't look down on people because you fear the worst, and you circumvent this. Fear is its own beast. But I for one never use it as an excuse. It's not THAT person I'm looking at that held a gun and pointed it at me. It was ANOTHER one. And pal, that's been done. But I sure as hell don't use it as an excuse to project my past fears onto others. That's what this is about. How people project. Because they can't. Control. Their. Fear. It doesn't take a genius to tell you people that can't control their fear/anger are a threat/danger to people around them. Wherever that's one you accept or not is another matter. Personally, I can teach others easily. Pushed past closed minds even if it's unpleasant. It's amazing how people don't give a ***** until you remind them of things like fear and how they easily see the worst and then proceed to prove their fears are unfounded which makes them want to be better people. That's a good thing. But it still doesn't excuse the closed mine you previously had. Currently happy or not, that ***** matters. Because it's about YOUR fears/concerns. Go ahead. Counter argue. But I think you have to agree that when it's about your own flaws you have to take note of it. Even happiness can be dangerous if you lose yourself in it. You risk hurting whoever you're with down the line if you're not aware and are caught with your pants down, basically. And who doesn't want to be prepared for that? For example: What if X partner got into X group that you might hate? Suddenly, all of a sudden, that same group you never paid attention too has to be paid attention too. And you don't know a damn thing about it when you had every opportunity to do so before. "Move on". Pfft. I never moved on from anyone. I never give up on them even if they give up on me. Which gets them to never give up on me even if they moved on. I never give up. Even if they do. So if people move on and tell me they move on then why have they come back? See, moving on is an excuse. You remember. You know it matters. This is happening right here right now and you remember the last time you turned your back on something and didn't even try to understand. Here's the thing. If that's how you treat one person, how can you be trusted it won't be how you treat the next? And how can you trust yourself to not do it to a partner on a really bad day? It's for this reason that I never give up on anyone I care about. You can't move on from me because I'm too considerate and always do what I'm told. Also, I can actually challenge people and have logic and reasoning on my side when you might be emotional (hopefully they too have logic). But some people struggle. And don't know what to do. And can't even admit their own flaws/weaknesses and inability to handle some things. But that's not a THEM problem. That's a YOU problem. You're just looking for a target when you go "I see the worst of you when I don't even know you".
  8. When it comes to actions and how people behave, sure. But "for just existing"? Big difference. It is a life lesson. But it's not an excuse to allow yourself to be looked down on either. The real lesson is learning to stand up for yourself and to fight for that acceptance. Heck, sometimes that's literal. It's kind of sweet how a son fights for a fathers love. Or how two people that just met fight to be understood. This comes down to HOW you do that. I don't "move on" from that if someone looks down on me. I make them understand by looking into a mirror. Sure, they're not me, but if they complained about something and then did it themselves... Bingo. The perfect comparison. They argue with themselves at that point.
  9. Have you ever seen yourself as the worst person in the world just because you exist, wondering if you mere existence is why others are harmed? Don't care what you are. It's your actions that define you. I COULD make a sim to ban people for being X or into Y. I choose not too. Try isolating yourself for a year because you feel like you don't belong anywhere. You'll probably feel the same way. More importantly history has shown over and over discrimination breeds violence and conflict. Regardless of the "what" or the reasons. People will lash out and retaliate when they feel oppressed. It's inevitable.
  10. There's "earning it" an then there's doing the same thing over and over and over until you go insane for pennies. It wouldn't be such an issue if the minigames weren't a pain to put up with at times. It's faster to get to know someone on a personal level until they like you enough to get you nice things (which in itself takes a long time). It's kind of barmy. If you ALREADY have to do things in real life that take HOURS (and this includes OTHER things then having a job) then NO ONE is going to be able to sit there for 2 hours as they gain only about 20 lindens. You get LESS then a linden a minute. Do the math. If it had been at least 1L I'd probably do it. But less then that? Hell no! And no one is going to stand there clicking every minute on the dot either. I bet it's less then 1L to avoid "click bots". So it seems to circle back to bots being the problem again. Earning it I don't mind. Warframe makes you play the game itself as EVERYONE ELSE plays it. Regardless of who pays or who does not. It's kept FAIR for everyone. Everyone does the same things and has a chance to get something at all times. Want plat? (the in game currency) Sell your hard earned items from missions for in game currency at a FAIR price. Which is actually decided by the players themselves and not the staff (and yes, SL market, but you still need to GET the lindens somehow). Somehow the system works. In game currency earned through actions (practically every action) traded for plat. Want plat quickly? Use real life money. You're still spending a few hours but the net gain feels more balanced out. It's still "less then if you paid" but you don't feel "cheated". There's a reason the game is praised so highly and it's for it's "Do many 0.1 credit actions and get plat while still having incentive to pay real money for said plat". Technically you gather certain in game items to trade. Which you can't do on SL market. And you get them everywhere. But the variety is so big and diverse it leaves room to trade for real money. So who knows, maybe SL could find a way to do something similar. "Many item drops but with trading for it". Not sure how that would work, it's just an idea. Maybe not even a possible one. But at least I'm THINKING about other ways instead of just complaining about "Boo hoo, too easy, too hard, too given". Plenty of games DO have ways to get stuff for so called "free". Money wise. But it's all bloody EARNED at the end of the day. It's all WORKED for. Second Life can't do the same thing like warframe (I think. Technically possible but hell of hard to implement and balance). Thing is you don't actually go on missions on Second Life. However, a club event is LIKE a mission in another game. It's an ACTIVITY to get involved in. Where you have to put in EFFORT to get something. The same methods from warframe simply won't work on it. But there's club events and similar activities. Which, yes, you can get lindens from. But if someone puts in "a lot of work" and comes out empty handed when someone else wins "simply because they paid real life money to look better" then that's one sided. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Unlike with an in game trading system where you can exchange items without bias. No one cares about your avatar, they care about the items you present to them on the table that you worked hard to get. It's impossible to be bias unless you got a foul personality or something. You simply can't abuse a system like that. Which is what minigames are supposed to do, but come on, less then a linden a minute? If it was more fun to do, sure. It if was just for a few hours to get a fair amount, sure. I play games for days and nights if it's kept engaging. But not "Click click click" (fishing) or "just run in circles with no other actions" (coin gathering). Warframe. You run, shoot, slide, hack, talk to LOTS of other people. For Honor: Run. Fight. Capture. Pause in the activity itself as you emote to each other. The key to keeping anything fun and engaging is variety. Variety with the "game types" themselves, yes, but ALSO variety in the game type inside of itself. How can you get more people to fish and gather coins while keeping it fun? Set a campfire at a spot? Host "fishing events" where people can chill and hang out, which by the way is NOT a thing? Fishing is supposed to be about "enjoying the time together" as well, is it not? It at least makes it less of a "chore". There's a difference between "work" and "chore". You can "earn it without being too bored" or "Get depressed because there's no happiness in the job". Although some clubs do care about personality over "just how you look for the event". Being the life of the party and all. Provided you look "fit for the event". I however can stand in the middle without fear and "work to be the life of the party". But it's not exactly... easy to do for a lot of people. I can be "that energetic". A lot of people in this day and age feel "too drained". Due to things like depression and mental illness being on the rise (in general as much as on SL). Me included sometimes. Somehow I manage though. Makes me think about people that can't "gather the energy". But at least it keeps others involved as well when you're getting them involved. That's why I win at club events a lot of the time. Unlike some others, I care about the people first. Lindens simply happen to follow suit. And I'm saying it straight. if more people focused more on PEOPLE before lindens SL would be better for it. Once you start putting yourself over "everyone else" people stop having respect for you because you don't respect them. "You matter too". Simple as. Some people get so desperate that they focus ONLY on the lindens. Which makes them NOT get the lindens. Know what I'm saying? In some ways I feel sorry for them, in other ways they bring it on themselves. Either way SL suffers for it. It's making it a less attractive environment for many. And all because everyone is being ONE SIDED. Paying people want people to pay, free people want ***** for free. Please try to compromise and don't act like the current system is perfect when it's not. There's always room for improvement when you put your mind to it. But how many even try, eh? How many get fixated on "Your current idea won't work, forget it altogether"? BOTH sides need to think outside the box. Sadly I haven't seen club events happening as often as they used too. So even that isn't being "earned" so much these days. I remember back when clubs were hosting the pratically every day. And minigames are simply too much of a chore. That's being OVER worked at times. Sure, if something costs 50L it's possible and not too much to do, but maybe someone has their heart set on something that costs 2000L that they want to even give as a gift to someone else. By warframe standards I can get the equivalent of that in a week if I "work my ass off". By second Life standards it's probably going to take a month if not longer without club events (which can't be guaranteed). That doesn't mean it's "easy" by warframe standards. You still have to work your ass off. But can also have that variation, you know. That reminds me, Joysticks on SL streams games. I should look into that. Since I know I'm good on youtube vids and have high energy in games it's entertaining enough for others to watch. There we go, another current SL idea. Now I just need to figure out what games to show. Which is different then what to "just play". Sometimes it's more fun to play then it is to watch and vice versa. I don't mind "working for it". But I DO mind "spending too much time in my personal life". I say this as a free to play gamer that's used to "working for it". When it's FAIR then it's a none issue. But pal, 0.1 L every minute with no variety, conversation or fun is anything but. The system FORCES the games to stop being fun if you need to rely on the games. You do too much of the same thing over and over. But that's not a fault of the players alone. Linden Labs has to accept their share of the responsibility for designing the system in a way that it's stopped being fun too. Maybe it's just the change of times which makes the older games less appealing which now needs an "update" or a "reboot". Perhaps they just need "spicing up". Not just in terms of the games themselves but with ways to keep people engaged to "play for fun". Like how you can play another computer game "just for fun" instead of doing objectives. Even some FPS games can be like that. Stop shooting, have a chat, mess around. Likely why SL is even a thing in the first place. So ideas from other games that are completely different are proven to work because of this alone. Flesh and Fur also suffers from people "having to abuse the system for lindens". Along with other places. And I doubt any of us want SL to be full of people "just using people for lindens without caring about the person". Unfortunately that happens. So it's a rather grey matter. On the one hand there needs to be a fair way to do that. Which is why club events are perfect for this. You have to "interact with people". And I say that as a big introvert. So you know I'm not biased in saying that. There's a very important thing that people using SL for lindens lose sight about. And that's that they'd probably get more lindens if they stopped being so selfish. Just as selfish and greedy as some people that "pay real money and brag about it". Money is only one form of currency. Pay back in DEEDS and ACTION. By "being there". Naturally some people might have concerns about being abandoned if they run out of lindens or have no easy access to it. I get around that issue quite easily. "work for each other in anything none linden related as well so we know we trust each other". Simple enough. If nothing else maybe you find out you both have talents that you can put into action together which makes money when you couldn't do it on your own. It happens. One thing I think we can all agree on is that no matter what side of the fence you're on we need the passion in it all.
  11. By this logic you should take away all free ways to earn lindens, which potentially results in a loss of players on Second Life. It's the only thing keeping poor people on the game. Hell, by your logic why have any free ways to earn in game currency at all? And I never said "give", But there should be ways to earn it in game without real money. Next you'll tell me a game like Warframe shouldn't have free ways for players to earn in game plat through in game trading. Which is why the game is so successful. Completely different game of course, but it still results in "enjoying the online environment". "free" ways to earn in game currency works, when there's a fair balance. Or otherwise a good community that can support the poor. And "pay with real money only" puts people off a game. It's that simple.
  12. You're operating under the assumption that everyone can afford to buy things on SL with real money. Newsflash, not everyone can afford too, even if they do pay for the internet (which in and of itself is a drain on the wallet). Only glanced over some of the posts so far. Not for most of the ideas. However, I do think something like a "daily login" where you can have something would be nice (but why another currency? Just give +10L each day or something). It would at least beat the horrid mini games on Second Life. Personally I view that as the lesser of two evils. Personally I'm very picky about what I spend my hard earned lindens on. But I have gotten most of my stuff for free just for being that nice a guy too. Most of it unasked for. Not everyone has the luxury of being that charming and able to look out for others though.
  13. So if I find a way to make the animation for the legs being tied together a lower priority it should override the animation? Would that mean I'd be lying on a bed with the legs tied together? Is there a way to set your avatar and anything you have on as lower priority? I know there's settings in the menu to fix animations when you get stuck in them. Not sure if you can set an animation from an item/AO onto furniture you're on though. The ankle cuffs only have one script in them. My guess is the other scripts are hidden. Actually considered swapping OC scripts with the MD collar but not sure if that had hidden scripts in it or not (there's a lot of visible scripts on the MD collar though. But just one with the ankles. MD collar settings seem to be the same as the OC one anyway). I'd rather not replace scripts on the ankle cuffs it's something that's locked. That actually brings up another question. Is there a way to "save" positions/size of items for two different avatars or would I have to manually move/reshape the cuffs when changing into a different form (in this case it would be a feral form). I might not be able to unlock but I can edit, which involves moving/resizing. Also is there a "position number" like with colours? If I can copy and paste that as well it would make "resizing" every time I switch forms easier. Otherwise I'll just have to manually move them. While we're on the subject of AOs I sometimes have to turn an AO off to actually use some furniture. Makes me think there should be a "priority number" a player can assign for things. 1 for AO and 2 for furniture or/and vice depending on which someone wants to use over another. Then you wouldn't need to turn the AO back on when standing again. I think in this case the pose I'm using is more "body part" specific. What baffles me is how arms work and legs don't. Now that I think about it I think I once played a game that involved cuffing body parts together when sitting on chairs and it worked fine on that. Not MD cuffs though. The game gave you the items and hud. Forgot the name of the game though. Actually does anyone know?
  14. So the issue is this. Wrist cuffs=cuffed together just fine with no issues on what I'm "sitting" on (or lying). BUT as soon as the ankle cuffs are "tied" together it clips me through whatever I'm sitting on. I can't remember if I've managed to have my ankles tied together before when lying on something without clipping through it or not. Either way is there a solution to this? Or do I have to get new cuffs or something? I kind of like the style of the ones I have (after a bit of recolouring). It would be mainly for "lying" poses then sitting ones. Mad Alice Manacles 4.3 btw.
  15. 1: My owner is going to get the lindens. Save up or buy with real money or whatever. Long story short she wants a warframe avatar known as Valkyr. 2: We're not too sure about the prices of this kind of thing. Let's say we're getting a perfect one done to perfection with items and huds along with the more mature adult things in place, along with animations and glowing effects and such. Assuming we nitpick every detail and that this is done "when it's ready" (meaning no pressure to get it done ASAP) how much might this cost, roughly? This would include items as well as animations. 3: What groups are there that can make avatars like this? Basically I'm talking about a sort of "robot" avatar yet with human like movement. Think "I robot". But with smoother "skin". I imagine some groups are more "flesh" focused and others "different species" focused. I'm unsure what to search for in this regard. 4: Are there sims that do custom avatars? I guess I could try asking around some that sell avatars but they might not specialise in this kind of thing. Then again I doubt anywhere does. Worth asking around I guess.
  16. Everyone else: Feel free to skip this part. It's off topic. And just what do you think my idea is exactly? Did you even ask? Completely off topic, but fine, if you want to go there let's go there. Since you're going to be like this about it. I got the right idea about a lot of furries (at what point did I ever say all?) of which is fine and dandy because I'm one of them and have spent a great deal of time around many others and seen it with my own eyes what the "most common" public type of furry is (note: I'm saying most common while also stating minority matters as much as majority). That's right, I was talking about noting more then being a nudist (more none erect ones then erect ones. But if people are "always horny" that's still being themselves too. Can be a strange concept when you don't engage with strangers). Did you even know my idea at all before telling me it's wrong and is a not only my own viewpoint of which I'm entitled too but also a boneified fact? Go to any adult human club and compare it to a furry club. Speaking as someone that gets on SL every day for hours on end. If anything I was trying to hint at humans which might struggle to adapt to naked furries around them (because, you know, difference can be scary for some people). The reason for my earlier comment of "Even furries getting the wrong idea" is because BOTH furries and "humans" can and will assume stupid things and be judgemental idiots about it. Not about just each other but also "their own kind" (I think you overlooked that part). I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt this time and trust this is a simple misunderstanding, but I'm also pointing out there's just no excuse for telling anyone they're "wrong" and take that approach with them (let alone me). It doesn't make people want to listen. Either way I'm moving on from this part of the conversation in the interest of keeping the thread on topic and will not be replying to future comments on the matter. Not to mention I'm tired of people assuming instead of asking without acting like they know better and telling me what to do (G sims my ass), which is only going to lead to drama (even my loving owner won't put up with me if I do it and vice versa). With others as much as myself at that. I don't care if you're a human or a furry, that approach will never end well and sparks drama. How does it make you feel when others do it to you? For others reading I decided to leave out most of the rest of the quote. Frankly, if they're going to talk to me that way I don't care enough to "listen" to the rest of what they say, even if I did read it all. Consider this making a point. Everyone else: Moving back onto the topic at hand. So THAT'S why people breed them. I thought they were just doing it for the fun alone. Never occurred to me people would be doing it for lindens. I'll probably skip on this one though. I imagine it's a bit like a simplified version of those "Make a farm" games with livestock. I remember just such a game but forgot the name of it. Still a curious subject however. Let's say someone wanted to start up in the area. How would someone start up, and end up... I dunno. How do you you "sell them" I guess? I don't know much about this. Personally I'd rather "Have one from scratch" so "Raised by a stranger" holds no appeal for me. So I'm trying to see this from the point of view of someone that wants breedables raised by strangers. I'm going to go along the lines of "Decoration to be viewed when bringing others over to hang out with them" or something. I can't really call it company because the breedables themselves aren't sentient. Seen them around a bit and I guess i can see the appeal from a none personal viewpoint. Maybe they are kind of cute too... But I'm an evil being of fiery fury! Must not fall for those cute charms... Ok, maybe I can give them a belly rub. It's not like they're making us slaves to look after them, right? Good idea. I actually very briefly considered it once but I'm not sure how good I'd be at it. my comp can handle it for sure but I'm wondering about things like having to get the "green screens" to set up the backgrounds (which themselves would cost a bit I imagine). There's also "In the real environment" though. May or may not be able to do something in the area. I'd probably keep my price cheap too, even if a pic is good. is there a way to get in some "free practice" in the area? A "Practice Photoshop sim" or something? Probably won't end up doing it but could be worth giving it a shot. All I can really think of is getting someone you know and heading to locations with a certain style (cliffs, volcanoes, etc). Maybe if I get some practice in I'll feel more confidant in the area. Can be so tricky to get a picture to look good when you're both at a different distance. DJ's can make good tips by the way. Seen someone get tipped 5000L in one go once. Not my area but could be for others. Tips are more commonly in the double digits though. Normally you can end up with a few hundred if you're upbeat and engaging enough. That's the way I win contests. Actually... I know someone that wants to do DJ again. So any information there could help them. I can pass it on. I actually decided to escort myself recently. I used to be very put off by the money side of it strangely enough. Mixing money with pleasure, you know. In the end I figured "It's a donation, not a mandatory payment" and "I make people feel better after talking which often happens to lead to sex". It might not cover my sub needs much (not from females anyway. Males are way more common) but I talked people into treating me in ways I like when I look out for them before. Talking and listening is an escort thing too. I'm REALLY good with posts (long and short alike) but I don't want to make people feel like they have to pay me either. Or otherwise need to "keep up". I'm adaptable. Been trying flesh and fur a bit and there's been some nice chats with people. I'm not sure if the roleplay tag means less people approaching me due to thinking they might need to post "good enough" when I can actually do "Small posts" and even "just posing". At the same time if I use the AFK tag I worry about people thinking they can't post with me. Maybe I could put on a group/collar tag with text of doing both or something. Anyone else had problems like this and found solution for it? I also have an owner to be around for on a daily bases so I'd rather not be away for too long if possible. Can head out today though so going to see what I can do. I'm actually getting lindens to get something custom made for her (my idea, not hers). Might take a while but it's going to happen. I guess I cooould try my hand at making avatars myself, but yea, zero experience there. And this will need a skilled hand. Speaking of which I will need to find someone to do something eventually. Any group for "custom avatars"? Specifically warframe. More specifically Valkyr. Don't mind if it costs, I'm after the best. I'm guessing really good custom avs costs between 3-6k? Depending on how different it is (different meaning not normal species).
  17. For starters let's get one thing clear. IRL money too tight, real money not an option for me any time soon. Not after £400 being stolen and rent going up by another £60 a month. I actually got most of my stuff as gifts for being a nice enough person. I like that but I'd also like to "earn it" linden wise. This thread is about earning lindens, not using IRL money to get lindens. I approve of those that support LL with RL money but not everyone can do that. Likewise "earning the lindens" can be what helps keeps SL active. As well as fun for those doing that. So I know there's making items and working at "time job" places (basically being obligated to be somewhere more often then not) but I'm thinking of other ways to earn lindens. Some of which I've already done myself. Club contests tend to go pretty well for me when it's not the most crowded and known ones (yiff, GYC, etc. Those ones don't seem to hold daily contests either). I used to head to clubs with about 10-20 people and tended to come in the top three half the time because of being the life of a party. 200-500L (or even 1000L) per victory. Not too bad. Better still you can meet people doing this or bring someone along and have a blast doing it. I just wish I knew more clubs that do contests. Got a whole club to dance naked on stage once with a MLP DJ (yea... it got crazy. Fun though). Tried flesh and fur but there's just too much standing around. Then I figured I'd escort myself in general. Wasn't a fan of that in the past but I've done "Free spending time with people" before. Which can involve talking as much as the lewd stuff. So I might head to ARK and see what happens there. Even flesh and fur is going ok once I talk to some people in group chat. Goes much easier once you're around more pixels and see profiles though. Can't really do that with the flesh and fur group because the members list doesn't even load up for me at all (Not sure why. Seems to be bug/lag related or something). Tried linden fishing but got up to 0.4L and then the spot ran out already. Not even doing that if that's going to happen. Can't remember how the coin game works out (was it 1L per coin or 0.1L per coin? Can't remember how many coins tended to be near each other either). If it doesn't "run out" so quickly and I can get at least a 10L in an hour or something then maybe it'll be worth it. There's those riddle games with ball exploders too. Not sure where you'd find those though. Seen them at clubs sometimes. That's all that comes to mind right now. All these things have happened in anthro/furry locations too. Though I'm sure there's more "Human focused" places like that. I might branch out more into "human" territory. Can go well sometimes. Just wondering if people might get the wrong idea if I do that. I'm kind of a nudist (eh, I keep the dick not erect. Even furries can get the wrong idea with that I guess).
  18. SL is like any other social platform or game or even RL. Most people assume stupid ***** and aren't worth it. Then you meet some that appreciate you for who you are. The problem isn't "SL". There's going to be stupid and rude people anywhere you go. Ditch them, burn them, look in other places in SL until you find someone that isn't like that. Which, like anywhere else can take a while.
  19. Porn doesn't do it for me. Also, uh, yes it is. I get on Furcadia to keep in touch with my exes there and get to know people for their personalities and who they are. I have an owner on SL who I get on to be with and spend time with and sex is lacking (eh, it can happen in relationships). I do not get on the internet just to get my rocks off. And you'll find many many others are alike in this regard. Some people don't even want sex at all. I don't avoid it myself but I don't come on the internet for it alone either. Even on F-chat you won't get far if you just want to ***** someone without even talking to them a lot of the time. And that site is meant for it. There's rooms in there where people just hang out and have none sexual fun more often then not. I can appreciate a good time as much as anyone but that is not "the" reason I have the internet. I remember moments like "That ex that put her avater next to me on Christmas day when I was in a bad way" and "Being there for someone that's emotional abused and has cancer IRL". Not "Rutrutrut, was it good for you too". There is another way. And that's to leave room for players to have access to the "good stuff" at a quicker pace then those that can't afford it. As an example of this in gaming terms I refer to Warframe. I'm actually quite impressed with how that game finds a nice balance between the two. Things can be sold to other players for plat and plat can be brought with real money. In some ways it's a lot like lindens. Don't think the same "Item exchange" system would work in SL but there's probably a way to do something similar somehow.
  20. Even the free furry skins aren't very convincing. I had to get a good one before getting into SL at first myself. Tried getting some "free skinners" into SL once but it never stuck. Personally I think joining a contest or even fishing for it pays off. DSD is reasonable priced enough to be worth the work for it. Along with the real money spent to get the lindens for it of course. We're mainly trying to figure out ways to prevent spam bots infesting groups. Anything that requires "another tick" should do the job theoretically. 1L to join a group for example. Which could as easily be "PM a group mod to get a green light that you're human".
  21. I am one. I live in someones home as a pet. Which is basically a rough translation to sub. Often lacks "petplay" (acting like an animal) strangely enough. As for items I don't see why not. It's your home. Long as it's not going over the prim count then it shouldn't be an issue. if it is an issue then someone is taking issue with your lifestyle choices.
  22. It's important to make the time for people that matter. If someone makes an active effort to make time for me and be there for me online OR offline then they matter to me. If someone doesn't bother to try and uses "It's not RL" as an excuse then I stop caring about them. People get hurt online and offline. I actually look down on people that use "just a character" when what they really mean is "I got trust issues". Trust issues I can accept. I get close to people with them even. People that use excuses is another matter. Consider the following scenario. You're at a bar. Someone comes up to you. They're interested in you. Would you use "It's just a bar" as an excuse? Well some people do one night stands. Ok, but some people actually go out and about (again, online and offline. You can isolate yourself online too. I have done so myself once) to see if they happen to meet someone they can click with. And of course you get the desperate types too. All happening in both areas. The only real difference between online and offline is the physical. If someone is crying their eyes out it's real. If you're the cause of that behind a monitor it's real. If someone shoots themselves it's real. If you get close to them and support them and make the time to look after them it's real. If you make an active effort and have you avatar there on Christmas day when they might be in a bad way it's real. When someone expresses an interest in you and makes the effort to get intimate with you it's real. Though on that last matter some might find it difficult to get into "Online intimacy". Which comes to roleplay. The thing with roleplay is that it tends to get treated like a "one night stand bar" a lot of the time. Which is why roleplay tends to be lacking in the public eye yet is happening a hell of a lot more behind the scenes due to people expressing an interest in each other and doing "posts that are taken personally and not just IC". Though many might pretend otherwise. There's a difference between IC and "Personal posting" and it is important to be clear on both accounts. That does not however mean my posts are IC only (though I do do IC only RP. Just not with strangers. Being violent right off the bat tends not to go well). I'm not on SL to "play soccer" (as a RL example), I'm on it to get to know people. To have others be there for me as much as I am for them. So that there can be a mutual exchange of interests, which is more likely to happen when you care about someone and another cares enough to do things with/for you. If it goes to RL after that, great. If not then it's still a very real online connection between people. No less "solid" then what is physical if you really care for each other. And you're not going to use the "They died on an MMO" argument as an excuse. Nope. How many people have died in RL? I can name countless ways. Compared to online I think RL is losing in that regard. It's more a case of addiction. Though addiction itself doesn't have to be a bad thing. Can be if not monitored but unlike drinking and smoking there's no permanent effects on the body. Unless you're actually stupid enough to not eat when you're hungry and leave the comp for 5 mins to make a sandwich. I think I'll just chalk that down to natural selection. Even people I've met online have stopped drinking because they met me. Because I been a positive influence on them. Didn't even ask for it either. There are horrors online but they're present in RL too. Fortunately so is the courageous stuff. Given the fact that someone can easily put a bullet between my eyes (had a gun pointed at me once) I think I'll call online the safer option. At least that way I can just avoid angry idiots.
  23. Yea, just because someone says they have an opinion about something doesn't change the facts of the situation. Opinion: I personally like/don't like this thing. I have the context of this viewpoint even if someone has another context which is both true. Fact: If someone can pay for this they should be able to pay for that which may or may not be the case. One is a preference and open to change. the other is set in stone. If someone still goes "They should be able too" when they can not then they're ignoring the facts. Even if someone else goes "I have the opinion of" that does not change the fact that I have low income and can't afford subscription fees. As for lindens I got my stuff free for being "that nice of a guy". Plus items last forever. They don't have to be paid for every month. So the "being able to pay for items" argument falls short for that reason alone. I've been on Furcadia a while before being on Second Life and a lot of people in both areas make rarer purchases. Not spending their money on something every week or even month. Strangely enough Furcadia is absent of "troll bots". Despite both Furcadia and SL being free. Maybe it's just better monitored due to the smaller size? Also there is a disincentive for free accounts if you're a furry. It can make it harder to get into SL when you need to pay for a good "skin". The free ones aren't that great. But that doesn't prevent bots. "Disincentives" aren't the answer. The answer is to make it harder for bots by going through verification processes. There's already one for making a new account on SL which should be making it harder for them but for some reason that isn't enough. So perhaps groups themselves need a verification for new members. Some have 1L for joining which is to detour bots. And something even free players should be able to get since there's ways to get lindens for free (fishing for example). Other examples are having to do a survey on Discord when joining a server group or otherwise go "Here I am" before being let lose on the rest of the place. Maybe there could be a "Joining up group" partnered with the "main group" for verification purposes?
  24. You would be wrong on so many levels. Internet is needed to keep in touch with people that matter that are abroad. It's not for comfort, it's part of my life. Add food. Add bills Add the fact I'm on JSA. Add bus fair being raised. I get by but only just. It all adds up. If I had to pay for SL I'd have no choice but to move off it. I suspect this would make me quite said. Others in my situation potentially depressed. Also this.
  25. You really like to troll with that comment. As for which phrase of SL it's down to personal preference. I don't see how you can use "SECOND LIFE" and then compare it to first life. That's just silly. I stick to "Second Life" or if people already know what Second Life is, "SL". If I talk about "RL" then I'm of the mind that we're all people behind the monitors. "First life" does not translate into "Sharing personal details". Which some people seem to think for some reason. For example, I can have a SL home with SL company. That doesn't mean I'm about to go telling everyone who I'm interacting with and what sim I'm at. Anyway, I'm a grammar nazi. So I avoid "SECOND LIFE" because who the blazes uses all caps with their spelling unless they're shouting or using an abbreviation like "ASAP"? Maybe people just get lazy and leave caps lock on?
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